Online reviews of hunting gear and fishing gear including user reviews of rifle scopes, hunting boots, trail cameras and hunting bows.
Fishing Gear- Quantum New Product Release Energy® PTi™ Spinning Reels Feature Titanium Bails
2004-02-29 Fishing Gear - Press Release
Fishing Gear New Product Release-Whether trying to coax a walleye from the depths with a minnow-tipped jig or attempting to finesse a bass out from under the boat dock with a creature bait, the new Quantum® Energy® PTi puts the advantage on the angle (Click Headline For More!)

This Is Not The Largest Bass Ever Caught - IGFA REJECTS RECORD LARGEMOUTH
2004-02-29 IGFA Press Release
The International Game Fish Association (IGFA) has been the keeper of records for the world’s game fish since 1939. The non-profit association, based in Dania Beach, Florida, takes this responsibility very seriously. When it received a record applica (Click Headline For More!)

Hunting- Browning Junior Line Of Clothing Expanded For 2004.
2004-02-28 Hunting - Press Release
MORGAN, UTAH—Browning introduced a complete line of clothing for children in 2003 called the Browning Junior line to give youth the same rugged, protective materials and features found on adult clothing offered from Browning. This line featured model (Click Headline For More!)

Trulock Tool Introduces New Line Of Extended Colored Titanium Choke Tubes "Trulock Ti Chokes
2004-02-28 Press Release
Trulock, a leading manufacturer of screw-in shotgun chokes, introduces an entirely new line of individually color-coded chokes made from a titanium alloy. The Ti Chokes weigh about 33% less than steel but with the same strength. This will enable th (Click Headline For More!)

Lighten Up Your Fishing Gear For More Fishing Fun
2004-02-28 Fishing Gear - Feature Article By Rat-L-Trap
It’s an image spawned by TV fishing shows and slick hook-and-line advertising.... Fancy boats screaming over the water. Suntanned anglers decked out in patch-covered clothes. Electronic fishfinders, high-tech tackle, lures with built-in shimmy and (Click Headline For More!)

Bow Hunting - Cobra the Easy-Slide Extreme
2004-02-27 Bow Hunting - Press Release
Bixby, OK -- Cobra has upgraded its popular, movable bow sight and the result is the Easy-Slide Extreme, which offers a brighter .030 fiber optic pin bead and a new bubble level. The effect is to make one of the world’s best micro-adjustable bowhunti (Click Headline For More!)

2004-02-27 Hunting - Press Release
Hunting Gear-TORRANCE, Calif.---With over 30 years of innovative excellence, Kubota Tractor Corporation (KTC) has proven itself as a leader in the under-100 horsepower tractor market. Building on that tradition, Kubota introduces the first ever Kubot (Click Headline For More!)

Lures- Food Source Lures - The Lures Fish Love To Eat.
2004-02-27 Lures-Product Spotlight
Introducing FoodSource Lures™, the only molded fishing lure made from 100% real fish food. Not since mankind first baited a hook has there been such an effective yet simple way to catch fish ... and lots of fish! The concept is simple: fish feed on a (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Lures - Mepps Lure Selection Made Easy
2004-02-26 Fishing Lures - By Phil Rabideau Mepps Master Lure Designer
Fishing Lures- Fishing spinners and spoons is an extremely productive way of catching fish. A balanced rod, reel, line combo, plus a few selected spinners or spoons is all that is needed. Unfortunately, many fishermen spend all their time trying to f (Click Headline For More!)

2004-02-26 Fly Fishing - Press Release
Fly Fishing- Our new fast-action Boron llx fly rods are unlike anything you've ever fished. Featuring the next generation of high-modulus boron/graphite composite, they're powerful, responsive, very accurate and have the widest casting range of any r (Click Headline For More!)

Hunting Dogs- GET ILLUMINATED! Boulder Colorado based company has the ultimate Lighted Dog Collars.
2004-02-26 Hunting Dog - Press Release
Boulder, Colorado- tobz corporation, announced the release of the long awaited Lighted Dog products. These collars and leashes have a light source that runs though the inside of the collar and illuminates the webbing, illuminating you and your huntin (Click Headline For More!)

The New Reflex Grizzly™ in Realtree Hardwoods Green HD® -- Tough, Rugged, Reliable
2004-02-25 Bow Hunting - Press Release
Salt Lake City, Utah -- If you’re looking for a bow that’s packed with performance and is as tough and as rugged as you are, look no further than the Reflex Grizzly™ ™ in Realtree Hardwoods Green HD®. The Grizzly incorporates the innovative truss ri (Click Headline For More!)

2004-02-25 Hunting - Press Release
PENTAX U.S.A., Inc. announced the addition of two UCF WP-series models (8x25 UCF WP and 10x25 UCF WP) to its extensive porro-prism binocular lineup. Featuring high-performance, super-multi-coated optics and waterproof capability, these models are the (Click Headline For More!)

