Online reviews of hunting gear and fishing gear including user reviews of rifle scopes, hunting boots, trail cameras and hunting bows.
Fishing - Silver Buddy - Catches Anything That Swims
2004-03-31 Fishing - Press Release
Since the inception of the worlds most famous blade bait over 20 years ago, Silver Buddy Lures have been either silver or gold plated. With the addition of the "new" chameleon color just a few years ago, Silver Buddy's relied on their fish-catching f (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing - Mepps XD- Extra Deep
2004-03-31 Fishing - Feature Article by Phil Rabideau Master Lure Designer
Mepps XD. Ten times better than the competition. No other fishing lure in its class can outfish the XD. Drops fast. Stays deep. It ‘s time to experience a whole new thrill in rugged water fishing. Here I was again on a meandering stretch of my favori (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing - Berkley® Fireline® XDS A Smoother, Stronger FireLine For Heavy Applications
2004-03-31 Fishing - Press Release
Fishing-SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA - Anglers seeking an ideal baitcast or larger spinning reel, fishing line with extreme strength and ultimate sensitivity will find Berkley's new FireLine XDS just what they've been looking for. Berkley FireLine XDS is the ro (Click Headline For More!)

Bow Hunting - Browning F5 Tornado ™ Is The Perfect Upgrade
2004-03-31 Bow Hunting - Press Release
Bow Hunting- Browning Archery, manufacturer of high quality compound bows and accessories, introduces the F5 Tornado™, an affordable way to upgrade to one of today's popular compact, low-recoil hunting bows. Hunting bows have evolved greatly in the (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Lures - Hawg Buster Bait Company
2004-03-30 Manufacturer Spotlight
Fishing Lures - THE ALL-NEW ARACHNE JIG!!!
We just put the finishing touches on our newest product. The ARACHNE JIG, this product has been in research and development for years. We wanted to develop a product that would out fish the competition (s
(Click Headline For More!)

Danalco Revolutionary Sealskinz® Waterblocker Socks
2004-03-30 Fishing Gear - Press Release
"SealSkinz® already enjoys a dominant position in waterproof gloves and socks for the outdoor market, but we needed to stay ahead of the game and listen to our customers who were asking for a product they could fully immerse underwater and did not le (Click Headline For More!)

Eastman Outfitters™ Introduces Ti-2 Extreme™ Titanium Broadheads
2004-03-30 Bow Hunting - Press Release
Bow Hunting - Flushing,MI With the new Ti-2 Extreme™ Titanium Broadheads, Eastman Outfitters™ is established as the dominant leader in broadhead technology. Made with a titanium coated steel ferrule, the Ti-2 Extreme™ broadheads are more durable t (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Reels - Abu Garcia® Ambassadeur® 1003 LP Baitcast Reel Big Time Features On A Low Profile High Value Reel
2004-03-29 Fishing Reels - Press Release
Fishing Reels - SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA - Too often a value series fishing reel is a mere skeleton of the higher price versions. Not so with the Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 1003 LP baitcaster. The price says low budget but the features scream high value.The nam (Click Headline For More!)

Bow Hunting - Archery Research Introduces The AR Ram And A Half Cam System
2004-03-29 Bow Hunting - Press Release
Bow Hunting - Archery Research is proud to introduce several innovations to its 2004 product line. The wildly successful introduction of the Archery Research line in 2003 set new records in product orders and dealer enthusiasm. The foundation of the (Click Headline For More!)

Mitchell® Armada Spinning Reel Corrosion Resistant For Saltwater Action
2004-03-28 Fishing Reels - Press Release
Fishing Reels- SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA - Nothing is tougher on fishing tackle than saltwater. Take most freshwater reels to the ocean and consider them a trot-line weights after one use. The new Mitchell Armada spinning reel is built for tough saltwater e (Click Headline For More!)

Fly Fishing - Climax Leaders Of The Fly Fishing Industry Freshwater Leaders
2004-03-28 Fly Fishing - Manufacturer Spotlight
Every Climax leader is designed with a stiff butt section to transfer your casting energy progressively down the length of the leaderto the tippet section. All leaders are manufactured with high-abrasion resistance, yet supple co-polymer materials, w (Click Headline For More!)

