Online reviews of hunting gear and fishing gear including user reviews of rifle scopes, hunting boots, trail cameras and hunting bows.
RedHead® 7" Turkey Trekker Boots for Men As Part of the Hunting & Fsihing Gear Review Holiday Gift Guide
2003-11-30 HFG Gift Guide
Short-top design and natural-feeling comfort may remind you of hiking shoes, but don’t be fooled. Rugged boots include tough, oil-resistant PVC stud outsole and a removable polyurethane insole with an anti-bacterial top liner. Color: Advantage Timber (Click Headline For More!)

Phantom Deer Calls by Extreme Dimension Wildlife Calls
2003-11-30 Product Spotlight
I pressed the fawn distress button 2 times and the woods to my right exploded with deer coming at me!! Two does ran at me as hard as they could. I thought they were going to plow over me! Both got within 20 feet before they realized I wasn't a fawn! (Click Headline For More!)

Sage Fly Fishing- 2004 Premium Fly Rods SLT and TCR Series
2003-11-30 Product Spotlight
Whether you fish quiet spring creeks or big, western freestones, every angler needs a fly rod to fit their individual casting style. Because we recognize that no two anglers cast alike, Sage has created three different series of premium rods. Our ult (Click Headline For More!)

David Fritts Signature Series Baitcast Reel As Part OF The Hunting & Fishing Gear Review Holiday Gift Guide
2003-11-29 HFG Gift Guide
This wide-open, low-profile baitcaster designed by David Fritts will put you in tune with your bait like never before. The reel foot, the 1-pc. machined-aluminum frame and graphite side-plates are all configured to maximize vibration transmission fro (Click Headline For More!)

Parker Bow Company HUNTER-MAG "Outfitter"
2003-11-29 Product Spotlight
The "Outfitter" is not a package. It is a factory set-up combination that saves dealers and costumers time and money. An archery industry revolution with thousands sold in just two years, the "Outfitter" is a must for archery pro shops, gun stores an (Click Headline For More!)

“Seeing is Believing” In Sticky Situations
2003-11-29 Mike Rice- Owner Pro's Soft Bait Glue
I’ve refrained from writing an article on my company’s new Fishing glue for reasons I was told that, fisherman don’t want to hear the owners opinions and so, just have your Pro Staff and other fisherman write them. Well, I got itchy to share with so (Click Headline For More!)

CVA Optima Pro™ 209 Break-Action Muzzleloaders As Part Of The Hunting & Fishing Gear Review Holiday Gift Guide
2003-11-28 HFG Gift Guide
The Optima Pro 209 Magnum Break-Action represents state of the art gun building technology. Unlike conventional in-line muzzleloaders, there is no receiver on the Optima Pro. The barrel is an impressive 29 inches in length, and fully fluted. This pro (Click Headline For More!)

Minn Kota® Endura 55 Motor and 10 Amp Battery Charger As Part of the Hunting & Fishing Gear Review Gift Guide
2003-11-28 HFG Gift Guide
What a deal! For a limited time when you buy the Minn Kota Endura 55 Motor you'll also receive a 10 amp battery charger--all for one low price.Minn Kota Endura 55 Trolling Motor Features:
Indestructible composite shaft: 36". Stronger than steel
(Click Headline For More!)

2003-11-28 Press Release
Richmond, VA – Tree stands have become increasingly popular for hunting. Both bow hunters and hunters using firearms find benefits from using an elevated position. Hunters who use tree stands, however, must take extra precautions to protect themselv (Click Headline For More!)

2004 Rhino 660 Auto. 4x4 Introducing a Powerful "New" Concept in Off-Road Adventure... The Rhino 660.
2003-11-27 Product Spotlight
Now, you can take someone along as you hunt, work or just plain explore in places other side-by-sides simply can¹t. All in unparalleled comfort. That's because only the Rhino 660 offers a four-wheel independent-suspended chassis (7.3" of travel front (Click Headline For More!)

The Pop-n-Tube-The Hottest Topwater Lure.
2003-11-27 Product Spotlight
After eight years in production and testing, the "Pop-n-Tube" by Hawg Buster Bait Company has emerged as the most innovative lure of the decade. No other lure combines so many fish attracting concepts as the "Pop-n-Tube." From the easily obtained q (Click Headline For More!)

Deer Crack - Keep 'Em Coming Back To Deer Crack
2003-11-27 Product Spotlight
Ancient cultures of prehistoric Europe developed around salt mines in the Alps. Communities existed around the salt springs where early man would hunt the herbivores that were drawn to the springs to satisfy their craving for salt and minerals. To fu (Click Headline For More!)

W.R. Case And Sons Cultery-For Those Who Think Mass Production Is A Four Letter Word
2003-11-26 Manufacturer Spotlight
A machine can make a knife. It just can't make a Case knife. From assembly, to grinding the handles to feel true, to honing. each blade to razor sharpness, it takes the disconcerting eyes and careful hands of an American craftsmen to create each and (Click Headline For More!)