The Making Of The Gobbler Guillotine - Dreaming of Turkey Hunting History - Part Two of Two
2004-02-25 Matthew Futtere- Arrowdynamic Solutions
In the second of a two part series on Hunting & Fishing Gear Review Matthew Futtere of Arrowdynamic Solutions continues his story of the making, testing and field trials of one of the hottest archery hunting products on the market today, The Gobbler (Click Headline For More!)

Reel Magic Spray Protectant and Lubricant From The Blakemore Lure Company
2004-02-24 HFG Editor
Reel Magic is a totally new product from the Blakemore Lure Company that when sprayed on your equipment will perform a number of vital, but often overlooked functions. It is non-sticky, non-staining and odorless when dry and works for fresh or saltwa (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Gear - Quantum Energy" PT™-XMetal™ Baitcast Reel Offers Tuned Precision
2004-02-24 Fishing Gear - Press Release
Brilliantly engineered and tougher than a bull redfish, the new Energy® PT1M-XMetal™ baitcast reel is built for the rigors of serious fishing. First of all, these reels have all the proven and unique features of the PT - Performance Tuned fishing gea (Click Headline For More!)

The Making Of The Gobbler Guillotine - Dreaming of Turkey Hunting History - Part One of Two
2004-02-24 Matthew Futtere- Arrowdynamic Solutions
The following is part one of a two part series on the detailed account of the making and testing of the Gobbler Guillotine. If you’re not familiar with the Gobbler Guillotine you will be. It’s one of this year’s hottest archery products on the market (Click Headline For More!)

Bass Fishing-FLW Outdoors announces new line of tackle through Mann’s Bait Co.
2004-02-24 FLW Outdoors Press Release
Bass Fishing- MINNEAPOLIS — FLW Outdoors announced Tuesday an agreement with Mann’s Bait Co. to produce a line of FLW Outdoors soft plastics,Bass Fishing, jigs and spinnerbaits to be available exclusively at Wal-Mart stores beginning this month. The (Click Headline For More!)

Head-Lite - The Hands Free Flashlight
2004-02-23 HFG Editor
The patented Head-Lits is the only hands free light that moves with your field of vision. Contstructed of high quality cotton twill, this 5 panel cap's powerful halogen bulb illuminates up to 40 feet. With the touch of your finger tip you can adjust (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Gear - New Rhino® Tough Rods for 2004
2004-02-23 Fishing Gear - Press Release
Fishing Gear- The name Rhino® on fishing tackle signifies strength and durability . . . the kind of toughness unmatched by any other brand in the industry. Which is why the new Indestructible Rod series proudly bears the Rhino name. Rhino's Indestruc (Click Headline For More!)

Fly Fishing - New Caddis Creek™ and Mountain Brook'M Fly Reels from Martin®
2004-02-23 Fly Fishing - Press Release
Fly Fishing- Fly anglers see their tackle as an extension of their own body. Precision casting, delicate hook sets and a dependable retrieve are all part of a fly fisherman's science. And Martin is proud to add to the discipline of fly anglers everyw (Click Headline For More!)

2004-02-22 Bow Hunting - Product Spotlight
Bow Hunting- BOWFIT is a unique, compact exercise product designed to strengthen a wide variety of muscle groups, including the upper body bow hunting muscles required to pull a heavier bow, hold on target longer and hold more steady. BOWFIT incorpor (Click Headline For More!)

Fly Fishing - Corltandline 5 5 5 S E R I E S - F L Y L I N E
2004-02-22 Product Spotlight
Fly Fishing - For nearly a hundred years Cortland Line Company has broken new ground in sportfishing line development. In 1953 we introduced the 333 Fly Line, the first ever low-maintenance floating line and the first ever bonded synthetic surfac (Click Headline For More!)

Fish Finders- Garmin Fish Finder 240
2004-02-22 Great Buys
Fish Finders-You should see what you're missing. The Garmin Fishfinder 240 is not only easy to use, its high-resolution display makes the information easy to see. The 240-by-240 pixel high-definition display gives you a clear picture of fish, thermoc (Click Headline For More!)

Goose Gloves - Before you buy another plastic decoy…
2004-02-21 Product Spotlight
Instead of spending a fortune on field shells and full-body snow goose decoys to set up for the spring seasons, you can convert your existing Canada and specklebelly decoys for double duty as realistic white and blue-phase snow decoys. Goose Gloves n (Click Headline For More!)

Gun Safes - Frontier's Trail boss model's of Gun Safes, Fire Safes and Home Safes
2004-02-21 Gun Safe - Product Spotlight
As wild as the Old West may have been, there were few who earned the title of "Boss." Introducing FRONTIER's Trail Boss gun safe series which we believe feature our best safes yet. the Trail Boss offers both the strongest protection against forced en (Click Headline For More!)

Garmin® Unveils the Foretrex™ 201 — a Hands-Free GPS Device
2004-02-21 GPS Press Release
Garmin® Unveils the Foretrex™ 201 — a Hands-Free GPS Device OLATHE, Kan./PR Newswire — Garmin International Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd. (Nasdaq: GRMN), today introduced the Foretrex 201, a wearable, waterproof Personal Navigator™ aimed at outdoor and (Click Headline For More!)

