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Ol'Man Tree Stands Double X Series Grand Multi-Vision
2003-10-31 Product Spotlight
Extra Room and Extra Value! The Double X Series Grand Multi-Vision has all the unique features of the Multi-Vision, but it is built with the larger hunter in mind. The Grand Multi-Vision is 3 inches wider and has a heavier weight capacity. A Full Bo (Click Headline For More!)

2003-10-31 Release
Hold N' Grow food plot seed is a secret big buck mix not yet touched upon. This mix will keep the deer on your property and off of your neighbor's! At times you will not even realize the bucks and deer are on you but they will be hid in your food plo (Click Headline For More!)

Ice Fishing AugersJiffy Introduces New Stealth™ Cutting Technology
2003-10-31 Release
The New Stealth ™ Cutting Technology cuts incredibly fast, cuts through ice 20% faster than standard Augers blades. This New Stealth™ Cutting Technology premium features are;

The Stealth Serrated Power Point - A positive guide to smooth e
(Click Headline For More!)

Summit Tree Stands Trophy Chair Tree Seat
2003-10-30 Product Spotlight
How many times have you wanted to hunt deer, squirrels or turkeys in your favorite hardwood bottom, doves on a field edge, or ducks in a flooded timber, and not had a comfortable place to sit? If this has ever happened you might want to take a look a (Click Headline For More!)

Browning Duck Comander Dog Vest
2003-10-30 Product Spotlight
The warmest neoprene dog vest available to keep your favorite hunting companion comfortable in harsh conditions • Thick, 6mm neoprene is designed for maximum warmth and durability plus additional buoyancy• Fully protected rear zipper closure with hoo (Click Headline For More!)

LimbSaver® Insulator Wrap
2003-10-30 Product Spotlight
The LimbSaver® Insulator Wrap is a favorite for all shooters and has a comfortable grip, reducing hand shock, absorbing bow recoil and insulating against the cold. The LimbSaver® Insulator Wrap nodes model, includes the extra benefit of cross ventila (Click Headline For More!)

Big-rack Danner® High Country Boots, At the Sportsman's Guide
2003-10-30 Bargains of the Week
Waterproof superior quality and a Close-Out find brings the price on Danner® excellence down to Earth. You save big bucks on these primo Boots GORE-TEX® guaranteed waterproof, membrane for absolute dry comfort.GORE-TEX® breathability keeps your feet (Click Headline For More!)

Tree Stand Safety Tips from Remington
2003-10-29 Remington
FACTS: Nearly 30% of all hunters that choose to hunt from tree stands experience a "fall" at some time. Most occur while ascending or descending to the stand. Self-contained climbing stands are the safest type of portable stand to use.

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Acme Little Cleo Collector's Edition Kit
2003-10-29 Product Spotlight
In 1951, C.V. "Charlie" Clark, a songwriter and music publisher, started Seneca Tackle Co., Inc. in New York, New York. Seneca’s first successful lure introduction was the Wob-L-Rite spoon, which was produced in 1951 and is still available today. How (Click Headline For More!)

Stack On Large 23-Gun, Convertible Safe with Pistol/Ammo Box
2003-10-29 Product Spotlight
Holds 16 rifles or shotguns on the right hand side of the safe plus an additional 7 guns or adjustable shelving on the left side of the safe. 3 number combination lock with a drill resistant, hardened steel plate behind the lock provides greater secu (Click Headline For More!)

Wind River Optics New Sequoia™ Variable Power Spotting Scope
2003-10-28 Product Spotlight
New Sequoia™ Variable Power Spotting Scope For Easy Viewing, Far and Wide BEAVERTON, Ore. – Wind River® Wilderness Optics introduces the Sequoia™, a new 15-45x60mm spotting scope designed to provide hunters and shooters with versatile, powerful o (Click Headline For More!)

Caldwell Insta-view Targets and Target Stands
2003-10-28 Product Spotlight
Do you have trouble seeing point of impact on traditional paper targets? Do you want instant visual gratification, instead of searching for the hit? If so, the Caldwell Insta-view Targets are just the ticket!

Upon bullet impact the black fi
(Click Headline For More!)

Knight & Hale Stealth Dust
2003-10-28 Product Spotlight
Knight & Hale Stealth Dust odor neutralizer is a patented powder that removes odors and naturally prevents more odors from forming. Stealth Dust is not a cover scent or masking agent, but instead, elimintates odors by isolating the individual element (Click Headline For More!)

Bass Pro Shops® Extreme™ Metal Spinning Reel
2003-10-27 Product Spotlight
Compared to other reels, the Extreme Metal seems a tad heavy. And that's as it should be, in a reel built for strength. With its full-metal body, there's no flex at all-just the pure, unflinching power you need to subdue a charging lunker.

(Click Headline For More!)