Bassmaster® Classic Edition Kit As Part Of The Hunting & Fishing Gear Review Gift Guide
2003-11-26 HFG Gift Guide
Bass Pro Shops® and BASS® (Bass Angler Sportsman's Society), the worldwide authority on bass fishing have teamed up to bring you an exclusive line of high-quality, affordable fishing gear designed especially for the tournament angler. Bassmaster rods (Click Headline For More!)

Yamaha Outboards Ranks Highest in J.D. Power and Associates Customer Satisfaction Study for the Second Year in a Row
2003-11-26 Press Release
FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — Yamaha once again ranks highest in customer satisfaction, according to the J.D. Power and Associates 2003 Marine Engine Competitive Information Study (SM) released Oct. 30 at the 44th annual Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show.

(Click Headline For More!)

Okuma's New Magnitude Fly Reels
2003-11-26 Product Spotlight
Inspiringly light! The ultra-light Magnitude series is one of the world's only magnesium fly reels. Both traditional and large arbor reels weigh in at about half of their aluminum counterparts. The cast magnesium reels are treated with a four-coat p (Click Headline For More!)

Trophy Advantage Scent and Hunting System Story
2003-11-25 Manufacturer Spotlight
The Trophy AdvantageTM Scent and Hunting Systems are patent pending and the most powerful and effective Scent Systems ever developed. They are extremely potent synthetic urines which the hunter mixes with his own 2-6 day old fresh urine allowing the (Click Headline For More!)

The Balancer™ Rod Balancing System
2003-11-25 Release
You will feel more fish, set the hook on more fish and catch more fish! The secret is to precisely balance both your rod and your reel with The Balancer™, an amazingly simple and functional removable Butt Cap, which fits onto the rear end of most str (Click Headline For More!)

Sneak Peek Garmin GPS Map60C
2003-11-25 Sneak Preview
The GPSMAP® 60C and GPSMAP 60CS are new all-purpose units—packed with exciting new features and delivering the kind of color that consumers want in their handheld GPS’s. These lightweight, rugged, waterproof units raise the bar to offer a 256-color, (Click Headline For More!)

Progressive Farmer Offers Hunters Tips on Traveling During Hunting Season
2003-11-24 Press Release
BIRMINGHAM, AL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- -- With hunting season right around the corner, thousands of hunters are making final travel preparations for hunts. But new security regulations mean new precautions for traveling with firearms and ammunition. Bef (Click Headline For More!)

First Video Designed To Introduce Babies And Toddlers To The World Of Game Animals and Hunting!
2003-11-24 Press Release
A new idea in children's videos. The concept is simple. Expose your child to your passion early and the likelihood that your child will share in that love will increase. What mother or father wouldn't want their child to share their passion? Th (Click Headline For More!)

SALE Bass Pro Shops® Johnny Morris Signature Series Baitcast Reel As Part Of The Hunting & Fishing Gear Review Gift Guide.
2003-11-24 HFG Gift Guide
Presenting the finest reel on the water - smooth, powerful, easy to handle!Whether you're tearing up aggressive bass, or trying to coax a few biters from their cold-front lair, this is the reel for you. Our founder's prize baitcaster lets you switch (Click Headline For More!)

Garmin Geko GPS
2003-11-24 Release
Gekos are the smallest and lightest waterproof GPS units on the market—inexpensive, with sleek designs and simple operating systems.With its sturdy, dark-gray case, the Geko 301 packs an amazing amount of functions into its slim frame. It has all the (Click Headline For More!)

Fly Logic Test Drive Plan
2003-11-23 Release
Dear Fly-fishing Enthusiast,
When evaluating a new fly rod or reel, you can't rely too much on the opinions of others. Because the only opinion that really counts is the one you form when you try them. That's why we created our new Try Logic pl
(Click Headline For More!)

Hunting & Fishing Gear Review Reader Review Category Changes!
2003-11-23 Latest HFG News
In order to give our readers what they want we've made several changes to our Reader Review categories. We've done away with some of our lesser performing categories and made changes to several others. Included in these changes are the addition of t (Click Headline For More!)

Braun Woodke The EasyWay Treestand !
2003-11-23 Product Spotlight
Braun-Woodke Products have met their endeavor by designing and producing a portable treestand unlike any other known in the industry today. The EasyWay was designed so that hunters of any age can enter and exit the treestand easier and safer than mos (Click Headline For More!)

Knight Muzzleloaders .52 Disc Extreme Twice The Energy Of Your .50 Caliber
2003-11-23 New Products
The new Knight .52 DISC Extreme™ features a new concept breech plug with Power Stem™ technology designed to use loose powder exclusively. The Power Stem™ significantly increases the overall velocity and energy while diminishing felt recoil created wh (Click Headline For More!)

