Online reviews of hunting gear and fishing gear including user reviews of rifle scopes, hunting boots, trail cameras and hunting bows.
Trophy Rock - The Only All Natural Mineral Supplement for Big Game on the Market Put to the Test
2004-08-31 Hunting Gear- Trophy Rock
Trophy Rock- Springville, Utah, 6-09-03—-Local hunters use Trophy Rock for a mineral supplement and big game attractant and have had fantastic results. Gary Webb of Webb Hunting, Inc. in Utah, recently put it to the test and said, " We were amazed at (Click Headline For More!)

The New Bushnell ® Nighthawk™ The Future Of Nightvision Is Here
2004-08-31 Hunting Gear - Bushnell
Bushnell- Overland Park, KS. — Bushnell®, the leader in outdoor technology, introduces the new digital NightHawk™ Night Vision viewer and changes the way you see at night. The use of cutting edge digital technology not only reduces the size of the (Click Headline For More!)

Barrie Archery Rocky MT. ‘Turbo™ Xtra Accuracy
2004-08-30 Bow Hunting Gear - Barrie Archery
Barrie Archery- BARRIE Archery, LLC, maker of the popular Rocky Mt. line of broadheads has added another innovative broadhead to their 2004 line up with the all-new ‘TURBO. The 3 blade, 100-grain ‘TURBO™’ incorporates a Bi-Directional™ Blade Desi (Click Headline For More!)

KAHLES RIFLESCOPE LOST IN THE 1970s, Was Found -Technically In Perfect Condition
2004-08-30 Kahles Hunting Scopes
Kahles Hunting Scopes- Cranston, Rhode Island — A professional hunter in Southern Austria inadvertently performed the longest, most realistic, environmental test on a riflescope in history. A Kahles Helia 6x42 riflescope, lost in the high mountain r (Click Headline For More!)

The Pocket Survival Guide: The Ultimate Guide for Short-Term Survival is now available
2004-08-29 Survival
Accokeek, Maryland — The popularity of outdoor activities is exploding and millions of people are taking to woodland trails, mountaintops, and deserts in search of adventure. With this search for adventure comes risk and outdoor enthusiasts need to (Click Headline For More!)

Summit BuckstepsThe Easiest Climbing System Available.
2004-08-27 Hunting Gear- Summit Treestands
Summit Treestands- After just one year out, Summit’s new Bucksteps are taking the stick, step and ladder world head-on. If you’ve ever hunted a less-than-perfect spot because of limitations with your current climber or hang-on stand, you’re going (Click Headline For More!)

Field Logic's Block Archery Targets- You Are Invited To The Block Party
2004-08-27 Bow Hunting Gear - The Block
The Block- Superior, Wisconsin — With archery season just around the corner, now is the time for archer's to hone in their skills. Practicing with both broadheads and field tips is important, however, many targets on the market cannot withstand the (Click Headline For More!)

Brutus Brand Muzzleloaders Bring You 3 Distinct, Accurate And Innovative Rifles To The Market For 2004.
2004-08-26 Hunting Gear- Muzzleloaders
Joplin, Missouri - Mid-Western Outdoor Specialties and Davide Pedersoli & Co. have joined forces to design and manufacture the new line of Brutus Muzzleloader Rifles. The Brutus Brand line of muzzleloaders released in July feature incredible accura (Click Headline For More!)

Grandpa Joe's Deer and Big Game Lure-All-Natural Lure Created for Aging Hunter
2004-08-26 Hunting Gear- Granpa Joe's Hunting Lure
Granpa Joe's Hunting Lure- Lifetime hunter Joe White needed something to draw deer closer to his blind, which couldn't be in thick cover. At 86 years old, he could no longer walk very far or very well. His sons had to drive White out into the woods o (Click Headline For More!)

BuckShot's Equalizer Treestand With Innovative Leveling System
2004-08-25 Hunting Treestands- Buckshot Equalizer
Buckshot Equalizer- The design team at BuckShot has engineered a geared leveling system that safely and quietly allows the cables to adjust up to 12” as you climb. A new innovation in treestands, the Equalizer is safer and easier to get into and cl (Click Headline For More!)

Whisper Creek Archery - You Say You Want A Revolution?
2004-08-25 Bow Hunting Gear - Whisper Creek Archery
Whisper Creek Archery- Question: What do The Beatles, single cam technology, 1776 and compound bows all have in common? Answer: They were all Revolutions that either changed a country, an industry or a culture. And if you note the dates of these even (Click Headline For More!)