Buck Knives Vanguard
2003-10-27 Release
For decades, Buck Hunting knives have been the hunter's choice, with a reputation for unparallled quality and durability. Now, we've expanded our collection to include a full line of lightweight fillet knives and specialty knives for field use.
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Laser Magic™ Bore Sighter
2003-10-27 Release
Setting a new standard for easy, accurate bore sighting. Save range time, pounding recoil, and expensive ammo. Simply replace your bolt with the Laser Magic - align the laser beam through the bore by rotating the twin eccentrics - adjust your scope o (Click Headline For More!)

"Eagle Fish Finders" New "Product Emulators"
2003-10-26 Time Savers
Eagle Product Emulators are downloadable PC-based software applications that simulate, on your computer, the operation of an actual unit. Emulators are available for the FishElite™ 320, FishMark™ 320, IntelliMap™ 320, SeaCharter™ 320DF and SeaFinder™ (Click Headline For More!)

Scent Shield Shower Kit HUNTER'S BODYGUARD™
2003-10-26 Product Spotlight
ScentShield Hunters Bodyguard™ Shower Kit includes: Hunters Bodyguard Liquid Body Soap, Shampoo & Conditioner, Hair & Body Deodorant, Under arm Deodorant, Camo Retractable/Reusable Razor and Scent Shield® Camp Towel.

These are all conveni
(Click Headline For More!)

Brand NEW Video Release! Treestand Hunting "The NON-TYPICAL Way"Volume 2
2003-10-26 Product Spotlight
Designer and veteran bowhunter, Wayne Prejean shares with the viewer valuable insight into the world of light weight portable treestands. Learn how to take advantage of the latest in designs, technologies and methods for an increase in enjoyment, saf (Click Headline For More!)

Christmas Gift Guide for Hunting and Fishing Gear Review Readers
2003-10-25 Editor
Christmas is just around the corner. This year Hunting and Fishing Gear Review would like to publish an online hunting and fishing gift guide for our readers. We need your help in suggesting Christmas gifts for hunters and fishermen.

(Click Headline For More!)

Fenwick Techna AV
2003-10-25 Release
Well, we're not about to make them. We'll let you find out for yourself. Cast any Fenwick Techna AV and you'll realize how remarkable Aramid Veil technology truly is. And while our Techna AV series is typified by extra fast actions, this year we adde (Click Headline For More!)

Blueridge® Monster Whitetail Deer Target at the Sportsman's Guide
2003-10-25 Product Spotlight
Aim for perfection. That's what I always say. Now you can sharpen your shooting skills with this near-perfect replica of a trophy 175-lb. Whitetail Deer. It's a great 3-dimensional Target for unmatched realism, backed by long-lasting durability thank (Click Headline For More!)

Penn's GTi Series Graphite All-purpose Levelwind reels
2003-10-25 Release
Penn's GTi Series Graphite All-purpose Levelwind reels. Nobody offers more top quality, time proven levelwind reels with 7 models ranging from the heavy duty, saltwater sized 345GTi to the small 310GTi.

Every GTi reel is built in Ameri
(Click Headline For More!)

Mechanical Broadheads New Archery Products Scorpion XP Cut-on-Contact
2003-10-24 Product Spotlight
The New NAP ScorpionXP broadhead flies straight and true, then opens up to cut and penetrate like no mechanical broadhead has ever done before. It's secret is the twice-wicked attack - the cut-on-contact tip leads the way followed by 3 incredible sha (Click Headline For More!)

Barnett Crossbows The REVOLUTION is HERE!
2003-10-24 Release
The REVOLUTION is HERE! This carefully designed crossbow just brought hunting to a new level of performance, comfort and efficiency. The REVOLUTION is loaded with features with the optimum hunting experience in mind. Features like the 3 1/2”Adjustabl (Click Headline For More!)

"Johnny Stewart Preymaster Digital Caller" The PreyMaster Digital Caller puts predator calling at your fingertips.
2003-10-24 Product Spotlight
The handheld, water-resistant keypad is easy to use. You just slide the desired digital card into the keypad and push play. Each card contains four sounds and you can play two sounds at once. The PreyMaster comes with 12 sounds on three memory cards (Click Headline For More!)

Deer Kaddy
2003-10-23 Release
The Deer Kaddy is a dual purpose ATV accessory. The primary function of the Deer Kaddy is to lift a deer to the rear rack for transport. Also, when locked up for travel, it is an excellent place to haul climbing or lock-on tree stands or other large (Click Headline For More!)

Lowrance X-47 Fish Finder On Sale at The Bass Pro Shops
2003-10-23 Product Spotlight
Full-featured, compact LCD fishfinder - with temp included - for the lowest price ever!Easy to use with 168 vertical pixels, great power, 4-level gray scale display, and rich in patented Lowrance features, the X47 sonar packs so much performance val (Click Headline For More!)