Outdoor Channel Adds Two New Titles From Leading Outdoor Retailer Bass Pro Shops
2003-11-22 Press Release
TEMECULA, Calif., Nov. 20 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Management of The Outdoor Channel (TOC) announced today that award winning Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World Television will be added to the TOC 2004 lineup, and will remain active through the end of 20 (Click Headline For More!)

The Freeman Hunter from Gerber Legendary Blades As Part of The Hunting & Fishing Gear Review Holiday Gift Guide
2003-11-22 Press Release
"Designed by hunters, for hunters" is the best description of the Freeman™ Hunter. Although the polished pear wood handles give aesthetic appeal, this is designed to be a working knife capable of skinning both small and large game. The 3.25" blade is (Click Headline For More!)

PLB What's a PLB? A Personal Location Beacon From Fast Find
2003-11-22 Press Release
Give the Gift of Peace of Mind -- Give the outdoor enthusiast on your gift list peace of mind and a new measure of safety for when they venture far off the beaten path. Perfect for those who enjoy extreme sports, hunting or offshore fishing, the (Click Headline For More!)

New Berkley Gulp! Fish Eat It.
2003-11-21 Product Spotlight
You're about to get a taste of the biggest breakthrough in bait technology since the invention of the plastic worm. Introducing Berkley Gulp! – a revolutionary new bait that is 100% biodegradable and made of 100% natural ingredients. It releases scen (Click Headline For More!)

Bottom Line Fish Finders The Top 10 Questions About Fish Finders
2003-11-21 Know How
There are many myths and misconceptions about fishfinders floating around the fishing world these days. That's why we think it's important to help our fellow anglers sort through the hype and gain access to real information. Based on answers from pro (Click Headline For More!)

Night Owl Fieldview Binocular™ As Part Of The Hunting & Fishing Gear Review Gift Guide
2003-11-21 HFG Gift Guide
The Fieldview Binocular™ features precision mirrored optics for fast light transmission and wide field of view. The body is protected with rubberized armor ensuring comfortable handling in rugged conditions. Individual eye-focus provides excellent vi (Click Headline For More!)

Deer Stands USA Single Man Ladder Stands
2003-11-20 Product Spotlight
All of our ladder stands are designed with the safety and security of the hunter in mind. The top section of the stand is a one-piece welded together unit to make this the strongest and quietest stand possible. The large foot platform is designed so (Click Headline For More!)

St. Croix Fly Rods New Legend Ultra Fly
2003-11-20 Product Spotlight
"Sweetheart, it's important as we're working our way up to this nice brown, that you don't throw your sippy cup in the river. That's not very stealth-like, son. You can also quit kicking me anytime now. We're just going to crouch down here in these w (Click Headline For More!)

Lowrance Fish Finder X67-C As Part Of The Hunting & Fishing Gear Review Gift Guide
2003-11-20 HFG Gift Guide
High-brightness 3.5” diagonal (8.9 cm), 256-color, 1/4 VGA, active matrix TFT, liquid crystal transflective display produces remarkable color clarity & contrast, wide viewing angle, and superb visibility in direct sunlight. High-definition 320V x 240 (Click Headline For More!)

Wildtech Corporation Fire Trail Markers
2003-11-19 Manufacturer Spotlight
FireTacks Trail Markers™ utilize 3M prismatic technology for brilliant reflectivity at night and in low light conditions. BLAZE orange is highly visible during the day, while ICE white is neutral in daytime. NEW Top of the line STEALTH BRIGHT hides y (Click Headline For More!)

The NEW Fly Fishing Basics on DVD
2003-11-19 Release
Jim and Kelly Watt are proud to have taught more than 150,000 folks around the world how to fly fish with their classic video, "Fly Fishing Basics, A Beginners Guide." Now you can own its 21st century successor, "The NEW Fly Fishing Basics" on DVD. R (Click Headline For More!)

Gerber Air Ranger 3.0 As Part Of The Hunting & Fishing Gear Holiday Gift Guide
2003-11-19 HFG Gift Guide
The innovative AR series knives offer a unique combination of function, artistry and ergonomics. The 440 stainless steel serrated blade is supported by high strength die cast aluminum handles finished with an electro less nickel coating and over mold (Click Headline For More!)

Bowgrunter Plus From Away Hunting Products
2003-11-19 Product Spotlight
The Bowgrunter Plus is the WORLD'S only patented "SOCIAL" deer call. All deer are very social by nature and they must verbally communicate with one another throughout their lives regardless of status, or dominance.

We view this as a weak
(Click Headline For More!)

Hunting & Fishing Gear Review Teams Up With E-Angler
2003-11-18 Latest HFG News
Just in time for Christmas I am very pleased to welcome E-Angler to our site. For those of you who aren't familiar with E-angler they are a one stop shop for all of your fishing needs. In addition to offering most every fishing product available for (Click Headline For More!)

