Online reviews of hunting gear and fishing gear including user reviews of rifle scopes, hunting boots, trail cameras and hunting bows.
Mega-Bucks Series Brings New Perspective to The Hunting Experience
2005-08-31 Hunting
Hunting-Mossy Oak® Brand Camo is excited about the newest offering in its gripping MegaBucks hunting video series. MegaBucks 9 - The Big Picture compels hunters to pay wide-eyed attention to incredible hunt sequences teeming with the most majestic bu (Click Headline For More!)

Hunting Bows – Review Summary Recap
2005-08-30 Hunting
Hunting Bows are all very good now days compared to several years back, but some hunting bows are better than others. In this article Hunting Bow Review Summary Recap we will briefly summarize parts one and two of our Hunting Bow Reviews summary. We (Click Headline For More!)

Block Offers 4 Sided Shooting 4 Unique Faces
2005-08-29 Hunting
Hunting- Field Logic, the maker of the award-winning BLOCK™ archery hunting target wants to remind bowhunters that now is the perfect time to hang your treestand. Not only do you need height and concealment, it is nice to have shooting lanes and dist (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Reel Reviews – Summary Part One
2005-08-28 Fishing
Fishing Reel Reviews have quickly become one of the most submitted reviews during the spring and summer months. It seems everyone want to see reviews of the latest fishing reels so they know exactly what their options are on the market. We’ve receiv (Click Headline For More!)

Hunting Scope Reviews - Part Two
2005-08-26 Hunting
Hunting Scope Reviews part two is the second in a three part series summarizing all of the hunting scope reviews we’ve received over the past year. If you are not familiar with our review process the reviews are written by you the Reader and not the (Click Headline For More!)

Ross CLA Series - Larger Sizes Available
2005-08-26 Fishing
Fishing- Ross Reels is pleased to announce the addition of four larger sized reels to the recently introduced CLA large arbor series. These four additions to the CLA lineup will cover rods 6wt. Through 12wt. The mechanical operation of the CLA is co (Click Headline For More!)

Team Realtree® Propane Stove and Grill By Stansport
2005-08-25 Hunting
Hunting- Whether it’s an overnight stay in the backyard or a fall bear hunt in Alaska, the Team Realtree® stoves and lanterns by Stansport will provide you with season after season of superior performance regardless of the weather conditions. All of (Click Headline For More!)

YUM Fishing Lures New Colors
2005-08-24 Fishing
Fishing- YUM Soft Plastics have exploded in popularity over the past two years due to their fish-catching shapes and the incredible fish attracting power of Live Prey Technology. Anglers have made shapes such as the Zellamander, Wooly Hawgtail, Chunk (Click Headline For More!)

Hunting Boot Reviews – Summary Part One
2005-08-23 Hunting
Hunting boots aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of hunting, however if you have a pair of hunting boots that leaks or your feet become cold on stand they can quickly ruin any hunt. These often overlooked pieces of hunting gea (Click Headline For More!)

Rifle Scope Reviews - Summary Part One
2005-08-21 Hunting
Rifle scopes information is one the most requested resources on Hunting & Fishing Gear Review. Talk to a handful of hunters and you’ll find they either have a wealth of information about rifle scopes or just know they have one on top of their gun. (Click Headline For More!)

Congratulations To Robert Templer of Qld Australia For Winning Our Latest Contest!
2005-08-20 Hunting
Congratulations to Robert Templer of Australia, his review of the Baby G Bow was the lucky review chosen as Hunting & Fishing Gear Review's latest contest winner. He wins the $250 Gift Card from Cabela's to purchase the hunting gear of his choice. (Click Headline For More!)

Trail Camera Reviews – Summary Part One
2005-08-19 Hunting
Trail Camera Reviews or Deer Camera Reviews are always some of the most interesting we receive here at Hunting & Fishing Gear Review. We currently have 76 trail camera reviews in our database and expect that number to grow rapidly as we get closer t (Click Headline For More!)

Camowraps – Hunting Camo For Vehicles
2005-08-18 Hunting
Hunting-If you desire concealment, protection and style for your vehicle, ATV or boat when going to and leaving from your hunting “sweet spot”, then Camowraps provides it all. Camowraps offers only the highest quality 3M vinyl product designed wit (Click Headline For More!)

Garmin’s Rino 520 and 530
2005-08-17 Hunting
Hunting- Garmin today introduced the Rino 520 and Rino 530, two powerful new additions to its line of two-way radios integrated with Global Positioning System (GPS) technology. The Rino 520 and Rino 530 boast up to a 12-mile communication range which (Click Headline For More!)