Lindy Adds Munchies Tiny Tails For Trout And Panfish
2004-08-24 Fishing Gear- Lindy
Fishing Gear- BRAINERD, MN— Lindy’s Legendary Fishing Tackle succulent new Munchies Tiny Tails come in four appetizing shapes with unbelievable lifelike detail: Micro-Mino, Split Tail, Sticko, and Mini-Spade. Teamed with small jigs, these flexible li (Click Headline For More!)

Alpine's New Bow/Rifle Holder For ATV’s And More!
2004-08-23 ATV Hunting Gear- Alpine ATV Bow Holder
Alpine ATV Bow Holder- The number of hunters who take ATVs into the field has risen dramatically and ALPINE Archery saw the need for a safe, secure and quiet way to transport their bows. Imagine safely and quietly securing your bow (or rifle) in your (Click Headline For More!)

Leupold Wind River & Cascades Series Binoculars Now Available with Advantage Timber® HD™ Camo Pattern
2004-08-23 Hunting Gear - Leupold Wind River
Leupold Wind River- BEAVERTON, Ore. – New Leupold® Wind River Cascades Series camouflage binoculars feature Advantage Timber® HD™ patterned armor to provide added concealment for hunters in wooded settings. A center focus, roof prism binocular, the C (Click Headline For More!)

Summit Broadhead Backpacker Climbing Treestand
2004-08-22 Hunting Treestands- Summit
Hunting Treestands- A STABLE climbing treestand that folds flat? Leave it to the engineering team at Summit to develop the new Backpacker series of climbing treestands. Not only do you still have the same stiff platform for which we’re known, but yo (Click Headline For More!)

Kolpin Outdoors, Inc. Launches Lohman® Dynamite Keg Call Perfect For Deer Hunters On The Go
2004-08-22 Hunting Gear - Lohman Deer Calls
Lohman Deer Calls- FOX LAKE, Wis.  Kolpin Outdoors Inc., a leader in outdoor innovation, introduces a new concept in keg-type deer calls with the Lohman® Dynamite Keg Call. Producing sounds with the mere push of a button, the Dynamite Keg C (Click Headline For More!)

Sherwood Archery's Bowhunter’s Release Mitt - No More Frozen Release Fingers
2004-08-21 Bow Hunting Gear - Sherwood Archery
Bow Hunting Gear - During late fall and early spring hunting, Sherwood Archery, Inc. knows the reason bowhunters brave temperatures below zero and wind chills that would keep most other outdoorsman in bed; That’s right...huge trophy deer and big tom (Click Headline For More!)

New Bighorn Release Aid Series From Carter Enterprises, Inc.
2004-08-20 Hunting Gear- Bighorn Release
Bighorn Release- It’s a new handle on triggerless back tension backed by pure Carter ingenuity. A hinged closed jaw coupled with an arced handle and finger grooves, the Bighorn and Little Bighorn cater to the contour of your hand with a geometry bent (Click Headline For More!)

Remington Country Beef Jerky Made the Old Fashioned Way for Today’s Outdoorsmen
2004-08-20 Hunting Food- Remington Beef Jerkey
Remington- MADISON, NC - Remington, one of America’s most recognized brands and a leader in the hunting and outdoor markets, is giving hunters and outdoors men and women something new to chew on. Remington Country Beef Jerky, in four popular flavors, (Click Headline For More!)

Hunting & Fishing Gear Review Christmas Gift Guide for Hunters- Christmas Is Just Over Four Months Away
2004-08-20 Gifts For Hunters and Fishermen
Hunting & Fishing Gift Guide- Once again this year Hunting & Fishing Gear Review is going to provide our Christmas Gift Guide for hunters and fishermen. It may seem like ages away, but you’ll be out buying Christmas Gifts for the Hunters and Fisherm (Click Headline For More!)

The Heater Body Suit- Never Be Cold Again Guaranteed!
2004-08-19 Hunting Gear - The Heater Body Suit
Heater Body Suit- The Heater Body Suit is awhisper quiet garment designed by serious bowhunters for serious hunters. Our whitetail-quiet zipper and soft chamois inside lining allow the hunter to silently slide out of the suit with whitetails within (Click Headline For More!)

Trail Cameras 101- A Beginners Guide To Deer Cameras
2004-08-19 Thomas McHoleran
Trail cameras or deer cameras as many people refer to them continue to gain popularity every year. It was not long ago the newest piece of gear on the market was a game timer which allowed you to know exactly what time of day an animal was using the (Click Headline For More!)