Sportsman Steel Safes Crown Series Built For A King
2003-11-18 Manufacturer Spotlight
CROWN™ SERIES safes are masterfully crafted to be elegant in appearance and unconquerable in strength.The CROWN™ SERIES are for those who want to finish their gun collection with class. Featuring The Defender Dual Locking System. The Pentagon has tru (Click Headline For More!)

Stealth Cam MC 2-B Game Camera As Part Of The Hunting & Fishing Gear Review Holiday Gift Guide
2003-11-18 HFG Gift Guide
Stealth Cam, LLC provides high quality motion detection trail cameras and accessories that are distributed and sold worldwide. All our products are developed with the serious user in mind. Each product is rigorously tested in real life situations bef (Click Headline For More!)

Hummingbird Matrix 15 Expandable Fishfinder
2003-11-18 Product Spotlight
It's time to change the way you fish. Time to move beyond an ordinary fishfinder to technology so advanced we don't even call it a fishfinder, we call it a Fishing System. Introducing the Matrix™ Fishing System from Humminbird®. To create Matrix, we (Click Headline For More!)

Mr. Heater Portable Buddy- Revolutionary New Radiant Heat Technology
2003-11-18 Product Spotlight
Everybody needs a Buddy sometime! Mr. Heater's Portable Buddy™ radiant heater provides safe heat for chilly garages, tents, patios, porches, cabins, fishing shanties, truck caps, barns -- anywhere you want to stay warm. The Buddy may also be used ins (Click Headline For More!)

Hunting and Fishing Christmas Gift Guide
2003-11-17 Editor
Okay everyone Christmas is moving this way faster and faster each day. I want to thank everyone who wrote us suggesting Hunting and Fishing gifts for our gift guide. The response to our request for suggestions to put in the Hunting and Fishing Christ (Click Headline For More!)

Streamdance GLX and Metolius - New Concept in Trout Fly Rods from G.Loomis
2003-11-17 Press Release
With the goal of addressing the company’s mission - “To make every day you spend on the water memorable” – G.Loomis announces a new concept in trout fly fishing with its now available StreamDance fly rods. Offered in 26 GLX and Metolius models, with (Click Headline For More!)

Gore-Tex Care Center- Restoring Water Repellency
2003-11-17 How To
Gore shell fabrics are treated with an ultra-thin treatment called DWR, a durable water repellent polymer applied to the outermost fabric layer. This treatment penetrates the fibers and lowers the surface tension of the fabric, causing water to bead (Click Headline For More!)

Rapala Limited Edition Tail Dancer No. 5 One Of The Most Sought After Lures In Modern-Day Fishing History
2003-11-17 Product Spotlight
Introduced last year, Rapala's Tail Dancer has already become one of the most sought-after lures in modern-day fishing history. And for good reason. Initially thought of as a walleye bait, the Tail Dancer has shown its mettle in bass, trout and salmo (Click Headline For More!)

Fly Fishing Scientific Angler Featured Products by 3M
2003-11-16 Manufacturer Spotlight
When it comes to fly-fishing, there are not too many things better than watching a rainbow take your dry fly off the water's surface. And right now is the time of year to experience it. Trout season is open - or soon to be open - in most areas.
(Click Headline For More!)

2003-11-16 Manufacturer Spotlight
At Danner, we've built a reputation for building boots that stand the test of time. Not to mention standing the test of snow, dirt, rocks, streams and the occasional city sidewalk. Everything that goes into Danner boots goes in for one reason: to bui (Click Headline For More!)

RedHead® 12" Mountain Guide Boot for Men As Part of The Hunting & Fishing Gear Review Gift Guide
2003-11-16 HFG Gift Guide
If you're looking for a state-of-the-art hunting boot with all of the "bells and whistles," you've found it. This workhorse is our finest hunting boot ever, built to handle a wide range of conditions and keep on going until you say it's over!
(Click Headline For More!)

Lowrance Electronics GPS Tutorial
2003-11-15 Feature
Introduction--What Is GPS? The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a space age navigational system that can pinpoint your position anywhere on the globe, usually within a few yards or meters. This amazing technology is available to everyone, everywh (Click Headline For More!)

RedHead Bone-Dry 3-Ply 1000 Hunting Boots
2003-11-15 JT Uptegrove
As the name says the boots are Bone-Dry -- 100% waterproof. Whitetail hunting fanatics know that human scent is the enemy. Deer have an acute sniffer and when it detects the aroma of a hunter the game is over. To combat this super-sense that whiteta (Click Headline For More!)

StrongBuilt® 12' Two-Man Basic Ladder Stand As Part Of the Hunting & Fishing Gear Review Holiday Gift Guide
2003-11-15 HFG Gift Guide
Truly live up to their name, with models that are comfortable and affordable. Feature welded all-steel construction, non-slip expanded metal mesh platforms, mid-ladder stabilizing brace for support, and they all attach quickly to trees 10"­18" in dia (Click Headline For More!) Hog Traps and How To.
2003-11-14 Product Spotlight specializes in building quality products for the outdoorsman that takes pride in what he is....a Hick! We build feeders and hog traps that are essential to your very being. If our stock products don't suit your needs drop us a line an (Click Headline For More!)

