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Lighten Up Your Fishing Gear For More Fishing Fun

Fishing Gear - Feature Article By Rat-L-Trap

It’s an image spawned by TV fishing shows and slick hook-and-line advertising.... Fancy boats screaming over the water. Suntanned anglers decked out in patch-covered clothes. Electronic fishfinders, high-tech tackle, lures with built-in shimmy and scent and all sort of expensive fishing gear.

Indeed, this whole scene is nothing less than intimidating to casual anglers who have neither the desire nor the cash to join this gee-haw set.

But, as more fishermen are learning, it is by no means necessary to own expensive fishing gear and master complicated methods to catch fish - and have fun - on America’s waters. The latest, hottest trend in this sport is toward light, inexpensive tackle and simple techniques. Heading into the new millennium, the watchwords in fishing are “lighten up,” and there are several good reasons for doing so.

It’s simple. Light tackle and little baits catch more fish,” says Ken Chaumont of the Bill Lewis Lure Company in Alexandria, Louisiana. “Also, light tackle is easier to use. It’s more versatile. And smaller baits appeal to a broader selection and size range of fish. So lump these reasons together, and it’s no wonder we’re seeing a lot of fishermen turning back to light tackle and lures and basic techniques.”

Chaumont notes that his company and others in the fishing tackle industry are catering to this new trend with pleasing results. The Tiny Trap catches everything: bass, crappie, bluegill, white bass, walleye, you name it. “It’s a good lure for fishermen who aren’t species specific and who enjoy catching little fish as well as big ones.” Chaumont notes that other bait manufacturers are also meeting this demand by offering smaller lures and lighter fishing gear.

Anglers - beginners or veterans - who’d like to “lighten up their fishing gear” can do so with only a modest investment. “For less than fifty bucks you can buy a capable ultralight spinning or spincast rod and reel. Then you add some 4 or 6 pound test line, tie on a little bait, and you’re ready to go fishing,” Chaumont continues. He adds that ultralight anglers need only a small assortment of lures, which can be stored in a pocket-sized tackle box. “I recommend a few jigs (1/8, 1/16 oz.), small spinners, a couple of topwaters and of course some little crankbaits, like the Tiny Trap. With these lures you can cover all the bases.”

Then Chaumont says anglers should scout for small, quiet waters that other fishermen overlook. “Many city reservoirs, farm ponds, watershed lakes and streams hold good populations of fish that rarely see a lure. You can fish these spots from bank or a small boat or even by wading in an old pair of bluejeans and sneakers. And chances are high that you’ll catch something. Again, that’s the great part of going light and small. So ‘lightening up your fishing gear’ does more than just add sport into fishing. In many cases it’s a lot more productive way to fish, and this is something fishermen all over are finding out.”

This article brought to you by Bill Lewis's Rat-L-Trap Lures.

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