Gun Safe Buying Advice - Make Sure That New Gun Safe is UL Listed by Sargent & Greenleaf
2004-02-20 Press Release
Gun Safes-Make sure that new gun-safe is UL Listed Sargent and Greenleaf and its customers extol the benefits of UL Listing at this year’s SHOT show in Las Vegas - Considering buying a gun safe for your home or business? Shopping around to learn (Click Headline For More!)

Fly Fishing - The Award Winning Quick-Seine From Angling Designs
2004-02-20 Fly Fishing - Press Release
Fly Fishing- The Quick-Seine attaches out of the way onto any landing net handle and is always ready to use when fly fishing. An all-white elasticized seine net is stored inside its pouch and can be stretched over the frame of the landing net in seco (Click Headline For More!)

Introducing the Jetboil™ Personal Cooking System
2004-02-20 Product Spotlight
Jetboil is the first in a revolutionary new line of Personal Cooking Systems that offer a fast and simple solution to cooking in the outdoors. Whether you’re backpacking, climbing, skiing, snowshoeing, boating, hunting, fishing, adventure racing, or (Click Headline For More!)

Fly Fishing - Loon Flak Jacket ™
2004-02-19 Product Spotlight
Fly Fishing - Loon Outdoors' new Flak Jacket is a unique fly-fishing vest which features twin operating platforms that cam outward providing instant access to two 3" X 6" acrylic fly boxes with ripple foam couples with a water bladder hydration syste (Click Headline For More!)

Radian's Hunter's Ear
2004-02-19 Press Release
Radians® has GOTCHA COVERED when it comes to the outdoors! The Hunter’s Ears™ by Radians® provides the outdoorsman with a hearing advantage like no other! Radians® is excited to introduce the new Hunter’s Ears™ for the outdoorsman. The Hunter’s Ear (Click Headline For More!)

Sentry Solutions makes some very slick products for your Hunting Gear and Fishing Gear
2004-02-19 Press Release
Today’s technology allows you to protect your firearms, knives,outdoor equipment,hunting gear and fishing gear better than ever before. It’s pretty slick! Squeeze a small drop from a ½ oz bottle of Tuf-Glide and it penetrates into the action of your (Click Headline For More!)

Bass Fishing Expert Advice Brought To You By Bill Lewis Lures and Professional Fisherman Tommy Martin
2004-02-19 Part -2 of 2 by Tommy Martin
This is the second of a two part series by Professional Bass Fisherman Tommy Martin. The series is brought to you by the Bill Lewis Lure Company and their Rat-L-Trap lures. Martin, a former ’Classics champ and 27-year veteran on the B.A.S.S. tournam (Click Headline For More!)

Sage Fly Lines
2004-02-18 Product Spotlight
Want even more power, accuracy and distance from your high-performance fly rod? After extensive testing and field research (it's a tough job, but someone has to do it) we've created three unique fly lines designed to help you get the most out of your (Click Headline For More!)

Smith & Wesson Chairman of the Board Is Discovered To Be a Convicted Felon
2004-02-18 HFG News
It was discovered last week that Smith & Wesson’s Chairman of the Board is a convicted felon having served 15 years in prison for a “string of armed Robberies in the 1950’s and 1960’s and an attempted prison escape”. The 74 year old chairman James J (Click Headline For More!)

Bass Fishing Expert Advice Brought To You By Bill Lewis Lures and Professional Fisherman Tommy Martin
2004-02-18 Part-1 of 2 by Tommy Martin
Part one of two-The Rat-L-Trap people and veteran pro Tommy Martin go way back. The popular Louisiana-based lure company has probably gotten as much or more promotional value out of the personable Texas bass pro as they have from any professional ang (Click Headline For More!)

Culprit Tassel Series Combines the Tassel "Skirt" of a Tube Bait with the Worm and Lizard classic Body Styles
2004-02-17 Press Release
Now - New 6-inch Tassel Lizard! We've combined the tantalizing skirt tentacles of a tube bait and the kicking action of the Culprit worm and lizard to provide a series of lures that produces a fantastic and unique action in the water. The tentacles (Click Headline For More!)

Hunting Gear - ACU-SIGHT Laser Bore Sighting System
2004-02-17 Product Spotlight
Utilizing a patented concept, the ACU-SIGHT is a self-contained laser bore sight. By its caliber-specific design, each unit is assured of accuracy. As each unit is designed to meet SAAMI (Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute) specifi (Click Headline For More!)

Crestliner® Boats introduces the limited-edition Fish Hawk™ Field & Stream® Package
2004-02-17 Press Release
Little Falls, MN…Anglers looking for a distinctive boat will find it in the new Fish Hawk™ 1850 Field & Stream® Edition. In addition to beautiful “Field & Stream®” embroidery on the carpet, this package includes custom graphics on the hull and windsc (Click Headline For More!)