Hunting Gear - Leupold Tripods, Binocular Strap Enhance Optics Use
2004-03-28 Hunting Gear - Press Release
BEAVERTON, Ore. – Three new accessories from Leupold® – a full-size tripod, a compact tripod and the X-treme™ Binocular Strap – help hunters and shooters use optics more easily and effectively. The full-size tripod is designed to provide a sturdy, st (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing- The Story Behind Bleeding Bait Hooks
2004-03-28 Fishing - Feature Article
Fishing- "I had no idea how large an impact the Bleeding Bait concept would have on the fishing industry." It all started years ago in my dad's tackle shop when he lowered different colored jigs into the bait tank. The minnows ignored all the "top" (Click Headline For More!)

Hunting Gear - Remington Continues Its Line of Collectible Knives with Two New Additions for 2004
2004-03-28 Hunting Gear - Press Release
Hunting Gear - Madison, NC – Remington’s line of limited edition, collectible knives embodies the history and tradition of the Remington Arms Company and reflects the exceptional quality that fine collectors demand. Joining an impressive list of Remi (Click Headline For More!)

Bow Hunting -Carbon Express® Introduces Heritage™ Carbon Composite Hunting Arrow
2004-03-26 Bow Hunting - Press Release
Bow Hunting - Flushing, MI – Carbon Express® has designed an arrow with the classic look of cedar and all the benefits of carbon arrow technology. The patented Heritage™ arrow is uniquely designed for the traditional archer and is the heaviest arrow (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Lures - Flex Chunk Trailer
2004-03-26 Fishing Lures - Press Release
Fishing Lures - In the last few years, the soft-plastic chunk-type trailer has largely replaced pork and other soft-plastic creatures on the backs of the jigs of America's top bass pros. Plastic chunks are designed to imitate the venerable pork chunk (Click Headline For More!)

Bow Hunting - Black Widow Bows New PSA Recurve Take-Downs
2004-03-26 Bow Hunting - Product Spotlight
The new PSA series take-downs are CMC "precision crafted" with greater accuracy, detail and consistancy than we have ever been able to achieve in the past. The black "phenolic" riser sections of the handle and limbs make a distinctive two-tone contra (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Lures - Berkley® Scent Vent™ Spinners Two New Sizes Introduced
2004-03-25 Fishing Lures- Press Release
Fishing Lures- The Berkley Scent Vent Spinner gives the light tackle spinner angler the Power Bait® advantage. Two new sizes, 1/16 ounce and 1/4 ounce, are added to the Scent Vent Spinner lineup for smaller and larger fishing applications and best of (Click Headline For More!)

Fly Fishing - Rajeff Sports And Echo
2004-03-25 Fly Fishing - Manufacturer Spotlight
Consumers have been bombarded with many choices when it comes to rods, reels, and lines but never have they been able to get so much performance and good looks from one company. The minds and casting arms of Rajeff Sports have come up with the best r (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Reels - Century , Country Mile and Citation Offer Angling Choices
2004-03-24 Fishing Reels - Press Release
Fishing Reels - Johnson fishing reels have given anglers young and old fishing thrills and excitement for nearly 50 years. With an expanded lineup of Century reels and the introduction of the new Country Mile and Citation models Johnson has a reel fo (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing -Thunder Bug®
2004-03-24 Fishing - Product Spotlight
Fishing- Never been a spinner like it. Unique hardly describes the Thunder Bug. Painstaking research went into every aspect of its design. The result is a truly special spinner that catches fish and actually looks like fish food. Just look at the u (Click Headline For More!)

ArcticShield® Serves Hunting Industry New Scent-Control Technology on a ‘Silver’ Platter
2004-03-24 Hunting - Press Release
Hunting Gear - BROKEN ARROW, Okla.– ArcticShield®, known worldwide for their innovation of extreme cold-weather clothing, has pulled the curtain on a new line of scent-control hunting apparel called X-Scent™. X-Scent™ apparel utilizes a technology ca (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing - Mister Twister Color Burst - Add a burst of color...Small changes get BIG results
2004-03-23 Fishing Product Spotlight
Fishing- Push a button and instantly change your lure color with ColorBurst, a superior color enhancement spray from Mister Twister. ColorBurst is the most unique lure enhancement product ever developed. Now anyone can not only change the color (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Gear -Great Gadgets from Rhino®
2004-03-23 Fishing Gear - Product Spotlight
Every angler can always use another gadget and they'll have a number of new worthy items to choose from in the 2004 Rhino * accessory line-up. Built tough to live up to the standards set by the Rhino name, these good-looking and functional tools are (Click Headline For More!)