Butler Creek Blizzard Covers Clear Your Sight With Quality See-Thru Covers
2003-10-23 Product Spotlight
Dependable spring-up covers work on both the ocular (eye) or objective (muzzle) end of your scope. The covers have tabs on both sides of the lid to be easily opened by right or left handed shooters. Blizzard lenses are made from "Optical Grade" polym (Click Headline For More!)

BSA Optics Huntsman Scopes
2003-10-22 Product Spotlight
The Huntsman is an all-purpose hunting scope with multi-coated lenses for brighter & sharper vision with less reflection on a Standard BSA or Deer & Turkey Reticles. Long eye relief and fast focus eyebell make it easy to target game on the move.
(Click Headline For More!)

Invisiblind Shoot Through System
2003-10-22 Release
The 6-Second Magnum INVISIBLIND has replaceable shooting panels on all four sides allowing you to draw your bow or raise your gun in plane view of game animals without their seeing any movement. Due to this patented " Black Box " concept, you can see (Click Headline For More!)

Away Hunting Offers the Turkey Trooper 2000
2003-10-22 Product Spotlight
Turkey Trooper 2000-Perhaps one of the easiest to use and most advanced push button calls ever made. Features include a unique volume/tone adjustment knob that allows the hunter to adjust volume to compensate for the gobbler's ever changing distance. (Click Headline For More!)

Scent Blocker Clothing Safari
2003-10-21 Product Spotlight
Brand new for 2003, the Safari™ utilizes our ultra-thin, lightweight camouflage SLT (single layer technology) fabric. The unique zip-off arm and pant feature provides greater comfort in hot weather.

Safari's design is especially ideal for e
(Click Headline For More!)

G.Loomis Flipping Stick Rods
2003-10-21 Product Spotlight
Flipping is a technical form of heavy-duty finesse fishing. Yes, “finesse” and “heavy-duty” may sound like contradictory terms, but most anglers choose to flip because the fish are in heavy cover where conventional casting just isn’t an option.
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Thinsulate Insulation Which Thinsulate is Right for me.
2003-10-21 Product Spotlight
The original warmth without bulk insulation. Some 25 years ago, Thinsulate insulation was introduced as the original "warmth without bulk" insulation. And it virtually revolutionized the insulation industry overnight.

Today, because of 3M
(Click Headline For More!)

Deer co-Cain by Evolved Habitats The original habit forming beneficial mineral attractant that drives deer crazy.
2003-10-21 Product Spotlight
The original habit forming beneficial mineral attractant that drives deer crazy. A beneficial mineral attractant based on the undying desire of deer to find and consume minerals! The highly active minerals react with moisture to release vapors that a (Click Headline For More!)

Trail Timer Game Monitors
2003-10-21 Product Spotlight
The single event digital TT-100 unit was the first of many products for TrailTimer Co. Most hunters' use this low cost, single event unit for checking out those newly found trails, special hot spots or new baits. It's great for determining peak movem (Click Headline For More!)

Ameristep Roundhouse 360° TSC Hunting Blind
2003-10-20 Release
The Roundhouse 360° TSC is the only blind available that allows you to shoot 360° while remaining in one spot. This unique design combines freedom of movement along with maximum visibility for the ultimate hunting experience. The Roundhouse 360° TSC (Click Headline For More!)

Sentry Gun Safes-How to Select a Gun Safe
2003-10-20 Release
How to Select a Gun Safe. Sentry Group is the world's leading supplier of fire-resistant and security storage containers, with a commitment to rigorous standards in design, manufacture and testing. The hundreds of testimonials we have received over t (Click Headline For More!)

Steiner NightHunter Low Light Binoculars
2003-10-19 Product Spotlight
Dawn. Dusk. In the shadows…or even in nearly total darkness… you’ll see what others miss with Steiner Nighthunters – binoculars that deliver unparalleled low-light performance. It’s cold and dark in the November morning drizzle. You’re glassing a M (Click Headline For More!)

PMI Cover System 3D Camo You Can Really Get Into.
2003-10-19 Product Spotlight
the most dynamic concealment system available allows the hunter and photographer to customize concealment to match the immediate environment. Create shadows that make it difficult for game to focus on the human form - these shadows blend into the nat (Click Headline For More!)

DeerCam The #1 Selling Scouting Camera..... What People Are Asking.
2003-10-19 Product Spotlight
What people are asking about DEERCAM: Why is DEERCAM more expensive than some other models of scouting cameras? DEERCAM is a state-of-the-art scouting camera and no part of its design was compromised. DEERCAM uses an Olympus camera that is superior (Click Headline For More!)