New From Buck Knives - Summit Model 760 BLX
2004-02-17 Product Spotlight
The Summit is a lightweight multi-use knife designed for outdoor activities. Its blade is a drop point, partially serrated, made from 420HC stainless steel, with easy one-hand opening and closing. Tools include can opener, bottle opener, screwdriver, (Click Headline For More!)

Hunting Gear-Two New Reticles from Leupold Put Long-Range Shooting Accuracy at Hunters’ Fingertips
2004-02-16 Press Release
Hunting Gear-BEAVERTON, Ore. – Available in select VX®-III riflescope models, Leupold’s new Boone and Crockett™ Big Game and Varmint Hunter’s Ballistic Aiming Systems can be easily adjusted to work with a particular cartridge by changing the magnific (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Tackle - Falcon Tackle Organizer
2004-02-16 Press Release
Falcon Rods announced a rugged tackle organization system that holds more tackle in a smaller space -- dry and tangle free -- than other storage products on the market today. The Falcon FTO system is the next generation of tackle organization and inc (Click Headline For More!)

2004-02-16 Press Release
This press release was sent to me and I felt compelled to immediately post it to the site even though it's not your usual outdoors product. It's probably one of the most valuable pieces of hunting gear any camp could have on hand, especially those of (Click Headline For More!)

2004-02-15 Press Release
Bows - Browning Archery, manufacturer of high quality compound bows and accessories, is proud to introduce a new bow with the most talked about technology in the industry today! The Mirage 1.5™ with Hybrid Cam Technology was revealed at the ATA tra (Click Headline For More!)

Bass Fishing - Larew Tube Worm Is Two Favorites In One
2004-02-15 Press Release
Take the number one bass catching soft plastic bait of all time – the worm – and cross it with the top soft plastic fish catcher of recent years – the tube – and you get the new Gene Larew® Tube Worm. The Tube Worm looks like a traditional ribbed wor (Click Headline For More!)

Bass Fishing - Outkast Pro Staff Jig
2004-02-15 Press Release
Designed to pass through the thickest milfoil, hydrilla, rock and brush piles, the Outkast Jig reaches bass that other jigs simply can't - those embedded deep in cover. Once the jig reaches the bottom, the standup head causes the bait to imitate a cr (Click Headline For More!)

Pup-Up, a New Concept in Vehicle Access Systems for Hunting Dogs
2004-02-14 Press Release
New pet and automotive product introduction. Pup-Up, the first highly portable, stable and multi-functional vehicle access system for pets. New Orleans, LA (PRWEB) -- Dogs love car rides but lifting them in and out can be a pain for both the owner a (Click Headline For More!)

2004-02-14 Press Release
If you’ve ever hunted in bone chilling cold or at the end of your endurance, you know how hard it can be to hold a conventional binocular steady to search for game. In answer to hunters’ requests for a rock-steady, razor sharp view under these deman (Click Headline For More!)

Ol'Man Tree Stands - Safety Recall! Models: MV-MO, GMV-MO, OMDX-MO, GOMDX-MO
2004-02-14 Heads Up!
WASHINGTON, D.C. – In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Ol’ Man Treestands of Hattiesburg, MS, a division of L & L Enterprises, Inc., is voluntarily recalling about 1,775 treestands used by hunters. A serrated blade (Click Headline For More!)

The Orvis Spring Sale Is On Now - Save Up To 70%
2004-02-13 Orvis Spring Sale
Look for the Orvis Spring Sale catalog in your mailbox this week, or visit their website today. The online Sale Room is fully stocked with great new Spring and Summer merchandise, as well as winter outerwear, boots, and blankets you can use right no (Click Headline For More!)

Production Begins on All-New Yamaha Rhino 660 4x4
2004-02-13 Press Release
Since its debut at the Yamaha dealer meeting in June, anticipation for the arrival of the all-new, class-defining Rhino 660 4x4 side-by-side (SxS) vehicle has reached a fever pitch. For dealers and customers alike, the call to go into the wild is abo (Click Headline For More!)

Costa Del Mar Introduces Pescador – Revolutiony New Fishing Sunglass Design
2004-02-13 Press Release
Fishing Glasses-Innovative features and advanced design create finest-performing sunglasses with exceptional fit for the serious fisherman ORMOND BEACH, FL, – Costa Del Mar Sunglasses, the premium polarized sunglass brand of choice for water enthusi (Click Headline For More!)

Taurus - 454 Casull Raging Bull Goes Boar Hunting
2004-02-13 Press Release
Four Russian Boars in Four Shots from the Mighty Taurus Raging Bull Each Gold Medal boar was felled with one shot from the Taurus Raging Bull double action revolver using Winchester's new Partition Gold 260-grain bullets in a 454 Casull cartridge. < (Click Headline For More!)

2004-02-13 Press Release
ROCHESTER, New York, (February 13th, 2003) - Long a leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of state of-the-art airguns, Crosman Corporation has signed a long-term licensing agreement with US firearms and ammunition giant, Remington Arms (Click Headline For More!)