Hunting - Eastman Outfitters™ Introduces Safari System®
2004-03-23 Hunting - Press Release
Hunting - Safari System® (Patent Pending) is a removable, realistic 3-D blending system, made of non-woven polypropylene, that greatly enhances the camouflage effect of the blind. When used in combination with ExScent™, Eastman Outfitters™’ own Scen (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Reels - New Quantum® MG™ Baitcast Reels are Classic Models
2004-03-22 Fishing Reels - Press Release
The Quantum® MG™ name has earned an enviable reputation over the years because of the quality and durability of the products within the family. Well, rest assured these newest additions to bear the MG name will make the family proud. The Classic® 142 (Click Headline For More!)

Fly Fishing - Falcon Graphite Rods Enters Fly Rod Market
2004-03-22 Fly Fishing -Press Release
Fly Fishing - BROKEN ARROW, Okla.– Falcon Graphite Rods, known for its broad array of made-in-America spinning and casting rods, has entered the competitive fly rod market with a line of first quality fly rods – Falcon Cara Fly Series – also designed (Click Headline For More!)

Hunting - Browning Gator Fleece™: Quiet Has Never Been So Tough!
2004-03-22 Hunting - Press Release
Hunting - MORGAN, UTAH—In partnership with Polartec®/Malden Mills, Browning announces the introduction of a new line of hunting apparel called Gator Fleece™ for 2004. Gator Fleece features a rugged new surface-infusion technology from Polartec®. Toug (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Lures - BERKLEY® Gulp!™ Super Baits New Turtle Back™ Worms in Three Popular Sizes
2004-03-21 Fishing-Press Release
Fishing Lures- The new Gulp! baits from Berkley are available in ten distinct fish catching shapes including the Turtle Back Worms. The distinctively shaped new bait can be purchased in lengths of 4 inches, 7 inches and ten inches for any flipping, p (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing - About The Innovative StayAlive Life Jacket
2004-03-21 Fishing - Feature Article
Dan Williams was a Florida Marine Patrol officer looking for some distressed boaters one day and recognized a common problem. This was the fact that most people forced into the water had life jackets on when found, but had nothing to aid the rescuers (Click Headline For More!)

Fly Fishing - Introducing The George Harvey Slack Leader The Only Extruded Knotless Leader Designed With George Harvey's Famous Tapers –From Gamma Technologies
2004-03-21 Fishing - Press Release
Fly Fishing -PITTSBURGH, PA – Gamma Technologies, makers of Frog Hair High Performance Tippet and Leaders, has unveiled a new, revolutionary knotless leader that utilizes George Harvey’s long sought after leader formula. This leader, produced using (Click Headline For More!)

Muzzy Products Corporation Offers Zero Effect ArrowRest™ In Realtree Extra Gray® Camouflage
2004-03-21 Bow Hunting - Press Release
Bow Hunting - Cartersville, Georgia 29, —Muzzy Products Corporation is pleased to announce a new addition to its line of popular Zero Effect Arrowrests. This popular arrow rest system is now available in the versatile Realtree Extra Gray camouflage (Click Headline For More!)

2004-03-20 Fishing Gear - Press Release
Frabill's new 1421 Aqua-Life 110 volt aerator powers off standard household current allowing anglers to keep bait alive and frisky for longer periods of time. Ideal for keeping bait oxygenated in the garage, at the cabin, or anywhere there is acces (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Lures - Mann's Bait New Swimming Fish
2004-03-19 Fishing Lures- Press Release
The SWIMMIN’ FISH™ is a lead and soft plastic combination lure especially designed to be cast and retrieved slowly just under the surface. This method of fishing originated in California and its popularity has quickly spread eastward. The SWIMMIN’ FI (Click Headline For More!)

