Online reviews of hunting gear and fishing gear including user reviews of rifle scopes, hunting boots, trail cameras and hunting bows.
Fishing Lures -Luhr Jensen & Sons Goes to the "Xtreme" for 2004
2004-04-30 Fishing Lures - Luhr Jensen
Fishing Lures - "Xtreme" action is the only word to describe the New 2004 "16X Kwikfish." This new hydrodynamic designed body makes the "Xtreme" Kwikfish dart and dive erratically through the water like never before seen. The new designed Kwikfish (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Reels - Quantum Hypercast® Trigger Reels Get New Look and Features
2004-04-30 Fishing Reels - Quantum
Fishing Reels -No other trigger-spinning reels on the market offer the never-touch-the-hne and open-the bail-in-any-position versatility of Hypercast". And new for 2004 are two Hypercast series that have been streamlined, made lighter and designed be (Click Headline For More!)

Deer Hunting Blinds - Scentite Whitetail Blind Is Spacious, Affordable Choice For Serious Deer Hunters
2004-04-30 Deer Hunting Blinds - Scentite
Deer Hunting Blinds - SCENTite Blinds now offers a spacious hunting blind designed to accommodate two hunters in comfort, while fewer frills make it a more affordable choice. The Whitetail Blind has all the most important features of the SCENTite Out (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Lures -Houdini Worm
2004-04-29 Fishing Lures - Yum
Fishing Lures - Slip, slide, wiggle and writhe. The 6" Houdini Worm will work like its trying to get out of a straight jacket on every cast because of its subtle constitution and flat bottomed design. The Houdini Worm’s flat bottom allows the worm to (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Rods - Shakespeare® Catera® IM-8 Graphite Rods Quality, Performance, and Price
2004-04-29 Fishing Rods- Shakespeare
Fishing Rods- Designed to appeal to all anglers, the Shakespeare® Catera® IM-8 Graphite Rod Series has everything found in rods that are far more expensive. Sensitivity, quality components, and very defined actions head up this 24 spinning action an (Click Headline For More!)

Hunting Scopes - Simmons Prohunter Scopes Are Upgraded With Multi-Coated Optics
2004-04-29 Hunting Scopes - Simmons
Hunting Scopes - Simmons offers a scope to fit almost every need, firearm, and budget, and they haven't forgotten the shooter who can't spend big bucks to bag a buck. Long considered the workhorse of the Simmons line, ProHunter riflescopes won't cost (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Lures - Smithwick Rogue 5 1/2" Limited Rogue
2004-04-28 Fishing Lures - Smithwick
Fishing Lures - No one stands apart like a Smithwick Rogue fisherman. He knows what he wants and he’s not afraid to say it. That’s why Smithwick decided to bring back the 5 " Rogue. It didn’t take long for the message to get through that Smithwick (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Reels - Rhino New Rhino Offspring is Tough Kid
2004-04-28 Fishing Reels - Rhino
Fishing Reels - The original Rhino" RSC3 spincast reel now conies in a smaller version, the RSC2. Little in size, but big in features, the RSC2 boasts the same rugged construction as its big brother, but is easier for smaller hands or a better choice (Click Headline For More!)

Bass Fishing - Tips & Tactics for BIG BASS
2004-04-28 Mepp's Feature Bass Fishing Article
Bass Fishing - The largemouth bass is one of the most sought after game fish in North America. It thrives in shallow weedy lakes and river backwaters, as its basic food supply is available in these areas. Also, aquatic plants and sunken debris furnis (Click Headline For More!)

Utility Vehicles - E-Z-GO Enters 4-Wheel-Drive Arena With ST 4X4 Off-Road Utility Vehicle
2004-04-28 Utility Vehicles - E-Z- Go
Utility Vehicles - E-Z-GO Textron announces production of the company's first 4-Wheel Drive Trail Utility Vehicle. The E-Z-GO ST 4X4 provides the ruggedness of a truck, a "best in class" bed load capacity, and the performance of a true off-road vehic (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Lures - Creek Chub Adds New Colors "Knucklehead"
2004-04-27 Fishing Lures - Creek Chub
Fishing Lures - The wait was worth it for Creek Chub fans. Creek Chub waited 20 years to introduce a new product, but what a new product the Knuckle-Head proved to be in 2003! The Knuckle-Head quickly proved to be one of the most versatile big fish b (Click Headline For More!)