A Logical Way To Bigger Bass
2004-02-12 by Tommy Martin and Rat-L-Trap
Any time an article comes out on tips to help you catch more and bigger bass, you can be assured that topics like structure, water temperature, fishing pressure and weather conditions will be discussed. You can also be pretty sure that the author wil (Click Headline For More!)

Take Winchester Tents On Your Next Outdoor Adventure
2004-02-12 Press Release
The Winchester Division of Olin Corporation has entered into a licensing agreement with Paha Que' Winderness, Inc . of Poway , California to produce a line of Winchester ® tents. Four models are initially available. The Model 73 is a large three-room (Click Headline For More!)

Smith & Wesson Introduces a 'Must Have' Life Saving Tool for Every Vehicle
2004-02-11 Press Release
Law Enforcement and Fire Safety Knife Available to Consumers-SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Smith & Wesson Holding Corporation (Amex: SWB), parent company of the legendary 151-year-old handgun maker Smith & Wesson Corp., and its licensee (Click Headline For More!)

Cobra Electronics Announces Availability of First Marine Product Line
2004-02-11 Press Release
CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 10, 2004--Cobra Electronics (NASDAQ: COBR) today announced that its first line of entry-level and professional-grade marine products is now available at retailers nationwide, marking the third new market the company ent (Click Headline For More!)

Magellan Makes It Easy To Justify The Purchase Of A GPS Unit With Software That Allows You To Use Your GPS On The Streets As Well As On The Water Or In The Field.
2004-02-11 Press Release
CES, Las Vegas, CA Thales (TAL-less) Navigation, a leading global provider of GPS solutions including Magellan® consumer and Thales Navigation professional products, is demonstrating the first turn-by-turn, audio-prompted, street-routing and guidance (Click Headline For More!)

BLUE FOX COVERS THE WATER Vibrax Blade Angle System Lets You Fish Three Different Depths
2004-02-11 Press Release
Blue Fox Tackle Co“, known for its innovative fishing products, introduces the Vibrax Blade Angle System, a series of blades that allows anglers to fish at different depths.“We basically combined geometry with fishing,” said Mark Fisher, head of Rapa (Click Headline For More!)

Fly Logic - DEC HOGAN SIGNATURE SERIES - Two-handed fly rods
2004-02-10 Press Release
Dec Hogan is a sought-after steelhead guide and American master of the two-handed rod. He is a contributing writer in Fish & Fly Magazine. "These new two-handed rods are everything I hoped they would be -- light, powerful, responsive. Fly Logic reall (Click Headline For More!)

Hit The Trail With The New Winchester® ATV
2004-02-10 Press Release
AlphaSports™ Motors of Augusta, Georgia recently announced the introduction of a new Winchester® Special Edition ATV. A long time leader in the youth market, AlphaSports has recently expanded their lines to include adult size ATV’s and Motorcycles. < (Click Headline For More!)

2004-02-10 Press Release
SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA – These are the bullies of fishing rods, the Workhorse and Brute series from Abu Garcia. No matter how mean or how big the fish is, the Workhorse and the Brute are built to win the battle. Workhorse rods are built from high-performa (Click Headline For More!)

NEW from Eagle Claw Fishing Tackle and Crave Fishing Research comes Eagle Claw NITRO BAIT!
2004-02-10 Product Spotlight
NEW from Eagle Claw Fishing Tackle and Crave Fishing Research comes Eagle Claw NITRO BAIT! NITRO BAIT is available in three types:PREMIUM, ULTRA VIOLET, and PRO SERIES with over 25 color combinations!Choose the color and type you think will work bes (Click Headline For More!)

Smith & Wesson Announces New Handgun Products For 2004
2004-02-10 Press Release
The legendary 151-year-old handgun maker, Smith & Wesson Corp., a subsidiary of Smith & Wesson Holding Corporation (AMEX: SWB) will offer several new handguns and three new combination packages in 2004.

Model SW1911 Adjustab
(Click Headline For More!)

Fly Fishing Guides from Doc Sneed - Fly fishing starts with matching the hatch
2004-02-09 Press Release
Doc Sneed's Fly Fishing Guides are great new hatch cards that help you match the hatch.These hatch matchers communicate all of the information a fly fishermen needs to be more productive when fly fishing for trout. Just dial in the insect you observ (Click Headline For More!)

The Equalizer Fishing Net Brace for Anglers
2004-02-09 Product Spotlight
The Equalizer Brace is a compressible, ergonomically correct brace designed to move work from your wrist to your upper arm. The Brace is molded from super strong nylon that compresses. The greater the load, the more compression, making lifting a load (Click Headline For More!)

HanDgun Box Model - Built strong like the big safes...
2004-02-09 Product Spotlight
This 2 to 4 handgun safe has a large 10" by 11" top opening door for easy storage of a fanny pack or purse. The safe is designed to fit in a desk or cabinet drawer. It also works well on any flat surface. Once you activate the Simplex push button mec (Click Headline For More!)