Strike King Lures adds Bleeding Bait Series of Lures
2004-03-19 Fishing Lures - Press Release
Collierville TN- Strike King® Lure Company is adding over sixty lures with the Bleeding Bait™ red colored hooks for 2004. Bleeding Bait is the trademark of TTI Companies, (Tru-Turn, Daiichi and XPoint Hooks) which licensed the name to Strike King Lu (Click Headline For More!)

ArcticShield’s Boot Insulator ‘Hotter’ Than Ever The industry’s best cold-weather foot protection garment just got better
2004-03-19 Hunting Gear - Press Release
BROKEN ARROW, Okla. (Jan. 21, 2004) – The Boot Insulator™ was ArcticShield’s® debut product that introduced hunters to a whole new world of warmth and comfort. When you're in cold weather and can't move around, your feet will eventually make you pay (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Reels - Spider® Tarantula And Stinger Fishing Rods Fishing Rods With The Attitude To Take Prisoners
2004-03-18 Fishing Reels - Press Release
Fishing Reels-SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA - Spider has taken two lines of fishing rods, the Tarantula and the Stinger spinning and casting rods, and added new features most demanded by the angler. The Tarantula series of rods are designed for the serious angle (Click Headline For More!)

2004-03-18 Fly Fishing - Press Release
Fly Fishing - ST. PAUL, Minn. — Continuing on the international success of its Spey XLT fly fishing lines, the development staff at 3M Scientific Anglers addresses anglers who prefer shorter and mid-length head lines with new Mastery Series spey line (Click Headline For More!)

Deer Hunting - Trophy Rock- Improving Antler Size and Overall Health of Big Game Animals
2004-03-18 Deer Hunting - Press Release
Deer Hunting - Springville, Utah, Trophy Rock, an all-natural mineral rock mined from a mountain valley in Utah, was first discovered by the early settlers of Utah. The settler's animals were attracted to the product due to its high mineral content (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Gear - Fenwick® Techna AV® Fishing Rods Premium Rods Revamped, Now 10% Lighter
2004-03-17 Fishing Gear - Press Release
Fishing Gear - Fenwick, an icon for the highest quality fishing rods for nearly 50 years and makers of the first graphite rods, continues to develop rods to revolutionize fishing. The popular Techna AV series of spinning and casting rods are improved (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Reels - Spider® Tarantula Spinning Reel Ready To Take On Any Fish
2004-03-17 Fishing Reels - Press Release
Fishing Reels - SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA - The new Tarantula spinning reel from Spider is intimidating to look at. Bold graphics with an aggressive look, the Tarantula spinning reel is ready to take on any fish the light-tackle angler is brave enough to hoo (Click Headline For More!)

Bow Hunting - Phantom Broadheads They'll Never Know What Hit 'em.
2004-03-17 Bow Hunting - Press Release
Bow Hunting - Phantom is pleased to introduce new broadheads to its popular line. The new 100-grain 4-blade and 125 grain 4-blade broadheads are designed for those who want a heavier broadhead for increased kinetic energy. The Phantom's leading blade (Click Headline For More!)

Gun Safes - Liberty's Presidential Campaign Focuses On Fire And Produces First 2.5 Hour Certified Gun Safe
2004-03-17 Gun Safes - Press Release
It is appropriate that Liberty Safe chose an election year to launch its new Presidential – the first gun safe with 2.5 hour fire protection certified by Omega. While the other candidates were debating each other, attempting to spin old news into ne (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Reels - Mitchell® Outrigger® And Outback® Spinning Reels Contemporary Style Value Reels
2004-03-16 Fishing Reels - Press Release
Fishing Reels - SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA - Mitchell has a spinning reel for any fishing application and the new Outrigger and Outback spinning reels are designed to fit the needs of the casual angler. Even at their value price, these reels still pack the fe (Click Headline For More!)

Fly Fishing - Bob Henley's TIE-A-FLY® Instructional Kits Teach Fourteen Stream-Tested Patterns
2004-03-16 Fly Fishing - Press Release
Fly Fishing- If you've ever wanted to learn to tie a new pattern, but didn't have someone to teach you, or didn't know what materials are needed, or didn't have the materials on hand, you'll appreciate Bob Henley's TTE-A-FLY series. Created specifi (Click Headline For More!)