Cabelas Big Game Hunter 2004 Season (PC)
2003-10-18 Product Spotlight
You will need all of your senses to track and hunt 24 game animals. Every animal featured is a true-to-life representation specific to the region you are hunting. Cabela's Big Game Hunter: 2004 Season takes the very best of previous Cabela's titles t (Click Headline For More!)

Summit Tree Stands That's Hunting II Video
2003-10-18 Product Spotlight
Summit Specialties Hunting Videos It's finally here! The sequel to our first full-length production has arrived. "That's Huntin' 2" will have your heart pounding just as if you were in the stand with us!

Watch as Summit Founder and Hunt T
(Click Headline For More!)

2003-10-18 Press Release
Rapala, the world leader in hard bait lures, including the Original Floating Rapala, unveiled five new lines of premium fishing rods at the annual ICAST fishing tackle trade show today in Las Vegas.

Artfully created and built by hand, all R
(Click Headline For More!)

BSA Scopes Big Cat
2003-10-17 Product Spotlight
The BigCat is an all new scope design and could very well become the scope of the year because of its features. A longer eye relief. Finger adjustable windage and elevation knobs. A three piece objective lens system for sharper resolution, better col (Click Headline For More!)

Garmin eTrex Vista
2003-10-17 Product Spotlight
Garmin eTrex Vista by Garmin.The eTrex Vista combines a basemap of North and South America, with a barometric altimeter and electronic compass. The compass provides bearing information while you're standing still and the altimeter determines your pre (Click Headline For More!)

Rocky Boots BuckStalker™ Series
2003-10-17 Product Spotlight
BuckStalker (1000 Grams)by Rocky Boots. Rubber construction has high level of flexibility - BuckStalker™ Scent Control System blocks human odor - Side gusset features CamLok to lock in pants; helps keep debris and ticks out - 1,000 grams of Thinsul (Click Headline For More!)

Remington® Rifleman Ladder Stand
2003-10-16 Product Spotlight
Remington®'s most popular Stand. The shooting rail is adjustable to multiple heights to offer you more angles with one quick and easy adjustment. The heavy-duty 1" round steel frame is strong and durable enough for years of use and abuse. The 18 x 18 (Click Headline For More!)

Browning Hydro-Fleece® Pro Series Jacket with Supprescent™
2003-10-16 Product Spotlight
Human scent adsorbing properties of Supprescent™ • X-Change System compatible • Improved Hydro-Fleece® Pro Series fabric with Gore-Tex® laminate for quiet, waterproof, windproof and breathable performance • Full-length front wind flap • Zip-through c (Click Headline For More!)

Accu-Set Pistol Sights Pachmayr’s Precision Modular Sight System No Gunsmithing Required
2003-10-16 Product Spotlight
ACCU-SET System™ Sights are the ultimate in low-profile, adjustable sights for most popular semi-auto handguns. The high-tech, low- profile design functions properly with the factory front sights. Constructed of carbon steel for maximum strength and (Click Headline For More!)

Marcum Technologies Underwater Viewing System OVS VS500 with Ice Arm
2003-10-16 Product Spotlight
This integrated, easy-to-use system is truly the next generation in underwater viewing. The VS 500 provides on-screen displays that show lighting options, battery status and the direction the camera is facing, no matter how the monitor is positioned! (Click Headline For More!)

Compare the Weatherby Vanguard to other rifles
2003-10-15 Release
Head to head against similarly priced rifles, Vanguard shoots holes in the competition. Compare critical performance (PDF format) categories such as accuracy along with price and you’ll see there truly is no comparison. The Weatherby Vanguard is the (Click Headline For More!)

Okuma Fishing Metaloid Reel
2003-10-15 Product Spotlight
These tournament grade spinning reels are more than just a pretty face, they are about performance. Smooth! Nine stainless steel bearings and a one-way clutch-bearing make these reels smooth. The Quick Set anti-reverse system guarantees rock solid h (Click Headline For More!)

Giant Lures As Seen On TV
2003-10-15 Product Spotlight
These lures are crafted, and painted to replicate the most popular bass lures. Giant Lures come equipped with eye holes for easy hanging or mounting. These novelty lures are for decorative purposes and not meant for actual use!

(Click Headline For More!)

Browning Citori Lightning Feather Combo
2003-10-14 Product Spotlight
Still the most popular over and under available, the Citori line of shotguns is recognized for a flawless level of craftsmanship and absolutely reliable function. Components are machined to exacting tolerances, heat-treated and carefully fitted with (Click Headline For More!)

2003-10-14 Press Release
New Stovetop Camping Coffeemaker Works Just Like Electric Version at Home Campers who look forward to that morning “cuppa joe” can now wake up to an easier way to brew camp coffee. In answer to a strong consumer preference for the ease, convenienc (Click Headline For More!)