Introducing a free Ducks Unlimited® membership with purchase of Mad Dog Gear®/Ducks Unlimited® Wader or Knee Boots
2004-02-08 Press Release
St. Cloud, MN… Mad Dog Gear by Stearns® has teamed up with Ducks Unlimited to offer sportsmen and women a free Ducks Unlimited membership. With the purchase of any Mad Dog Gear/Ducks Unlimited Wader or Knee Boots, customers will earn a free 6-month m (Click Headline For More!)

Pro-Mount Camera - Professional Camera Mount for Outdoor Videographers
2004-02-08 Press Release
Getting high quality outdoor footage requires experience, expensive cameras, and a high quality camera mount. The new Pro-Mount camera support by Extreme Shot Inc. provides the support demanded by outdoor video and TV show producers. The Pro-Mount ca (Click Headline For More!)

The Orvis Pro Guide II and Silver Label II Make a Grand Entrance for 2004
2004-02-08 Press Release
MANCHESTER, Vermont – This time, the sequel is better than the original. The 2004 Wader Revolution continues as Orvis’ beloved Pro Guide and Silver Label stockingfoot wader models are reincarnated for 2004 as Pro Guide II and Silver Label II, incorpo (Click Headline For More!)

Coming Soon- LaCrosse Brawny ™ II 10" 500 Gram
2004-02-07 Product Spotlight
LaCrosse BRAWNY™ II 10" 500 Gram- Coming soon from LaCrosse Footwear. Lightweight and comfortable, the Brawny™ is the ultimate value in a hunting boot. Add the lightweight LaCrosse Bob outsole for traction and Hyper-dri® for waterproof protection and (Click Headline For More!)

Musky Lures - Llungen Lures Jerko -The Ultimate Plastic Glide Bait!
2004-02-07 Product Spotlight
Llungen Jerko-Give one a test glide today! JERKO is built muskie tough to battle the baddest beast in the bay! Its solid plastic body provides the glide action to trigger the strike, the durability to withstand the fight, and the out-of-the-package (Click Headline For More!)

Orvis CFO Fly Reel - Reengineered to Be Lighter, Smoother, and Tougher
2004-02-07 Product Spotlight
Taking full advantage of modern materials and state-of-the-art machining technology at our reel factory in England, the CFO reel is a thoroughly modern classic, the smoothest freshwater reel available. The addition of two stainless steel radial beari (Click Headline For More!)

2004-02-06 Press Release
CRANSTON, RHODE ISLAND -- In response to customer demand, Kahles announces the expansion of the popular TDS reticle to the American Hunter 2-7x36 and 3.5-10x50 riflescopes. The popularity of the TDS, or Tri-Factor Reticle System, is growing as improv (Click Headline For More!)

Browning Introduces New Hybrid Gear For Working Or Hunting.
2004-02-06 Press Release
MORGAN, UTAH—Working or hunting in the outdoors means needing heavy-duty clothing that can take a lot of abuse, yet have the features needed to keep comfortable and get the job done. For 2004, Browning introduces its new Hybrid Gear line of camo clot (Click Headline For More!)

Lamiglas Offers World’s Largest Selection of Salmon and Steelhead Rods
2004-02-06 Press Release
Woodland, WA USA. With the introduction of 28 new models, Lamiglas has become the undisputed leader in salmon and steelhead rod offerings, with a total of 114 rods in the category. “Salmon and steelhead anglers are a cornerstone of our business,” say (Click Headline For More!)

Bullet Light Announces New Patent and Launch of Bullet Light Fishing Tackle Site: Red color and red flashing light increase attraction of bass and salmon to newly launched lure.
2004-02-05 Press Release
Port Hadlock, WA (PRWEB) --Bullet Light is introducing the Bullet Light fishing lure as it promotes its website,bulletlight,exclusively through Internet marketing services. Approximately 25 years in development, Bullet Light was granted its patent on (Click Headline For More!)

The Trolling Rig For Serious Fishing - Stocker Wobbler
2004-02-05 Press Release
Bonifay, Florida January 23, 2004 - The Stocker Wobbler makes it easy to rig baitfish for trolling in saltwater and freshwater. Simply lift the metal point, insert it in the bait's mouth, slide the bait forward, release it and you're done. This all- (Click Headline For More!)

Black Widow Bows -Test Drive A Black Widow
2004-02-05 HFG Editor
You like to test drive a car before you buy, right? Now you can test-drive a Black Widow before you buy! We now have a fleet of DEMO bows in our inventory for just that purpose. Here is how it works: If you would like to get your hands on a Black Wi (Click Headline For More!)

Can You Survive? - First In A Series of Hunting & Fishing Gear Review Feature Articles On Survival When Lost By Survival Expert G. L. Benton
2004-02-04 Gary L. Benton
Hunting & Fishing Gear Review is pleased to announce a new series of Outdoor survival articles by Retired U.S. Air force Master Sergeant Gary L. Barton. Sergeant Benton is a graduate of the U.S. Air Force water, desert, mountain, and jungle survival (Click Headline For More!)