Boating Gear - OPTIMA® Introduces New Group 31 Size Battery for Marine Use
2004-03-16 Boating Gear - Press Release
Boating Gear - Since the introduction of its BlueTop® marine battery eight years ago, OPTIMA Batteries® has been gaining believers among anglers and boaters looking for an advanced power source. Now, with the introduction of the new Group 31 size ba (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Trip Alaska - Lure Selection Guide
2004-03-15 By Phil Rabideau Mepps Master Lure Designer
To fish Alaska is the dream of many fishermen worldwide. I fish Alaska several times a year, and it can be a dream, if you go prepared. Fortunately preparation can be half the fun, but keep in mind, proper lure selection is an extremely critical par (Click Headline For More!)

2004-03-15 Fishing Reels - Press Release
Fishing Reels -Stamina Drag Is The Largest Baitcast Drag In Its Class SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA - The patented and award winning planetary gear system, developed by the engineers at Abu Garcia, is now available in the new Ambassadeur PGS Series of baitcast r (Click Headline For More!)

BERKLEY® Gulp!™ Super Baits Fishes Like Plastic, Out Catches Live
2004-03-15 Fishing Lures - Press Release
SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA - The new Gulp! baits from Berkley are available in ten distinct fish catching shapes including the 5-inch Sinking Minnow, the 4, 7 and 10-inch Turtle Back™ Worm, the 4 and 7-inch Minnow Worm, the 6-inch Nightcrawler and the 2 and 3 (Click Headline For More!)

Bow Fishing - Exciting New Bowfishing Video "Impale A Scale" Now Available From Muzzy Products
2004-03-15 Bow Fishing - Press Release
Bow Fishing - Cartersville, Georgia — As bowfishing continues to gain popularity, Muzzy Products is pleased to announce the availability of its new action-packed video Impale/ a/ Scale/. This 90-minute video, with more than 100 successful shots captu (Click Headline For More!)

Bow Hunting - “Gobbler Guillotine” By Arrowdynamic Solutions
2004-03-14 Bow Hunting - Press Release
Arrowdynamic Solutions of Liberty Hill, TX recently announced the introduction of the first ever razor sharp, four bladed broadhead invented solely for the purpose of hunting big game birds. The Gobbler Guillotine line of broadheads features the wor (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Lures - Kalin's New 4" Double Tail Mop-Top
2004-03-14 Fishing Lures - Press Release
What fishermen and dealers have been demanding the past few years, KALIN’S has delivered with their new MOP-TOP® double tail skirted grub. Kalin’s long standing tradition of only introducing baits that are superior to other baits like it on the marke (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Gear - The Electric Fisherman From Mister Twister
2004-03-14 Fishing Product Spotlight
If you’d like to spend more time fishing and less time cleaning your catch, you owe it to yourself to switch to the industry’s #1 fish fillet knife, the Electric Fisherman® from Mister Twister®. No one knows more about electric fish fillet knives th (Click Headline For More!)

Coleman Exponent -Tough New Lantern Weighs Little, Packs Small
2004-03-13 Camping - Press Release
Backpackers, kayakers, motorcyclists and others will find it easy to make room for the diminutive new F1 Lite™ Lantern from Coleman® Exponent®. Extremely lightweight and compact, the lantern is the most recent addition to Coleman’s remote camping lin (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Boat Gear Fox 40 Marine Now On Duty - Marine Safety Products
2004-03-13 Fishing Boat Gear - Press Release
True to the Fox 40 tradition of innovative design and engineering excellence, Fox 40 Marine Division has unveiled the two most ergonomically designed and long awaited marine safety products ever seen in the boating industry – the Watercraft Bailer Ki (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Gear - Stren Super Braid Establishes The New Super Line Standard
2004-03-12 Fishing Gear - Press Release
Madison, NC – Finally! A super line that has it all! “Super line” has been a buzzword among knowledgeable anglers since the first of such lines hit the water in 1993. At first, fishermen raved about the two most important performance features of this (Click Headline For More!)

Bow Hunting - PSE Archery Whitetail Video Tradition Continues With “Whitetail Fever III”
2004-03-12 Bow Hunting - Press Release
Bow Hunting- Tucson, AZ—There are two things deer hunters know about bowhunting for whitetails. The first is that no two hunts are ever the same. The second is that PSE Archery is sure to feature some of the best hunting footage out there on both v (Click Headline For More!)