Irish Setter Expands Its Buck Tracker Knee Boot Selection
2004-08-18 Hunting Boots- Irish Setter
Irish Setter Boots- RED WING, MINN (February 2004) -- Irish Setter has added two styles to its Buck Tracker Knee Boot series which feature side zippers for easy on/off. All Buck Tracker Knee boots provide superior traction, protection from moisture a (Click Headline For More!)

Summit Cobra Climbing Tree Stand Open Front Design Won't Interfere With Gun Or Bow
2004-08-18 Hunting Gear- Summit Cobra
Summit Cobra Open Front Tree Stand- Just like it’s deadly counterpart, the Cobra climbing treestand from Summit can help you deliver a lethal blow each and every time. You’ll be poised to strike and silent, two attributes that your quarry will discov (Click Headline For More!)

***Take A Moment To Claim Your Chance To Win The $500.00 Hunting & Fishing Gear Review Contest!***
2004-08-17 Hunting & Fishing Gear Review
It’s simple, fast and fun. All you need to do is use our review submission form to tell us about a piece of hunting or fishing gear that you own. It doesn’t matter if you like it, or hate it we want to know about it. You can write as many reviews (Click Headline For More!)

Mueller Optics Introduces The New, Innovative And Affordable 8.5-25x50AO Eraticator™ Scope
2004-08-17 Hunting Gear- Mueller Optics
Mueller Optics- With a host of advanced features, the Mueller Eraticator includes a new reticle design that features an extremely fine cross hair and illuminated micro-dot. The dot, when illuminated has 11 different brightness intensity settings for (Click Headline For More!)

The Gamekeeper From Greenleaf Outdoor Products
2004-08-17 Hunting Gear - Gamekeeper
Gamekeeper- Venison on the table is the reward every deer hunter hopes for. The meat is lean, healthy and delicious. Cared for and prepared properly, venison can become the family's favorite meat. To reduce the risk of foodborne illnesses and to turn (Click Headline For More!)

X-Scent Boot Socks Special Deal X Scent™: No Regeneration or Reactivation Required
2004-08-16 Hunting Gear- X Scent
X Scent- Scent-cautious sportsmen can now solely concentrate on hunting without having to worry about their scent-elimination clothing’s performance BROKEN ARROW, Okla.Every year, scent-cautious sportsmen, who use activated-carbon scent-control garm (Click Headline For More!)

Sonic Heads By American Broadheads Company
2004-08-16 Bow Hunting Gear - Sonic Heads
Sonic Heads- Many broadhead manufacturers claim that their products "group like field points". This is a true statement in terms of the diameter of the impact points. It is misleading however, in that they leave out the fact that it is not grouped in (Click Headline For More!)

A Fish Tale: Catching the Big One Restin-Ready Rod Holder
2004-08-15 Fishing Gear- Restin' Ready
Restin'Ready-Out of work inventor finds venture capital and starts new international business. It was the year 2000, and an out-of-work CD-Rom publisher, James Barfield, was struggling with his career's downward spiral. CD publishing had fallen from (Click Headline For More!)

Summit Viper X4 Climbing Tree Stand- New QuickDraw cable trigger is the FASTEST and QUIETEST Cable Attachment System EVER!!
2004-08-15 Hunting Gear- Summit Viper
Summit Viper-For several years running, the Viper has been the leader of the pack when it comes to climbing treestands. Features like unparalleled comfort, stealthy silence, and cat-like stability make it a force to be reckoned with. The Viper, like (Click Headline For More!)

New Lindy Rigger X-TREME Has Storage For Hooks & Sinkers
2004-08-13 Fishing Gear- Lindy
Lindy- BRAINERD, MN— Bigger in diameter and with larger divisions than the standard Lindy Rigger, the new Lindy Rigger X-TREME excels at anti-tangle storage of long snells. Wider divisions accommodate rigs with bigger floats and blades, without tangl (Click Headline For More!)

The Who, What and Why of the String Leech®by Warranty and Tech Support Guru Shawn Coulter
2004-08-13 Hunting Gear - Limbsaver String Leech
Limbsaver String Leech- Recently, Hoyt® USA, Parker® and Archery Research have elected to include a promotional pair of String Leech® on some of their new bows. This has introduced a large number of people to the benefits of our product, as well as b (Click Headline For More!)

Brutus Treestands- About Brutus Treestands
2004-08-12 Brutus
Brutus Treestands- When we designed the Brutus line of treestands, we were focused on manufacturing products with features unprecedented in the industry. When you use a Brutus treestand, you will see and feel the difference. Our stands are built wit (Click Headline For More!)