Mossy Oak Camo - Obsession
2005-08-15 Hunting
Hunting- In 2003, Mossy Oak completed the final testing and development of an exciting new camouflage pattern named Obsession. Designed to complement Break-Up®, Obsession shares many of the unique concealment elements we pioneered with Break-Up®, and (Click Headline For More!)

Tree Stand Reviews – Summary Part Two
2005-08-14 Hunting
In the first of our three part series on Tree Stand reviews we declared Summit the first place finisher. However, there are a lot of great tree stands on the market and each year they are becoming lighter, safer and more functional. Here in part two (Click Headline For More!)

BuckWing® Bobb’n Head™ Lifelite® Feeding Hen Decoy Acts Alive
2005-08-12 Hunting
Hunting- Every hunter knows that the secret to a successful turkey decoy is not just how it looks, but how it moves: unnatural motions not only look fake, but they’re sure to spook that prize Tom, too. That’s why the all-new Bobb’n Head™ Lifelite® (Click Headline For More!)

Cotton Cordell Big O Fishing Lure Comes Full Circle
2005-08-10 Fishing
Fishing- In the spring of 1973, Murray, then an employee of Cotton Cordell Lure Co., was fishing a B.A.S.S. Tournament on Beaver Lake in Ark.. He called Cotton Cordell from the marina to report that the hottest lure at the tournament was called the B (Click Headline For More!)

Treestand Reviews – Summary Part I
2005-08-09 Tree Stands
Tree Stands- Treestands reviews are the number one submitted review we receive at Hunting & Fishing Gear Review. We have 110 tree stand reviews in our database and growing by the day. All of our reviews are submitted by you the end user. This helps (Click Headline For More!)

Bow Reviews – Summary 2005 Part Two
2005-08-08 Hunting
Hunting- Bow Reviews- It’s impossible to shoot every bow out there with new bows being released each and every year. In part two of our series Hunting & Fishing Gear Review Has compiled information from all of the bow reviews we’ve received over 20 (Click Headline For More!)

Mossy Oak Brush - New Camo?
2005-08-06 Hunting
Hunting- Mossy Oak® Brand Camo, the industry leader in camouflage design is proud to announce the newest heavy hitter in their premier camo pattern lineup, Mossy Oak Brush™. This new pattern is designed to take hunting concealment in open rangelands, (Click Headline For More!)

Final Approach® Double Trouble Goose Flag Hunting Decoys
2005-08-04 Hunting
Hunting- The Final Approach® Double Trouble Goose Flag™ from Kolpin® Outdoors, Inc. provides an incredibly realistic way to attract geese from a distance. Hunters will love Ron Latschaw’s original, easy-to-use design, which is sure to prove successfu (Click Headline For More!)

Hunting Bow Reviews - Summary 2005 Part One
2005-08-03 Hunting
Hunting Bows and archery equipment are always one of the biggest categories in Hunting & Fishing Gear Review and this bow hunting season it appears it won’t be any different with some great reviews already coming in of the new 2005 hunting bows. To (Click Headline For More!)

2005-08-03 Fishing
Fishing- Vanish, America’s favorite fluorocarbon fishing line, just took a quantum leap forward with a technological break through in fishing line performance. Berkley has created Vanish Transition, a unique and innovative fishing line three years in (Click Headline For More!)

Hunting Access Program - Michigan
2005-08-02 Hunting
Hunting- The Wildlife Division of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources leases private lands throughout southern Michigan for public hunting through the Hunting Access Program (HAP). This guide lists all property under lease through this progr (Click Headline For More!)

Report Turkey Harvest Success Online- Michigan
2005-08-02 Hunting
Hunting- With the 2005 spring wild turkey hunting season winding down, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources reminds all turkey hunters to report their harvest success online once their hunting season has ended. The survey is located on the (Click Headline For More!)

Arbogast Celebrates 75th Anniversary, Offers Collectors Tin Liz
2005-08-01 Fishing
Fishing-Fred Arbogast's lures are a part of sport fishing's living history. His timeless Fishing lure designs - such as the Jitterbug, Hula Popper, Hawaiian Wiggler and Tin Liz - have been tackle box staples for 75 years. While most anglers are qu (Click Headline For More!)

Bowhunting 101
2005-08-01 Hunting
Hunting- Bowhunting and the White-tailed Deer Bow season gives a hunter many weeks in the woods. Bowhunting is also the most challenging of deer hunting methods, requiring a hunter to get close to game to ensure a clean, humane kill. To be su (Click Headline For More!)

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