Rick Clunn Signature Series Baitcast Reel and Rod Combo As Part of the Hunting & Fishing Gear Review Holiday Gift Guide
2003-11-14 HFG Gift Guide
Rick Clunn Signature Series Baitcast Combos Choose the perfect combo for your favorite technique! Rick’s own reel (with high-speed or standard retrieve), matched up with Rick Clunn’s improved Signature Series XPS™ Rod.

Rick Clunn Signat
(Click Headline For More!)

Adirondack Hunting Lures & Scents
2003-11-14 Release
Hunters: My deer lures and hunting scents are carefully formulated of only the finest & freshest natural ingredients available. All of my products are thoroughly field tested and have been used successfully by hunters for years. My quality products a (Click Headline For More!)

Yamaha F150 — The World’s First 150HP Four-Stroke Outboard
2003-11-13 Release
KENNESAW, Ga. -— Yamaha Marine announces its new F150 four-stroke outboard for 2004. The F150 satisfies the needs of anglers looking for quiet, fuel-efficient power for mid-sized boats. Yamaha has traditionally used V6 powerheads for engines in this (Click Headline For More!)

TRACKER® Pro Angler V-16 includes Mercury® 25 EL Motor and Trailer
2003-11-13 Product Spotlight
The perfect combination of bass boat layout and a deep V hull, the TRACKER® Pro AnglerTM V-16 is ideal for big-water bass. The all-welded hull is built with .090 gauge aluminum. The deep V design features a reversed chine hull with two additional lif (Click Headline For More!)

Wolverine Mule Buster
Mule Buster Wolverine® Insulated Waterproof 8" Boot Waterproof Nubuck leather with 1000-denier Cordura® upper. Goodyear welt construction. Wolverine® Waterproof System features the patented Hytrel® membrane by DuPont® and is guaranteed waterproof. 60 (Click Headline For More!)

Hunting Plans.Com Build Your Own Tree Stand and Game Cart !
2003-11-12 Manufacturer Spotlight
The ladder type tree stand plans and the Sniper tree stand plans allows you to build a strong & comfortable stand to give you the advantage over your trophy. The Game Cart allows you to bring your trophy out of heavy terrain without the traditional b (Click Headline For More!)

Buck Alpha Hunter Folding Knives With Drop Point. Part of the Hunting & Fishing Gear Review Gift Guide.
2003-11-12 HFG Gift Guide
For decades, Buck Hunting knives have been the hunter's choice, with a reputation for unparallled quality and durability. Now, we've expanded our collection to include a full line of lightweight fillet knives and specialty knives for field use.
(Click Headline For More!)

Pro-Cure Fishing Bait Scents
2003-11-12 Product Spotlight
PRO-CURE manufactures the most effective bass scents you'll ever use. All PRO-CURE bass scents are made from real whole fresh bait, then loaded up with bite stimulants and powerful amino acids. We absolutely guarantee you'll catch more and bigger bas (Click Headline For More!)

Photon Lures Technology
2003-11-11 Manufacturer Spotlight
What Makes These Lures Work? UGLI-Tech™ Glow-in-the-Dark Additives It’s like having a tackle box full of colors in each lure™. UGLI-Tech™ glow-in-the-dark additives enable your lures to automatically adjust their color and brightness to changing wa (Click Headline For More!)

Shimano Stradic Fishing S-Concept Reels Hunting & Fishing Gear Review Holiday Gift Guide
2003-11-11 Product Spotlight
Outstanding reel sports a beefed-up aluminum frame, tough slim-body design and a titanium-coated ball-bearing line roller to give you the muscle to go toe-to-toe with any fish. Features DynaBalance®, Fluidrive II®, 4 ball bearings plus 1 roller bear (Click Headline For More!)

Sightron Optics New Product Center
2003-11-11 Release
As we enter our 10th year, Sightron is proud to offer 12 new and exciting products for 2003. The New SII Series Waterproof Binoculars will come in 3 different models and offer an affordable waterproof binocular for the outdoor enthusiast.

(Click Headline For More!)

FYI- Mepps The World's #1 Lure-2004 Catalogs Are Available.
2003-11-10 Editor
FYI.... The Mepps 2004 Fishing Guide and Mister Twister Catalog are now available from the Mepps website. Copy and paste the link into your browser to be taken directly to the catalog order page.
(Click Headline For More!)

Mepps Squirrel and Deer Tail Recycling Program
2003-11-10 Release
Mepps asks all squirrel hunters to please recycle their squirrel tails. We have been buying the tails of fox, black, gray and red squirrels for more than three decades; they are used to dress the hooks of our spinners. Hundreds of other materials, (Click Headline For More!)