Fly Fishing Reels - Pflueger® Trion® Fly Reels Simplicity, Strength, Performance
2004-04-27 Fly Fishing Reels - Pflueger
Fly Fishing Reels - For well over a century Plfueger® has set the trends, developed the technology, and equipped anglers all over the world with the best fly fishing equipment available. 2004 is no exception. Pflueger's new Trion® Fly Reels have ever (Click Headline For More!)

Bow Hunting - Mathews™ Introduces The Mustang™ A Hunting Bow Made For Short Draw Length Shooters
2004-04-27 Bow Hunting - Mathews
Bow Hunting - Sparta, WI – Now bow shooters with short draw lengths (19” to 26”) can shoot a Mathews™ hunting bow! The new for this year Mathews Mustang™ may be short when it comes to draw length, but it’s not short on Mathews™ hunting bow innovatio (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Lures - Cotton Cordell Baby Wiggle ‘O’ Does Size Matter?
2004-04-26 Fishing Lures - Cotton Cordell
Fishing Lures - Let’s face it, size matters ¹ and bigger is not always better. Anglers know fish key on different sized forage during different periods of the day and calendar year. Cotton Cordell knows this as well, as evident by its introduction of (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Rods - Pflueger® Trion® Low Profile Crankin' Another weapon for Trion® fans
2004-04-26 Fishing Rods - Pflueger
Fishing Rods - The Pflueger® Trion® Low Profile reel was such a huge success for 2003 that a Crankin' Reel was a must for 2004. This powerful addition to the Trion® family is the same rugged, tough, durable reel as it's high speed cousin but with a w (Click Headline For More!)

Deer Cameras - Cuddeback™ Digital Scouting Camera is easy to use and provides high quality color images plus video clips!
2004-04-26 Deer Cameras - Cuddeback
Deer Cameras - Park Falls, WI – Until now, digital scouting cameras were expensive and complicated, or just plain lousy. The Cuddeback™ changes that! You get images that rival film camera photos from a digital camera that’s easy to use and priced rig (Click Headline For More!)

Bow Hunting - Eastman Outfitters™ Introduces FirstCut™ ST3 Mechanical Blade Broadheads
2004-04-25 Bow Hunting - Press Release
Bow Hunting - Flushing, MI – Last year, Eastman Outfitters™ established themselves as the industry leader in hybrid broadhead technology with the FirstCut™ EXP. The FirstCut™ ST3 (Patented) is a cut-on contact 3-blade expandable broadhead with the s (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Reels - Shakespeare Synergy Spincast Reels The new generation of Synergy Spincast
2004-04-25 Fishing Reels - Shakespeare
Fishing Reels - New for 2004 Shakespeare hits yet another home run in the spincast category with these three new fishing reels. Unmatched in price, quality, and performance. Some of the features of the Shakespeare Synergy Spincast fishing reels of th (Click Headline For More!)

Hunting Clothes - Dickies Out in the Open With Realtree® Camo
2004-04-24 Hunting Clothes -
Hunting Clothes - Ft. Worth, Texas — After years of research, the world's dominant brand of work clothing announces the immediate rollout of an extensive line of Dickies Outdoor Apparel for hunting and outdoor enthusiasts. "We call it 'weekend workwe (Click Headline For More!)

Bow Hunting - Tracer Lighted Arrows
2004-04-24 Bow Hunting - Press Release
Bow Hunting - San Antonio, TX Tracer Products is the industry leader in lighted arrows. Our illuminated nock virtually eliminates lost arrows and significantly enhances shot placement and tracking your kill. Tracer offers a variety of lighted arrow (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing - Yum G-Shad It is not a comfortable life if you’re a shad
2004-04-23 Fishing - Press Release
Fishing - It is not a comfortable life if you’re a shad. Sure, you have a lot of buddies to swim around with, but life will not be long if you take just one wrong turn. Nearly every predator fish preys on shad. The 4" Yum G-Shad hones in on fish’s (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Lures - Heddon Magnum Torpedo Fishing Lures
2004-04-23 Fishing Lures - Press Release
Fishing Lures - The Heddon Torpedos have been the world’s top-selling, top-producing spinner-equipped lures for generations. Their shape and weight allow anglers to cast these lures a little farther than many other prop-baits, allowing them to reach (Click Headline For More!)