New Hunting Bows - Browning Mirage 1.5™ Hybird Cam Technology
2004-03-12 New Hunting Bows Press Release
Browning Archery, manufacturer of high quality compound bows and accessories, is proud to introduce a new bow with the most talked about technology in the industry today! The Mirage 1.5™ with Hybrid Cam Technology was revealed at the ATA trade show l (Click Headline For More!)

Hunting Gear - SureFire Announces The L4 LumaMax
2004-03-12 Hunting Gear - Press Release
Constructed of aerospace grade aluminum with a rugged military specification hard-anodized finish, and powered by two lithium batteries (10-year shelf life), the L4 LumaMax features a five-watt LED (Light Emitting Diode) and the extended runtime typi (Click Headline For More!)

Fly Fishing Gear -Scientific Anglers' Mastery Series Streamer Express Lines
2004-03-11 Fly fishing Gear - Press Release
Giving fly anglers the advantage of getting a fly down deep quickly in fresh and saltwater fishing situations, 3M Scientific Anglers offers another addition to its Mastery Series of species and technique-specific fly lines with the Streamer Express l (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Lures - Jewel Bait Finesse Jig Ideal For Flipping
2004-03-11 Fishing Lures - Press Release
Fishing- Finesse flipping just got a lot better with the introduction of a new jig by Jewel Bait Company. The Eakins' Finesse Flip'n Jig has a special head design and a needlepoint hook that allows anglers to fish heavy cover with confidence. Design (Click Headline For More!)

Fish Cameras - Nature Visions ’s MAV - The First Hands Free Underwater Viewing System
2004-03-11 Fish Cameras - Press Release
Fishing Camera - Before the announced introduction of Nature Vision’s new MAV (Motorized Aqua-Vu) it was assumed that simultaneous fishing and underwater viewing were difficult and inconvenient. Now, with user-friendly MAV, same-time fishing and view (Click Headline For More!)

Binoculars - Steiner Optics Brings Us Closer To The Action With Two New Additions To Its Popular Predator Series
2004-03-11 Binoculars- Press Release
Hunting Binoculars - For those who refuse to sacrifice portability for added power and brightness, Steiner Optics now offers the new 10x50 and 12x50 Predator binoculars. These center-focus models offer exceptionally bright ‘close-up’ views with their (Click Headline For More!)

GPS - New Waterproof Lowrance iFINDER® H20 Handheld GPS+WAAS
2004-03-10 GPS _ Press Release
Lowrance Electronics, Inc. The leader in recreational sonar and GPS innovations since 1957, has expanded its popular iFINDER® handheld GPS series for 2004 with the introduction of the new iFINDER H20 designed for anglers, boaters, and outdoor enthus (Click Headline For More!)

Bow Hunting - The New Reflex Grizzly™ in Realtree Hardwoods Green® HD™ -- Tough, Rugged, Reliable
2004-03-10 Bow Hunting - Press Release
Salt Lake City, Utah -- If you’re looking for a bow that’s packed with performance and is as tough and as rugged as you are, look no further than the Reflex Grizzly™ in Realtree Hardwoods Green® HD™. The Grizzly incorporates the innovative truss rise (Click Headline For More!)

Hunting Scopes - Two New Reticles from Leupold Put Long-Range Shooting Accuracy at Hunters’ Fingertips
2004-03-10 Hunting Scopes - Press Release
Hunting scopes – Available in select VX®-III riflescope models, Leupold’s new Boone and Crockett™ Big Game and Varmint Hunter’s Ballistic Aiming Systems can be easily adjusted to work with a particular cartridge by changing the magnification for more (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Gear - Ross Reels-30th Anniversary Limited Edition Evolution Reel
2004-03-10 Fishing Gear - Press Release
Thirty Years of History… Thirty Years of Unparalleled Customer Service. Thirty Years of Performance on the Water.In celebration of our 30th anniversary, Ross Reels will be manufacturing 500 limited edition Evolution #2 reels with a custom green anodi (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Lures - THINFISH ® NEW Ultra light * Flutter spoon
2004-03-09 Fishing Lures - Press Release
Fishing Lures - Introducing the newest addition to the Mooselook family, the Wobblers little borther, THINFISH. This new series is an ultra-thin flutter spoon stamped on a premium spring metal base to retain its shape. It weighs in at under 1/8 oz at (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Boat Gear - Tired of Losing Anchors? New Breakawayä Anchor Releases if the Anchor Becomes Stuck in Bad Anchoring Situations
2004-03-09 Fishing Boat Gear - Press Release
A new anchor has been invented for boaters who have problems retrieving their anchor in rock, coral, wrecks, limbs, or other difficult bottom situations. Anchor Concepts, Inc. has developed an anchor that sets and holds when needed, but breaks away w (Click Headline For More!)