Yamha Portable Generators - EF3000iSE & EF3000iSEB
2004-02-04 Press Release
Strengthening the core of our inverter lineup are the Yamaha EF3000iSE and the EF3000iSEB, two of the most revolutionary inverter models available today. Ever need a little boost - extra power that gets your tool or air conditioner started quickly an (Click Headline For More!)

The Heat Strip Body Warmer™
2004-02-04 Product Spotlight
The Heat Strip Body Warmer™ is a patented safety/comfort body warming system that provides heat directly to the body when needed, even in the coldest environment. A 12-volt, rechargeable NiMH battery operates the system. The Heat Strip Body Warmer pr (Click Headline For More!)

2004-02-04 Press Release
RED WING, MN - Irish Setter's heritage in the upland category is evident in the traditional styling and comfort of its new Wingshooter Collection. Even with the launch of its big game hunting boots over the past year, Irish Setter has not forgotten w (Click Headline For More!)

2004-02-04 Press Release
Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc., (NYSE: RGR) the nation’s largest firearms manufacturer, announced today the introduction of two new single action revolver models for 2004: the Ruger New Model Single Six Hunters, available in either 17 HMR or a converti (Click Headline For More!)

Ithaca Gun Company LLC, IntroducesNew Deer/Turkeyslayer Combo! With special scope offer from TRUGLO!
2004-02-04 Press Release
King Ferry, New York -Ithaca Gun Company, LLC, has developed a new combo gun, which will satisfy the needs of both the serious deer and turkey hunter. This great product, available in both 20 and 12 gauge, is essentially our famous Storm gun, except (Click Headline For More!)

Leupold Enhances VX®-II Riflescope Line
2004-02-03 Leupold Press Release
BEAVERTON, Ore. – Enhancements to Leupold’s® 2004 line of Golden Ring® VX®-II riflescopes include a new Multicoat 4® lens system that provides a brighter, clearer image for hunters and shooters. The Multicoat 4 system is used on all VX-II riflescope (Click Headline For More!)

Marryat Cmr Online Flyreel - A New Concept In Fly Reels
2004-02-03 Product Spotlight
With regular fly reels you always have a problem deciding how strong the drag should be preset. If you set it too strongly, the line pulls hard from the reel and you risk breaking the tippet. If you set it too loosely, your fish can run so fast that (Click Headline For More!)

Tackle Boxes - SKB’s 7100 Small Tackle System
2004-02-03 Press Release
Orange, CA – SKB, the premier manufacture of molded transit cases, has unveiled another new tackle box.The new SKB-7100 Small Tackle Box System offers most of the same innovative features as the SKB-7200 Tackle Box System. The Small Tackle Box has (Click Headline For More!)

2004-02-03 Press Release
Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc., (NYSE: RGR) the nation’s largest firearms manufacturer, announced today the introduction of the new Ruger 10/17 Magnum Rifle. The Ruger 10/17 Magnum Rifle is designed to take advantage of the exciting new, flatshooting 1 (Click Headline For More!)

2004-02-02 Dog Trailers-Press Release
Edwardsburg, MI-Avenger Corporation is pleased to announce its new series of Outfitter dog trailers designed especially for hunters and dog handlers of every type. The new series of Outfitter trailers by Avenger include the Outfitter Uplander, Waterf (Click Headline For More!)

Mister Twister - Exude Nymph will Match the Hatch
2004-02-02 Press Release
Mister Twister(r), has "fooled Mother Nature" with the all new Exude(tm) Nymph. This perfect duplication of a mayfly nymph is great for trout, crappie and bream. It's a tiny 11/4" lure that perfectly matches the hatch. As if that wasn't enough, Miste (Click Headline For More!)

Cortland Line Company- 555 SERIES expanded to include 555 Floating Green Ghost Tip and 555 Tropic Plus Flats Line
2004-02-02 Press Release
For nearly a hundred years Cortland Line Company has broken new ground in sportfishing line development. In 1953 we introduced the 333 Fly Line, the first low maintenance floating line and the first bonded synthetic surface coating ever used in line (Click Headline For More!)

Winchester Firearms Introduces The Model 94 Timber
2004-02-02 Press Release
MORGAN, UTAH—Tight quarters, thick brush, tree stand…Sounds like a prescription for the new Winchester Model 94 Timber. This new lever action addition chambered in the powerful 450 Marlin is a compact carbine-style rifle capable of dishing out big me (Click Headline For More!)

Winchester Firearms Adds WSSM Calibers To Its Ultimate and Camo Ultimate Model 70 Family
2004-02-02 Press Release
MORGAN, UTAH—Expanding on the overwhelming response to the Ultimate Shadow composite stalk, Winchester firearms is excited to add three new calibers to this Model 70 composite family. The 223 WSSM, 243 WSSM and the new 25 WSSM are sure to win the hea (Click Headline For More!)