Morgan's Turkey Callers THE MORGAN CALLER
2003-10-14 Release
THE MORGAN CALLER U.S. Patent 3722133 (1973). The MORGAN CALLER was the FIRST tube type of caller to be patented and remains unique in its accuracy of producing realistic turkey tones. It was patterned after the ol’ time snuff can caller and after (Click Headline For More!)

Fish Finders Bottom Line Tournament 5100
2003-10-14 Release
Unbelievable pixel count in a s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d screen fishfinder. To get the screen quality offered in the new Bottom Line Tournament 5100 fishfinder, one would expect to spend hundreds of dollars more. With 153,600 pixels arranged on the 25-square (Click Headline For More!)

Crow's Nest ATV Ramps
2003-10-13 Release
The newest addition to be marketable "Crow's Nest Family" is our ATV Ramps. We build two types. The long and short box styles. The long box type is 8 ft. in length. The short box version is 6ft. in length. Both styles fit inside the 6 and 8 ft. stand (Click Headline For More!)

Porta-Bote's "Instant" Boat - Just add Water!
2003-10-13 Release
For the past 25 years, the JCI (Japanese Coast Guard) has tested Porta-Bote's space age engineered resin hull and hinges. Every time a shipment enters their country. The now famous "drop test" is used! They load over 600+ pounds (273kg) of concrete f (Click Headline For More!)

Steiner Peregrine and Senator Binoculars
2003-10-13 Release
Steiner-Germany has developed the new Peregrine binocular, a new record in light transmission that allows faster discovery and location of wildlife hidden in foliage or shadows.The Peregrine binoculars will allow you to penetrate darkness better than (Click Headline For More!)

Bass Pro Shops® News Releases High Performance Arrows Set New Standards
2003-10-13 Press Release
Springfield, MO -- Devoted archers are in constant search for arrows that are accurate, durable, consistent and affordable. This year, RedHead introduces the Carbon Fury and Carbon Maxx, the new standard in high performance arrows.

For t
(Click Headline For More!)

Horton Crossbows Firehawk
2003-10-13 Release
Firehawk Hunting is a serious business; one that requires respect, skill and efficient hunting equipment. The new 2002 Firehawk combines speed, power and stealth into a lethal package, giving you the confidence of knowing your crossbow will perform (Click Headline For More!)

Kolpin products can turn your ATV into the ultimate hunting machine
2003-10-12 Release
Because it is so versatile, most hunters use their ATV as a pack mule. They strap things to the racks, such as a gun case, bow holder, coolers, tree stand and storage bags to name but a few things. These necessities take up a lot of room. In the past (Click Headline For More!)

Ithaca The Deerslayer II "Storm"
2003-10-12 Release
The DSS (or Deerslayer "Storm") is our newest addition to the tradition of quality and craftsmanship found in the Ithaca Gun family. Following in the footsteps of the Deerslayer II performance, the "Storm" has all the same attributes, but with a high (Click Headline For More!)

Lightfield Calls It "Devastating Deer Performance"
2003-10-12 Release
Lightfield Ammunition Corporation specializes in manufacturing the hardest hitting, most accurate saboted slugs available to today's hunters for use in their rifled shotgun barrels. The various slugs that make up the Lightfield product line utilize t (Click Headline For More!)

Mister Twister Introduces New Exude Erupt features fish-attracting crackle
2003-10-12 Release
Exude(tm) Erupt, new from Mister Twister, is THE new innovation in trout bait technology. And, it is 100% biodegradable. Erupt not only contains all of the stimulants that trout, steelhead and salmon can detect and recognize as food, it also incorp (Click Headline For More!)

Lamiglas Introduces Skeet Reese Rods and Others for 2004!
2003-10-11 Press Release
Woodland, WA USA. Lamiglas has expanded and improved its already broad and extensive line up of Bass rods for the 2004 fishing season. Skeet Reese Series The biggest news of course is the all-new "Skeet Reese" Signature rods designed for the latest (Click Headline For More!)

Colt Manufacturing Anaconda .44 Magnum
2003-10-11 Release
The most accurate .44 Mag on the market, big-bore shooters have come to expect the top performance and durability of this powerhouse. But, the light, smooth trigger pull of the Anaconda still takes them by surprise. The free-floating ejector rod and (Click Headline For More!)

"Black Shadow Deer Stands are high-quality, long-lasting, safe and comfortable."
2003-10-11 Release
As a seasoned hunter, we realize the importance of your deer stand. These factors are always taken into consideration with our stands. Safety of the hunter and deer stand The comfort of your seating arrangement Your gun rest for alignment and accurac (Click Headline For More!)

Mepp's Comet Mino
2003-10-11 Release
The Comet Mino is one of Mepps most popular lures, because it has been proven catch just about any fish that swims. All Comet Minos feature an interchangeable hook that makes it simple to attach a replacement Mino, and now all Comet Minos are also av (Click Headline For More!)