The New Triple-Cross Bow Sight A New Level Of Accuracy Has Arrived! FromTotal Accuracy Creations™
2004-08-12 Bow Hunting Gear - Total Accuracy Creations
That was then…meet the ALL NEW Triple-Cross bow sight! The Triple-Cross comes standard with three ultra high-visible monofilament crosshairs, and can accept up to six crosshairs, with the purchase of 3 additional U-Slide accessory adjustment bars. Al (Click Headline For More!)

Magnus™ Stinger Line Of Broadheads
2004-08-11 Bow Hunting Gear - Magnus Stinger Broadheads
Magnus Stinger Broadheads- The Magnus™ Stinger Line Of Broadheadsis Continuing to grow! This Year, We Are Adding An 85-Grain And a 125-Grain Version Of the 4-blade design! It's Sure To be a Hit with Bowhunters. Bowhunters looking for a high-performan (Click Headline For More!)

Nikon Debuts Prostaff Riflescope Series
2004-08-11 Hunting Gear - Nikon Scopes
Nikon Scopes- Nikon, the world’s leading manufacturer of sport optics products, has announced the introduction of a new line of Nikon Prostaff®™ riflescopes designed to meet the needs of big and small game hunters nationwide. Nikon’s new Prostaff™ se (Click Headline For More!)

BowTech Rut, Rattle, and Roll
2004-08-10 Deer Calls - BowTech
BowTech - Nothing attracts the big bucks more than the natural sound of their own brethren going head to head. And no rattle bag reproduces the sound of battling bucks more naturally than the latest accessory from BowTech. As rattle bags go, this one (Click Headline For More!)

Choosing A Hunting Dog
2004-08-10 Charles McHoleran- Breeder -Trainer
Hunting Dogs- Choosing a hunting dog isn’t as easy as it looks, however following a few simple tips should make your days in the field training and hunting much more rewarding than if you bought the first hunting dog you came across. Choosing a hunt (Click Headline For More!)

flextone ™ ALL-N-ONE DEER CALL
2004-08-09 Hunting Gear- Flextone
Flextone Calls- Tom Wiley with Wiley Outdoor Products says, “ Nature designed the perfect deer call. We just borrowed the idea!” Imagine a game call designed more like a game animal’s real vocalization system. One that could produce a truer, more nat (Click Headline For More!)

Redi-Edge Pro and Pocket Pro Knife Sharpener
2004-08-09 Hunting Gear - Redi-Edge Pocket Pro
Redi-Edge Pocket Pro- Looking for an easy way to stay sharp? Our Redi-Edge Pro and Pocket Pro Knife Sharpeners put the edge on and keep it there. Both models use the same beveled edge sharpening blades and the same draw-through sharpening action. (Click Headline For More!)

Summit Equipment’s™ Owyhee –Big Game Series Leg Pack System
2004-08-07 Hunting Gear - Summit
Summit- Meridian, Idaho – For the dedicated hunter who has it all and no where to put it, Summit Equipment™ has the answer. The Owyhee, available in Realtree Hardwoods® HD™ and Advantage Timber® HD™, is a unique leg-pack system designed especially fo (Click Headline For More!)

Hunter Safety System - Facts
2004-08-07 Hunter Safety Systems
Hunter Safety Systems-The Hunter Safety System was designed to replace the tangled straps so often associated with full body harnesses. For years, hunters have risked broken bones, paralysis or worse by ignoring the safety of wearing other harness (Click Headline For More!)

LINDY Brings Back the M/G Muskie Tandem
2004-08-06 Fishing Lures- Lindy Muskie Tandem
Fishing Lures- BRAINERD, MN— A muskie hunter’s dream fulfilled! Lindy acquired the assets of M/G Tackle in early 2004 and has reintroduced the famed M/G Muskie Tandem exactly as veteran muskie anglers have known and respected this ultimate spinner ba (Click Headline For More!)

Kolpin Outdoors, Inc. Launches Lohman® V-Front Site-Vise™ Unique Design Provides Incredible Accuracy
2004-08-06 Hunting Gear - Kolpin Gun Vise
Kolpin Gun Vise- FOX LAKE, Wis. #59450; Kolpin Outdoors Inc., a leader in outdoor innovation, announces the addition of a unique design to their popular Site-Vise™ series, the Lohman® V-Front Site-Vise Gunmount. This high-precision instrument provi (Click Headline For More!)

TRS Stabilizer - Why You Should Use The TRS System of Stabilizers.
2004-08-06 Bow Hunting Gear- TRS Stabilizers
TRS Stabilizers- Todays shorter bows are harder to control due to the shorter axle to axle distance. This type of configuration is easier to torque and twist which results in left and right misses and decreased accuracy. The TRS and TRS-II BalancePoi (Click Headline For More!)