Leupold VX-I 3-9 x 40- Hunting & Fishing Gear Review Holiday Gift Guide
2003-11-10 Release
Doing yeoman’s service for the VX-I product group, the economically priced VX-I 3-9x40mm is the heir to the great 3-9x tradition started by Leupold more than 40 years ago. Its mid-range magnification levels and its moderate size make it extremely ada (Click Headline For More!)

Fishtek -Take the Jelltex Test! The next generation of softbaits
2003-11-09 Feature
All Fishtek softbaits are made of Jelltex. This is a revolutionary new latex like material that has many unique properties resulting in a lure that is far superior to other softbaits on the market. Jelltex stretches rather than snaps - in fact it can (Click Headline For More!)

BLACKWATER FUD™...the decoy that folds up! Are they?
2003-11-09 Release
Introducing the Blackwater FUDTM , a unique, innovative, fold-up decoy that was born from the challenge to find the best decoy for game bird hunting in terms of ease of use, ability to attract game, and value for money. Unlike any other decoy previo (Click Headline For More!)

Walker’s Game Ear Power Muff Quads available in Realtree® Hardwoods HD™
2003-11-09 Product Spotlight
Walker’s Game Ear is pleased to announce the availability of the popular Power Muff Quads in a camouflage pattern. The most advanced amplification earmuffs available on the market, the Power Muff Quads, are now available in Realtree Hardwoods HD. (Click Headline For More!)

Simmons New Capture View Binoculars View The Action Up Close And Capture It With These Digital Binoculars
2003-11-09 Product Spotlight
View the action up close and capture it in digital images! Easily download the files to your PC, then print your snapshots or email them to family and friends. This unique combination of a compact binocular and digital camera is perfect for capturing (Click Headline For More!)

Peenoe Boats Spider Boats
2003-11-08 Spotlight
The Spider design Peenoe boats range from a 11' paddler to a 17' FlatsBoat. These boats are used in a variety of fresh and salt water environments, from the flats of the Florida Keys to the lakes of Minnesota. Peenoes are at home in just about any sl (Click Headline For More!)

Ramsey ATV3000 ATV Winch With Remote Control
2003-11-08 Product Spotlight
The Ramsey ATV3000 is the ultimate ATV winch featuring performance, durability, safety and Ramsey ISO 9002 quality. With a 3,000 lb. rated line pull, 20% less amperage draw than the Warn ATV winch, and the safety, flexibility and convenience of a wir (Click Headline For More!)

The GPSMAP 162 offers boat owners an affordable option in fixed-mount navigation with Fishing Hot Spot !
2003-11-07 Product Spotlight
The GPSMAP 162 is a combination GPS receiver and chartplotter that's rich in features including a powerful 12 parallel channel GPS receiver and tide prediction tables. Even more remarkable, the GPSMAP 162 can download up to 2.5 MB of extra map data f (Click Headline For More!)

Benchmade Knives
2003-11-07 Feature
Benchmade Knife Company, Inc. set-up shop in Clackamas, Oregon in 1990 (originally founded in California in 1988). The initial knives primarily consisted of the Bali-Song® knives, using a combination of outside vendors and inside processing to build (Click Headline For More!)

Stealth Cam If A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words
2003-11-07 Deal of the Day
...this Stealth Cam speaks volumes. This baby shows you what you need to know. Using a Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) and 35 mm film, it activates using heat and motion and captures vivid and clear images. Plus, you can shoot from 1 to 9 photos when m (Click Headline For More!)

Night Owl Cyclops Compact™ Night Vision Monocular
2003-11-06 Product Spotlight
At 16 ounces, the NOCC3 compact night vision monocular boasts a powerful integrated infrared illuminator in one of the lightest body styles available. With easy to operate power and IR controls, both with indicator lights, the NOCC3 is equipped with (Click Headline For More!)

How to Fly Fish Series on DVD Five Brand New Fly Fishing & Tying Titles on DVD!
2003-11-06 Feature
Fly Fishing Videos Presents The New How To Fly Fish. Over 8 hours of intensive, entertaining instruction in all the essential aspects of the art of fly fishing and tying. All on five DVD's. You'll get the following releases. Beyond The Basics and Rea (Click Headline For More!)

Game-VU Digital Trail Camera System Frequently Asked Questions
2003-11-06 Product Spotlight
If there's no film, how does the Game-Vu camera work? With Game-Vu's digital technology, the camera's 64 image capacity is reminiscent of a continuous roll of film. Once you reach the maximum of 64 stored images, Game-Vu continues to work - no worrie (Click Headline For More!)

Predator Camo
2003-11-05 Manufacture Spotlight
Deception™ is the newest member of the PREDATOR® family of quality camouflage patterns. Earth tone colors and a unique 3-Dimensional look break up your silhouette. Deception™ takes stealth one step further, by making it hard to focus on your figure, (Click Headline For More!)

Timberline Archery The No Peep Sight
2003-11-05 Release
The 2003 No-Peep is a 3rd generation that has several improvements. It is now shorter and lighter. The lens is recessed further into the body so it is protected from rain and snow. The alignment images has also been changed so that they are faster (Click Headline For More!)