Getting Cold Feet? ThermalFeet- The Ultimate Foot Warmer
2004-03-09 Hunting Gear - Press Release
Finally, what hunters have been searching for since the beginning of time.warm feet! Thermalfeet™ is the revolutionary, yet simple, patent pending foot-warmer designed for wearing over boots or shoes. Thermalfeet™ uses air activated heat packs to he (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Lures - Sunrize Assalt Premium Bass Lures
2004-03-08 Fishing Lures - Product Spotlight
Assalt soft plastics are some of the most advanced high quality bass lures in existence. Premium plastic, an ultra heavy concentration of impregnated salt, and an unsurpassed lifelike action creates a lure that has the look, taste, and feel that for (Click Headline For More!)

New Hunting Bows- How BladeRunner Archery Overcame Common Compound Bow Problems In Their Design
2004-03-08 Hunting & Fishing Gear Review
New Hunting Bows - BladeRunner Archery of Buford, Georgia identified and came up with solutions in the design of the BladeRunner ISO-Force 04 Hunting Bow. Couple all of these BLADERUNNER solutions together with these amazing features, and what you ha (Click Headline For More!)

2004-03-07 Fly Fishing - Press Release
Along with the new Mastery Series Trout Taper and Streamer Express fly lines, Scientific Anglers addresses all types of fly-fishing and all types of fly fishing anglers with an extensive list of new products for '04. You can see all these fly-fishin (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Boat Motors - The Minn Kota® Advantage
2004-03-07 Fishing Boat Motors - Press Release
Fishing Boat Motors - Maximizer Technology-available on select Minn Kota trolling motors, Maximizer™ technology has been designed to provide up to five times longer run time on a single battery charge compared to conventional speed coil motors.
(Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Gear - Mister Twister - Steelhead Trout Jig Effective and Versatile
2004-03-06 Fishing Gear - Press Release
Fishing Gear - The Mister Twister® Steelhead and Trout Jig is another great idea from Mister Twister the leader in soft plastic fishing lure technology. This lure is not only extremely effective, it is also a very versatile and easy to cast lure. (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing - Mepps How To -Salmon Fishing
2004-03-06 Fishing - Mepps Feature Article
Every year in the Pacific Northwest and Great Lakes, a strange metomorphosis takes place. Fishermen, once satisfied with a pail full of tasty panfish,become obsessed with “salmon fever.” The beauty of this fishing is that it’s available to almost an (Click Headline For More!)

Bow Hunting- NAP Crossfire 100 Sets New Standards for Broadheads!
2004-03-05 Bow Hunting - Press Release
Imagine a new ultra-accurate, stronger, better-penetrating broadhead that’s so packed with features and benefits that it’s already setting new standards for all broadheads. That new broadhead is the 100-grain NAP Crossfire. The soul of the new NAP (Click Headline For More!)

ATV Gear - ShoreLand’r Offers New Trailers for ATV’s
2004-03-05 ATV Gear - Press Release
IDA GROVE, Iowa — As the ATV market continues to grow, more riders are looking for a dependable way to haul their machines from point A to point B. To answer that call, ShoreLand’r has introduced two rugged new utility trailers specifically designed (Click Headline For More!)

Outboards - 2004 Yamaha F 150
2004-03-04 Outboards - Product Spotlight
The all new Yamaha F150 EFI Four Stroke was engineered to be incredibly compact and lightweight. Thus, a new era in the 150 hp class of outboards has begun. Underneath the amazing compact and lightweight design is incredible performance. More than e (Click Headline For More!)