B & P For Your Best Performance
2003-10-10 Release
Since 1989, B&P has been exclsusively licensed to use the Gordon Sytem, a revolutionary method for manufacturing cartridge cases. The Inner base of the case features a conical profile and a progressive dampening spring operated when the shot is fired (Click Headline For More!)

ScentBlocker® Plus 3D RealLeaf™ Jacket Forget the wind...Just hunt!
2003-10-10 Release
Forget the wind...Just hunt! Every ScentBlocker garment is loaded with activated carbon, which specifically adsorbs human scent molecules, preventing their transfer to the outside. Each garment has a designated Scent Protection Factor (SPF), which t (Click Headline For More!)

Bass Pro Shops Sportz II Truck Tent
2003-10-10 Release
Comfortably camp in the bed of your truck! Durable 2-person tent gives you the safety of being up off the ground. Includes a 6'x6' canopy, a new door design for easier access and a new clip design for poles making set-up time even faster. Improved ra (Click Headline For More!)

Burris Optics Black Diamond Titanium
2003-10-10 Release
Optical Excellence-Burris Titanium riflescopes started with the revered optical system of the Black Diamond series. The optical glass is ultra-pure, ground and polished to exacting dimensions and consistency. Each lens surface is multi-chemical multi (Click Headline For More!)

Point of View Training Introduction to Duck Hunting
2003-10-09 Release
Point-Of-View Training Introduction To Duck Hunting.Ever wonder what makes ducks come in for a textbook landing, or what you did wrong to send them on a non-stop flight to safer waters? Introduction To Duck Hunting gives you the duck's point of vie (Click Headline For More!)

2003-10-09 Release
When we first introduced the Rhino to the fishing world, the mission was clear: Build The World's Toughest Tackle. And that's what we did.We've given Rhino a new, meaner and tougher attitude, and added more metal, oversize die-cast aluminum handles, (Click Headline For More!)

Zamberlan Hiking Boots and Hunting Boots
2003-10-09 Release
Hiking boots, hunting boot, shoes and footwear for mountaineering, backpacking, trekking, hiking shoes, with vibram soles, of waterproof leather, mountain footwear manufacturer, fabric boots The business of manufacturing quality mountain boots was st (Click Headline For More!)

Fancy Paws Bird Launchers
2003-10-09 Release
The easiest way to train with live birds. The most powerful, quietest launchers on the market. A great way for you to work on steadiness to flush with pointing dogs. Or use them for marking drills with retrievers. Welded steel, heavy-duty netting and (Click Headline For More!)

Eagle GPS Intellimap
2003-10-08 Release
The IntelliMap™ 320 is a new world-class, stand-alone Eagle® GPS+WAAS mapping system. It's 320 x 320 high-resolution display provides fantastic mapping detail. And the IntelliMap™ 320 is so smart, it displays MapCreate, Navionics, and HotMaps mapping (Click Headline For More!)

Stripper Lures Fish It First Lure Company
2003-10-08 Release
Fish-Itt First Lure Company offers two outstanding, fish catching baits: The Pop-Eyed Rattler and the Double Dancer. The Pop-Eyed Rattler is a diving, suspending, rattling crankbait that is so different it's patented. The segmented body moves with a (Click Headline For More!)

Duck Hunting Dead Duck Blinds Chameleon Blind
2003-10-08 Release
The body is vacuum formed from a single sheet of ABS plastic that keeps the unit lightweight, strong and watertight. Also, it enables the unit to be used in fields, marshes, mudflats,and also for hauling your ice fishing equipment.

A 10” Dr
(Click Headline For More!)

Advantage Camouflage Introduces New MAX-4 HD
2003-10-08 Press Release
Columbus, Georgia – Designing a camouflage pattern is not difficult. What is difficult is creating a unique, versatile camouflage pattern ... a pattern that is so effective and appealing that people ask for it by name ... Advantage® MAX-4 HD™.
(Click Headline For More!)

McKenzie Target The New CarbonBlock™ Target
2003-10-07 Release
CarbonBlock™ is a new weather-proof, layered target designed to stop the fastest carbon and aluminum arrows quickly and efficiently by friction pinching the arrow shaft. Arrows slip between evenly compressed layers of high density foam with minimal t (Click Headline For More!)

Tim Hughes Custom Baits
2003-10-07 Feature
Do you have a favorite color they don't make anymore? Would you like a color from one lure transferred to a different lure? Design your own personal paint scheme that no one else has! Just send in your baits and we'll take it from there!

(Click Headline For More!)

Ameristep's Cimber's Continuous Safety System
2003-10-07 Release
Clip and Climb ... it's that easy! The most significant break-through this year is probably the NEW! Climber's Continuous Safety System (shown to the left). This innovative system make ascending and descending very simple and safe. The Climber's Con (Click Headline For More!)