Rapala Rods Tournament Class Series
2003-11-05 Product Spotlight
Premium Graphite Fuji® SBS spinning reel seats with stainless steel hoods, locks reels down dependably and provides a comfortable grip. Includes hook keeper to secure lures without damaging the rod. Fuji Hardloy® Guides are produced from a special bl (Click Headline For More!)

Slime's ATV Tire Repair Kit
2003-11-05 Product Spotlight
It’s something we see almost every day on roadways across the nation – a car or truck disabled on the roadside due to a flat tire. In fact, tire failure is reported to be the leading cause of highway breakdowns in the US. According to AAA’s Foun (Click Headline For More!)

Bassmaster® Pro Series Suspending Minnow
2003-11-04 Product Spotlight
Bass Pro Shops® and BASS® (Bass Angler Sportsman's Society), the worldwide authority on bass fishing have teamed up to bring you an exclusive line of high-quality, affordable fishing gear designed especially for the tournament angler. Bassmaster rods (Click Headline For More!)

RNT Rich-N-Tone-Quackhead Duck Calls
2003-11-04 Release
The Quackhead Brand of calls was designed and built by RNT, for the die-hard, hardcore waterfowler, who demands true, consistent sound and performance from a call, even under the most extreme hunting conditions.

Through persistent research
(Click Headline For More!)

Optronics NightBlaster 2 Million Candle Power Rechargeable Spotlight
2003-11-04 Product Spotlight
NightBlaster® QR-205T - 2,000,000 cp. Rechargeable Spotlight. New 100-watt XENON bulb technology. Internal 12-volt battery includes both 12-volt quick charge and 110-volt chargers. Operates from either internal battery or 12-volt external cord. Timbe (Click Headline For More!)

Bushnell Riflescopes FAQs
2003-11-03 Bushnell
Answers To Your Frequently Asked Questions About Riflescopes
Bushnell and Bausch and Lomb Riflescopes are built to insure their performance under the most demanding conditions. With careful mounting and reasonable care your riflescope will give
(Click Headline For More!)

RedHead® Heavy Duty Double Rifle Case
2003-11-03 Product Spotlight
The highest level of protection and transportability for your firearms. Features heli-arc welded corners, a full length "staked" 16 gauge piano hinge, solid ether foam that compresses to take the shape of your firearms for extra protection, spring lo (Click Headline For More!)

ROCKY® Carson Safety System™
2003-11-03 Product Spotlight
Intelligent hunters are outdoorsmen who succeed by being aware of the environment, controlling their scent and hunting safely. ROCKY's new Carson Safety System and Scent IQ™ clothing are two new revolutionary technologies that allow hunters to accomp (Click Headline For More!)

Lone Wolf Alpha Sit and Climb A comfortable sit & climb that’s ultra-compact!
2003-11-02 Release
The ALPHA Sit & Climb “Combo” proves that all-day comfort doesn’t have to come in the form of a clumsy, cumbersome climber. Whether you hunt with a gun or bow, the ALPHA Sit & Climb “Combo” conforms to your every want and need no matter what the c (Click Headline For More!)

Bushnell Legend Series
2003-11-02 Product Spotlight
It's durable, it's dependable, and, plainly said, you won't find a more rugged, high-performance scope that offers more features and such a large field-of-view at a comparable price. This is the new Legend™ riflescope, built to endure the rigors of h (Click Headline For More!)

Bass Pro Shops® Johnny Morris Signature Series Baitcast Reel
2003-11-02 Product Spotlight
Presenting the finest reel on the water - smooth, powerful, easy to handle! Whether you're tearing up aggressive bass, or trying to coax a few biters from their cold-front lair, this is the reel for you.

Our founder's prize baitcaster le
(Click Headline For More!)

Magellan GPS 315- Affordable and Easy to Use.
2003-11-01 Product Spotlight
With built-in coordinates for over 11,000 U.S. cities, the Magellan® GPS 315 lets you explore the outdoors with confidence. Designed for a variety of outdoor recreational activities, the rugged, weather-proof, pocket-sized, Magellan GPS 315 adds a ne (Click Headline For More!)

Hindsight Hunting Mirrors
2003-11-01 Release
Get the ADVANTAGE! Deer hunters are serious and passionate about hunting and always looking for the upper hand. With the Hindsight Hunting mirrors, you can maximize your success and know what's going on all around you!

DOUBLES your field
(Click Headline For More!)

Tree Lounge -Top 10 Advantages
2003-11-01 Feature
Advantages of the Tree Lounge

Comfort There is a direct relationship between comfort and success in tree stand hunting. For the more comfortable a hunter is, the less he moves and the longer he stays in his stand, the greater his chances o
(Click Headline For More!)