The new Crestliner® Sport Angler 1650 is a feature-packed fishing boat with a full windshield at a great price
2004-03-04 Fishing Gear - Press Release
Fishing Gear - Little Falls, MN… By talking to anglers and the boat dealers who serve them, Crestliner Boats® identified a need in the marketplace and filled it with the Sport Angler 1650. This fishing boat features an extra-tall, walk-through windsh (Click Headline For More!)

Hunting Gear - Browning Introduces New Turkey Hunting Accessories.
2004-03-04 Hunting Gear - Press Release
Hunting Gear-MORGAN, UTAH—Recently Browning has expanded its diverse line of hunting gear and outdoor accessories to include new turkey hunting items to give the avid turkey hunter a versatile pack and convenient hip pouch for storage of hunting acce (Click Headline For More!)

Fly Fishing - Diamondback Rod Company
2004-03-03 Product Spotlight
The Diamondback Rod Company of Vermont shook the fly fishing world in 2003 with the introduction of Diamondglass™ - a series of lightweight, low profile, moderate action S2 fiberglass fly fishing rods. With a mid-year introduction of three piece mode (Click Headline For More!)

Bow Hunting- Shoot Better The New QuikSpin the Talk of Vegas
2004-03-03 Bow Hunting - Press Release
Even before the World Archery Festival and Vegas Shoot officially opened this past Friday, a crowd had gathered around the trade show booth of New Archery Products. Since the debut of NAP’s innovative new product, the QuikSpin Vane, the archery world (Click Headline For More!)

New Lowrance Fullsize TFT 256-Color Displays Fish Finders for 2004 Render Genuine All-Light Viewing
2004-03-03 Fish Finder Press Release
Fish Finders-TULSA, Oklahoma – Lowrance Electronics, Inc. (Nasdaq: LEIX), the leader in recreational fish finder, sonar and GPS innovations since 1957, is lending new color performance and affordability to sonar and GPS navigation electronics with ne (Click Headline For More!)

Mepps- Tips and Tactics For Trout Fishing
2004-03-02 Mepps
Most trout fishermen fish for reasons other than merely catching trout. Reasons such as the opportunity to see the beauty of a trout in its brighter-than-nature colors resting in a sagging landing net. The sound of gurgling water, or the silence of (Click Headline For More!)

Bow Hunting Gear- Trophy Ridge ALPHA "Full Metal Jacket Sight"
2004-03-02 Bow Hunting- Press Release
Bow Hunting- The NEW Alpha sight by Trophy Ridge will impress any archer in the field. Built with solid construction this sight is offered in 3pin and 5 pins models with DVD technology option. The Alpha sigh is built from 6061 T6 machined aluminum. < (Click Headline For More!)

2004-03-02 Scopes - Press Release
Hunting Gear- Nikon, the world’s leading manufacturer of sport optics products, has announced the introduction of a new line of Nikon Prostaff®™ riflescopes designed to meet the needs of big and small game hunters nationwide. Nikon’s new Prostaff™ se (Click Headline For More!)

Kicker Fish Bait Co.- Bass Fishing Tips and Techniques
2004-03-01 Bass Fishing-Kicker Fish Bait Co.
The versatility of the Original Texas Weedless Wacky Worm® allows you to utilize its effectiveness throughout the water column from top to bottom with many different techniques listed below. *HOOK INFO*: Texas Rig with your favorite wide gap hook. (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Gear - New Product Release-World's Best Spincast Reel Gets Little Brother
2004-03-01 Fishing Gear-Press Release
The words "professional" and "spincast" have never worked well together in describing the easiest of all kinds of fishing reels to use . . . until Omega . The Omega Professional spincast reel, with its six stainless steel ball bearings and all-alum (Click Headline For More!)

Bow Hunting- NAP ThunderBlox Makes it Smart to be Square!
2004-03-01 Bow Hunting - Press Release
Bow Hunting- To silence any hunting bow, install NAP’s new ThunderBlox Vibration Dampening System. ThunderBlox means silence. NAP ThunderBlox are easy to install and available in three models: Solid Limb, Split Limb and Ultra Double Split Limb.
(Click Headline For More!)

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