Muskie Lures McCrea Bait Company
2003-10-06 Release
The Glidin’ Wheedle which is the 9” model offers a large silhouette that mimics the action of a darting or crippled baitfish. The bait will run down 1 to 3 feet. The Wheedle Jr. is the 6” model and has the same action as the 9” model. These shallow (Click Headline For More!)

Amacker Outdoors The Adjuster™ Magnum
2003-10-06 Release
This year Amacker Outdoors, L.L.C., is reintroducing THE ADJUSTER™ MAGNUM, specifically designed for hunters that want or need more legroom. This stand, with its patented self-adjusting system, has a large platform and a maximum weight limit of 500 l (Click Headline For More!)

Rocky Boots launched
2003-10-06 Release
ROCKY® Shoes and Boots announces the launch of a new Web site selling discontinued and overstocked products at ROCKY Closeouts Web site, a place to purchase discontinued and low quantity ROCKY products. All products are offered di (Click Headline For More!)

Okuma Fishing Titus Gold Series
2003-10-06 Release
Okuma designed the Titus Gold for those anglers in search of the strongest, fastest fish in the ocean. Powerful fish such as tuna, and speedsters like wahoo were the primary targets for designing the Titus Gold. The side plates and one-piece frame of (Click Headline For More!)

Mossberg's New 935 Magnum Autoloader..The Workhorse! It's New, it's Awesome and it's Available
2003-10-05 Release
If we had any input on mother nature's designs, we would have requested that big honkers and streaking divers not be so darn hard to bring down! Unfortunately, she never asked. But, like mother nature, we're pretty good at our own designs. That's why (Click Headline For More!)

Browning Signature Products-Mudflaps
2003-10-05 Release
Official Browning Mudflaps are guaranteed to add a touch of toughness and recognition to your truck. These durable mudflaps come in two sizes and colors, and are predrilled for easy installation using screws, or any standard mounting kit. To order si (Click Headline For More!)

Summit™ Climbing Treestand - Python XLS
2003-10-05 Release
Summit™ Climbing Treestands Feature innovative Silent Glide Snakeable Cable Technology for quick and quiet attachments to trees. Cable style stands eliminate noisy pins, bolts, knobs, and backbars and have a built-in platform leveling design. Silent (Click Headline For More!)

Fizzion Power
2003-10-04 Release
Fizzion-Power started out based on an age old question all fishermen have pondered. How to get fish to believe that a lure is ALIVE and make that "Big Old Good’n" or "Good Old Big’n" bite on it. Anglers have always tried to build a better "mouse trap (Click Headline For More!)

Gerber Brush Thinner
2003-10-04 Release
Gerber-Brush Thinner. Light and efficient for cleaning out brush and tree limbs from around tree stands and streamside locations. Carbon steel with unique blade design and PATE-coated blade reduces friction thus minimizing effort while increasing eff (Click Headline For More!)

Walker's Game Ear® or Game Ear® II on
2003-10-04 Release
Technologically advanced miniaturized sound amplification devices designed to enhance a hunter's hearing while protecting you from the damaging noise of muzzle blasts. Both models are behind-the-ear design; this type allows for the greatest amplifica (Click Headline For More!)

RedHead® Waterfowl Wader Insulated Jacket for Men
2003-10-04 Release
RedHead Waterfowl Series outerwear is available in Advantage® MAX-4 HD™ - the most versatile camo pattern ever! Bill Jordan's Advantage MAX-4 HD gives hunters in open terrain the concealment advantage, regardless of geography. The pattern incorporate (Click Headline For More!)

StrongBuilt® Climbing Tree Stands
2003-10-04 Release
Complete line of field tested products for people with a passion for hunting and an eye for great value. All-welded steel construction treestands with non-slip expanded metal platforms attach quickly and easily to trees up to 18" in diameter. Include (Click Headline For More!)

Remington Model 700™ Classic
2003-10-04 Release
Remington Model 700 Classic-Continuing the Limited Edition Classic series, the Model 700 Classic for 2003 is chambered for a timeless cartridge, the 300 Savage. Still the choice of many deer and big game hunters, the 300 Savage dates back to 1920 and (Click Headline For More!)

Super Starr ™ Deluxe Folding Ladder Stand
2003-10-03 Release
Deluxe says it all! The Super Starr™ ladderstand is a full size welded lightweight aircraft aluminum hunting ladder stand that will not break your back hauling it into the woods. Featuring our Big Easy™ treestand seat, ergonomic designed closed cell (Click Headline For More!)

Silencer- The Original Cough Muffler
2003-10-03 Release
Even a Loud Cough is no match for the Silencer's baffle system. The baffles take the sound waves out of the cough, but allow all the air to pass right though. That means no Back Pressure, full relief and virtually No Sound!