Remington Model 700 BDL
2003-11-01 Product Spotlight
The Model 700™ BDL™ has been the hunter's favorite for 40 years because it's strong, smooth action, consistent accuracy, and classic beauty make it an unequaled value.

It's high-gloss American walnut stock is enhanced by a distinctive b
(Click Headline For More!)

Remington - Model 700 ADL
2003-11-01 Feature
The wood-stocked version of the Model 700™ ADL delivers the field-proven performance features of strength, durability, and accuracy, while sacrificing nothing in looks.

The famous Model 700™ action is combined with a satin-finished Ameri
(Click Headline For More!)

Remington - Model 710
2003-11-01 Feature
We didn't set out to raise the standards for value-priced rifles, we set out to blow them away. And this is the result: The all-new Remington‚ Model 710. The most affordable, high-performance centerfire rifle ever built. Through the years, Remington (Click Headline For More!)

Remington - Model 7600
2003-11-01 Feature
You can't find a big-game rifle with a better combination of practical shooting features: twin action bars provide slick, smooth operation for rapid repeat shots; a quick-release, drop-out four-round magazine that loads and unloads instantly; and a f (Click Headline For More!)

Remington - Model 7400
2003-11-01 Feature
This is the gun that brought reliability, strength, and comfortable weight to autoloading rifle actions. Add to this the fast-loading convenience and extra cartridge storage of a drop-out four-round magazine. The gas-operated action smoothes out reco (Click Headline For More!)

2003-11-01 Feature
Sturm, Ruger is proud to introduce five rifle models for 2004 in an exciting new caliber: the 204 RUGER. This small, fast, and efficient new cartridge is the result of another joint development effort between Sturm, Ruger and Hornady Manufacturing Co (Click Headline For More!)

Ruger M77 Mark II All-Weather
2003-11-01 Product Spotlight
M77 Mark II All-Weather Bolt Action rifles are designed to withstand the harshest hunting and sporting environments and feature:

** Stainless steel components and rugged Zytel impact-resistant stocks to resist the elements

** O
(Click Headline For More!)

Ruger - Red Label 12 Gauge Target Grey
2003-11-01 Product Spotlight
Ruger Target Grey® Red Label Over and Under shotguns features:

** Unique, highly polished, low-glare stainless steel that resists corrosion and allows you to find your target quickly without scaring game away.

** Hammer-forged
(Click Headline For More!)

Ruger Shotguns - Gold Label
2003-11-01 Product Spotlight
Ruger Gold Label Side-by-Side shotguns offers top quality features like:

** Premium grade American Walnut stocks, in either straight or pistol grip, with finely cut checkering

** Round, finely polished, brushed stainless steel
(Click Headline For More!)

Ruger M77 Mark II Standard
2003-11-01 Product Spotlight
M77 Mark II Standard Bolt Action rifles feature classic American Walnut stocks and Blued Alloy components and offer:

** Diagonal front-screw bedding system that firmly anchors the receiver into the stock inletting more effectively than an
(Click Headline For More!)

Ruger P Series Pistols
2003-11-01 Product Spotlight
The Ruger P-Series pistols, introduced in 1987, were the first firearms produced at Sturm, Ruger’s Prescott, Arizona plant. Designed by practical shooters, they were the result of a long development program to build state-of-the-art pistols, offering (Click Headline For More!)

Ruger Redhawk Double Action Revolver · KRH-44
2003-11-01 Product Spotlight
Ruger Redhawk Double Action Revolvers offer the following design features:

** Rugged frame, designed specifically to handle powerful Magnum loads, includes extra metal in top strap, sidewalls and barrel mounting areas

** Patent
(Click Headline For More!)

Introducing the New Winchester Model 70 Super Shadow™ Super Short in WSSM Calibers.
2003-11-01 Product Spotlight
What do you get when you evolve the high performance Winchester Short Magnum concept into the realm of smaller, higher velocity bullets? You get the 223 WSSM and 243 WSSM cartridges – Winchester Super Short Magnums. They are short, stout and fast lik (Click Headline For More!)

Winchester Model 1300 Series
2003-11-01 Product Spotlight
3 SHOTS: .56 of a second ... those numbers sum up the Winchester Model 1300 Speed Pump™ line of shotguns. Though you may not care to shoot as fast as our R&D shooters, you’ll still get follow-up shot speed you’ll appreciate. Speed Pump shotguns are r (Click Headline For More!)

Winchester Super X 2
2003-11-01 Product Spotlight
In a shootout featured in Front Sight magazine (Nov./Dec. 2001), the Winchester Super X2 fired five rounds in just over 1/2 of a second — .51 to be exact — making it the fastest shotgun in the world. While you may never need to pull the trigger that (Click Headline For More!)

Winchester Model 94
2003-11-01 Product Spotlight
Some changes move a product forward, some take it back. This year we’ve done both with the Winchester® Model 94. Look at a new 94 and you will see ... and you won’t. You will see the safety that has been relocated to the top tang. What you won’t see (Click Headline For More!)

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