Winchester Firearms Announces The Select Series Over/Under Shotgun
2004-02-02 Press Release
MORGAN, UTAH—Continuing to build on the legacy of Winchester over and under shotguns, U.S. Repeating Arms Company, makers of Winchester firearms, proudly announces the Select series. These improved over and under shotguns are a low profile design who (Click Headline For More!)

U.S. Repeating Arms Company Introduces the Super and Ultimate Shadow.
2004-02-02 Press Release
Morgan, UT – A most uncommon rifle stock. Never before in Winchester’s history has there been such a dynamic change in stock design and composition. Strikingly handsome, sure grip textures, contrasting contours and flowing lines make it visually appe (Click Headline For More!)

U.S. Repeating Arms Company Adds To The Dura-touch Line.
2004-02-02 Press Release
Morgan, UT – Dura-Touch is a unique surface treatment applied to the stock and forearm of a shotgun or rifle. When treated, the gun has a soft, almost velvety feel that is incredibly tactile without being sticky. Additionally, Dura-Touch is extremely (Click Headline For More!)

2004-02-02 Press Release
Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc., (NYSE: RGR) the nation’s largest firearms manufacturer, announced today the introduction of the new Ruger 10/22 Rifle. Based upon the popular Ruger 10/22 Carbine first introduced in 1964, the Ruger 10/22 Rifle features a (Click Headline For More!)

Bowtech - Liberty and Justice For All
2004-02-01 Press Release
Eugene, OR – BowTech is carrying out is patriotic duty by promoting the virtues of Liberty and Justice, the two latest bows in their growing arsenal of industry-leading products. Both bows feature innovative BowTech technology and several uniquely en (Click Headline For More!)

Leupold’s Next Riflescope Generation: The New VX®-III
2004-02-01 Leupold Press Release
BEAVERTON, Ore. – Leupold’s® next generation of Golden Ring® riflescopes, the new VX®-III, offers new lens coatings and innovative reticle options, as well as new finger adjustments, a fast-focus eyepiece and side focus features to help hunters and s (Click Headline For More!)

New Garmin® GPS Units Tout Bold Color Displays, Abundant Features
2004-02-01 GPS-Press Release
OLATHE, Kan./PRNewswire — Garmin International Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd. (Nasdaq: GRMN), today unveiled the GPSMAP® 60C and GPSMAP 60CS — two of the most color-rich handheld devices enabled with Global Positioning System (GPS) technology for the ou (Click Headline For More!)

Winchester Firearms Proudly Introduces The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Model 70 Super Grade
2004-02-01 Press Release
MORGAN, UTAH—Continuing with its tradition of support of our many conservation organizations, U.S. Repeating Arms Company, makers of Winchester brand firearms is honored to be Associated with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. The new RMEF Model 70 S (Click Headline For More!)

THE MODEL 40 VARMINT HUNTER Savage Pinpoint Accuracy At A Surprisingly Low Price
2004-02-01 Press Release
2003—Savage Arms, legendary for out-of-the-box accuracy, introduces the Model 40 Varmint Hunter. The new Model 40 brings single-shot, pinpoint accuracy to the value minded shooter in a true varmint design. Featuring a varmint style laminate stock wit (Click Headline For More!)

Savage Hunting Models and Muzzleloader Series Now Feature AccuTriggerTM
2004-02-01 Press Release
Savage Arms is proud to announce the addition of the revolutionary AccuTriggerTM to most centerfire hunting models and its "no mess" muzzleloader series. Easily adjustable, the AccuTriggerTM has a single tool adjustment location and allows the shoote (Click Headline For More!)

Savage Arms - The Model 40 Varmint Hunter Savage Pinpoint Accuracy At A Surprisingly Low Price
2004-02-01 Press Release
Savage Arms, legendary for out-of-the-box accuracy, introduces the Model 40 Varmint Hunter. The new Model 40 brings single-shot, pinpoint accuracy to the value minded shooter in a true varmint design. Featuring a varmint style laminate stock with a (Click Headline For More!)

2004-02-01 Press Release
Savage Arms, legendary for out-of-the-box accuracy, is proud to announce the addition of the revolutionary AccuTrigger™ to most centerfire hunting models. AccuTrigger™ allows the hunter to easily adjust trigger pull from approximately 2 ½ lbs to 6 lb (Click Headline For More!)

2004-02-01 Press Release
Savage Arms, legendary for out-of-the-box accuracy, introduces the Model 12 Varminter Low Profile to its varmint series. The new Model 12 Varminter Low Profile features a low profile, laminated stock with wide beavertail forend and features the rev (Click Headline For More!)

2004-02-01 Press Release
Stevens®, A Savage Arms Company, proudly introduces a new side-by-side shotgun with the modern touches today’s value conscious hunter demands. The model 411 (in 12, 20 and .410 guages) offers quality and value at a popular price with:

(Click Headline For More!)

2004-02-01 Press Release
Savage Arms was recently honored with the prestigious Manufacturer of the Year and Rifle of the Year awards by the Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence at the NRA Show in Orlando, Florida. It is the first time in Savage’s history to have receiv (Click Headline For More!)

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