Like all true
(Click Headline For More!)

New Features Enhance Leupold’s VX™-I Riflescope Line
2003-10-03 Press Release
BEAVERTON, Ore. – Responding to numerous requests from hunters and shooters, Leupold® now offers a matte black finish on its VX™-I, an American-made riflescope specifically designed to deliver the best performance and value in the “affordable” pric (Click Headline For More!)

Colorite Bait Coloring System Worn Dye
2003-10-03 Release
WORM DYE is a transparent, penetrating dye used for altering lighter colored baits, or for dying clear, glow, white and pearl baits. WORM DYE will also color hard plastic baits, skirts, feathers and flies. We currently offer 21 colors of worm dye, (Click Headline For More!)

Keg Roaster Delicious Beer Can Chicken and Turkey
2003-10-02 Release
You’ve never lived until you’ve experienced the great taste of beer can chicken or turkey! The Keg Roaster is designed to increase moisture by infusing your favorite beverage flavor into the meat. Simply insert your favorite beer, soda, or juice can (Click Headline For More!)

TechnoScout How can they pack this much power and zoom into a binocular this small?
2003-10-02 Release
The Z-40 Binocular has plenty of power and zoom, all in a compact size that makes them easy to toss into any pack on your next outing. You’re in Acadia National Park in Maine, standing on top of Cadillac Mountain after a day’s hike, looking at the go (Click Headline For More!)

T/C's OMEGA will revolutionalize the way hunters think about muzzleloaders for years to come.
2003-10-02 Release
Simplicity is elegance It's sleek profile and its "swinging block" lever action design make this muzzleloader one of the simplest and no nonsense muzzleloaders on the market...Simple to operate; Simple to clean.

Swinging Block Lever Acti
(Click Headline For More!)

Penn® Slammer® Spinning Reels
2003-10-02 Release
The innovators at Penn have thoroughly rebuilt the guts of the spinning reel to give you the power to handle a surging fish in any situation. Whether you're on the beach or in a skiff, casting bait or plugs, you'll find that the Slammer (1) is aptly (Click Headline For More!)

Coming Soon Lacrosse QUAD COMFORT 4 X 8"
2003-10-02 Release
For Spring 2004, LaCrosse is introducing Quad Comfort boots. Quad Comfort means comfort times four, for people who have to stay on their feet all day. Our unique 4-layer system provides the perfect balance of comfort & support, by positioning the cus (Click Headline For More!)

Aimpoint 7000SC
2003-10-02 Release
We are proud to inform you of the introduction of our latest product, the Aimpoint®7000SC, expected to become the favorite model within the Aimpoint's product range for most types of hunting. The Aimpoint® 7000SC is available in Carbon black semi-ma (Click Headline For More!)

Henry Repeating Arms Big Boy .44 Magnum
2003-10-01 Release
Are you a fan of our nation’s Wild West era? Do you go all out and participate in the growing sport of Cowboy Action Shooting? Are you one of the many thousands of avid big-game hunters? Nod yes to any of the above, and you’re ready to step up and g (Click Headline For More!)

The Revolution Archery SUPER SWIFT
2003-10-01 Release
ACCURACY IS EVERYTHING!! The Revolution Bows are unsurpassed in excellence in design and quality of workmanship. Their superior performance and efficiency is proven in their speed and smoothness, and above all, in their accuracy. Revolution Archer (Click Headline For More!)

Final Approach Eliminator Top Gun blind.
2003-10-01 Release
The new Eliminator Top Gun blind incorporates the superior features of the Eliminator Pro-Guide, plus more! Designed for hunting in standing water situations, this blind is constructed with a bottom section made from double strength, 100% waterproof (Click Headline For More!)

The Revolutionary CHUMBOB
2003-10-01 Release
The Next Dimension in Fishing Has Finally Arrived.The Revolutionary CHUMBOB® will add a new dimension to your fishing experience. It's unique design combines bobber with chummer. This feature attracts fish to your baited hook by gradually dispensing (Click Headline For More!)

SOB Announces Revolutionary New "Mini-Me" Spinnerbait !!
2003-10-01 Press Release
We are very excited about this new spinnerbait !!!!! You may have already seen a picture of one in an article written by Triton Mike and posted here on the BFHP. The picture you saw there is one of the favorites of Pro Guide and S.O.B. Fishing Produc (Click Headline For More!)

Coleman Xtreme Coolers holding ice up to 5 days at temperatures up to 90 degrees.
2003-10-01 Release
Coleman Xtreme coolers have two inches of insulation in the lid and case to provide maximum cold retention, holding ice up to 5 days at temperatures up to 90 degrees. Each cooler is designed with a hinged lid, beverage holders and two-way handles to (Click Headline For More!)

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