Nikon And Buckmasters 3-9X40 Silver Shadow
2004-08-05 Hunting Scopes-Nikon Buckmasters
Nikon Buckmasters- In response to the growing number of hunters choosing stainless steel, matte or two-tone rifles, Nikon Inc. has devised an additional exterior color scheme for the popular 3-9x40 Buckmasters® riflescope. Nikon Buckmasters® riflesco (Click Headline For More!)

SKB Rotationally Molded Bow Protection
2004-08-05 Hunting Bow Cases
SKB-Orange, CA – SKB Corporation develops a new ATA rated bow case just in time for the Archery Show. The new 2SKB-R5500 Roto Bow Case has been re-designed to accept the Matthews Legacy, Matthews LX, Bow Tech Patriot and the Bow Tech VFT Extreme Bow, (Click Headline For More!)

St. Croix Introduces New Legend Ultra Fly Rods
2004-08-04 Fly Fishing Gear- St. Croix Fishing Rods
St.Croix Fishing Rods- Park Falls,WI – Following last season’s widely acclaimed redesign and reengineering of the Legend Ultra fly rod series, St.Croix introduces 14 new rods to its lineup for 2005. Already one of fly fishing’s most popular series o (Click Headline For More!)

Monster Bucks XII, Volume 1& 2
2004-08-04 Hunting Tapes - Monster Bucks
Monster Bucks- “Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better – it does! Monster Bucks XII, Volume 1 & 2, delivers more and better big-buck footage than ever before. Monster Bucks -- the most viewed deer-hunting videos of all time continues to fea (Click Headline For More!)

Summit Copperhead X4 Treestands
2004-08-04 Hunting Gear- Summit Treestands
Hunting Gear-Two years ago we introduced the Copperhead non-climbing treestand. It worked on leaning trees, had a comfortable seat, and sported a hanging system unlike any other treestand. For 2004, we’re reintroducing it as the Copperhead X4. (Click Headline For More!)

Duck Commander The Nation’s Largest Duck Call Manufacturer Announces Line Expansion
2004-08-03 Hunting Gear - Duck Commander
Duck Commander- West Monroe, LA. To keep up with the growing demand for Duck Commander related products, Duck Commander Inc. has partnered with Qwakhead Designs Inc. to expand its line for the 2004-2005 season. The expansion includes new hunting pr (Click Headline For More!)

Gander Mountain To Offer The PSE Excursion™ Hybrid Cam Compound Bow
2004-08-03 Bow Hunting Gear - PSE
Bow Hunting Gear - Tucson, AZ Precision Shooting Equipment, Inc. introduces the new Excursion high performance bow, developed exclusively for Gander Mountain.The Excursion compound bow is manufactured by PSE Archery as designed for Gander Mountain. (Click Headline For More!)

Choosing Your Child’s First Rod and Reel Really is a Big Deal
2004-08-02 Youth Fishing Gear
Youth Fishing Gear- A child’s first fishing rod and reel is an important milestone on life’s journey say the people who run the Wal-Mart Kids All-American Fishing Derby. Here are some tips to help parents get their fishing gear needs right. KETCHUM (Click Headline For More!)

Hunters Now You Can Easily Track Your Game Animals At Night With TrailStarz Flashing Trail Markers!
2004-08-02 Hunting Gear - Trail Markers
Trail Markers- "After The Shot"...that's the period of time which usually brings you the excitement and exhilaration you feel when you successfully recover your game animal. Unfortunately, it's also the period of time which can sometimes bring you th (Click Headline For More!)

New Speed Pro Max & SS Carbon Arrows The Fastest Arrows You'll Ever Shoot!
2004-08-01 Bow Hunting Gear - Speed Pro Max
Speed Pro Max- For today’s archer/bowhunter speed is important. At ARCHER’S CHOICE speed is what the new SPEED PRO MAX & SPEED PRO MAX SS Carbon Arrows are all about. SPEED PRO MAX & SPEED PRO MAX SS S-HG, Super High Grade Carbon Arrows are made fro (Click Headline For More!)

Browning Introduces New Rifle/Shotgun Display Cases.
2004-08-01 Hunting Gear- Browning
Browning- MORGAN, UTAH—Browning's new family of Rifle/Shotgun Display Cases gives gun owners a new option to display their prized firearms. Featuring rugged steel frames and highly impact-resistant polycarbonate viewing windows, they are secure enoug (Click Headline For More!)

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