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The CRIMSON TALON™Broadhead The world's first fixed-blade broadhead to incorporate the patent - pending Spin-Tite Airfoil Technology™.

Spin-Tite Airfoil Technology™ actually spin-stabilizes the arrow resulting in perfect and predictable flight no matter what size or configuration of vanes or feathers!

Weighing a precise 100-grains and featuring a substantial 1 - 1/4 inch wide cut. The Razor-Bore Ferrule™ is constructed of the finest 7075 aircraft grade aluminum and touts the patent-pending V-LOCK Blade Attachment System™.

The V-LOCK System grips the blades and provides rock-solid anchoring in the ferrule. The six-blade configuration features razor-honed stainless steel patent-pending EZ-Flex Blades™. These patent-pending blades also sport patent-pending Shred-R Mini Gut Hooks™ that insure massive hemorrhaging and unmistakable blood trails. Additionally, the Shred-R Mini Gut Hooks™ also keep the wound from closing as with all other traditional broadhead designs.

Available in 85 , 100 & 125 grain models

Available in 3-Packs. Part Numbers : #2003-85 . #2003-100 . #2003-125

ABSOLUTELY NO TUNING REQUIRED! Simply screw-on and hunt!

Arrows are spin-stabilized from the front! ABSOLUTELY NO WIND PLANING! Period. Faster, flatter and more accurate than any other broadhead! Massive hemorrhaging and unmistakable blood trails! Wound will not close or clot.


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