Hunting Optics - Tips From The Experts At Bushnell Performance Optics
2004-04-23 Hunting Optics - Press Release
Hunting Optics - Spring turkey seasons are heating up all over the country and hunters are eager to get into the woods. By now most hunters have checked their gear to make sure they have the right camo clothing, hunting vests and turkey calls. They h (Click Headline For More!)

Hunting Decoys - Montana Decoy™ Introduces Newest Turkey Decoy
2004-04-22 Hunting Decoys - Press Release
Hunting Decoys - When it comes to realism in decoys, none can match the leader, MONTANA DECOY and their newest offering is no exception. President Jerry McPherson announced his company had just made available the new Mating Turkey Decoy for the world (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Lures - Arbogast Lures Hocus Locust
2004-04-22 Fishing Lures - Press Release
Fishing Lures - Plop, plop, plop, plop. The Jitterbug’s trademark sound has been catching fish since 1938. Who would have thought that a lure originally designed with two spoons would end up becoming one of the all-time classics? Regardless of its (Click Headline For More!)

Hunting Gear - Azora Introduces The Pack Mule With A Load Bearing Frame And Sport seat
2004-04-22 Hunting Gear - Press Release
Hunting Gear - Hunting, Fishing, Camping or hiking the Pack Mule Packing System will carry your load and provide a comfortable seat when you get there. Unique, high-tech and versital are just a few ways to describe the Pack Mule external packframe fr (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing - Excalibur©Tx3 Point
2004-04-21 Fishing -
Fishing - Excalibur has been a leader in bringing cutting-edge designs and innovations to the tackle industry since its inception in 1996. Whether it is the Fat Free Shad or Counter-Rotating Hook, Excalibur has always been ahead of the curve in pro (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing - Now you can haul your canoe or kayak safely, day or night
2004-04-21 Fishing - Press Release
Fishing - There are two ways to use the load extender, first you can haul your canoe safely out of the back of your pickup or SUV using the longest setting and leaving the door or tailgate open. This works great if you are by yourself and you want to (Click Headline For More!)

Tress Stands - Gorilla Introduces Deluxe Camo Full Body Safety Harness Lineman’s Style/Climbing Treestand Style Combo
2004-04-21 Tree Stands - Press Release
Tree Stands - Flushing, MI – Gorilla’s Full Body Harness supports the upper and lower body and transfers the weight to the legs and butt strap so the shock load of a fall is focused on the thighs and away from the abdomen. The fully adjustable shoul (Click Headline For More!)

Smith & Wesson Model 500 Wins Handgun of the Year Award
2004-04-21 Firearms - Press Release
SPRINGFIELD, Mass., Apr 23, 2004 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Smith & Wesson Holding Corporation (AMEX: SWB), parent company of the legendary 152 year old Smith & Wesson Corp., received two Golden Bullseye Awards from NRA Publications on April 16, 2004 at the (Click Headline For More!)

Hunting Bows - New RVX The Fast Talker For 2004
2004-04-20 Hunting Bows - Press Release
As ALPINE President and chief designer put it, ‘When we set out to design new bows for 2004 the ‘RVX’ was first on the list.” And the results are nothing short of spectacular. The ‘RVX’ is short, light and performs with the best, most expensive bows (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Lines - Silver Thread© Trout
2004-04-20 Fishing Lines -
Fishing Lines - Silver Thread Trout Line was designed to complement the newest trout fishing techniques used today. When bait fishing for trout, you need a line that’s very sensitive to even the lightest strike. It has to have low-stretch qualities t (Click Headline For More!)

Muzzleloaders - Knight Revolution in Realtree Hardwoods Green® HD™ Sets a New Standard for Muzzleloaders
2004-04-20 Muzzleloaders -
Muzzleloaders - Centerville, Iowa — The new Knight Revolution muzzleloading rifle in Realtree Hardwoods Green® HD™ takes innovation and performance to a new level with its quick-detachable action. The new action eliminates the bolt action found on mo (Click Headline For More!)

Hunting Gear - Kahles Expands CSX Riflescope Line New 2.5-10x50 added to the day & night scope line
2004-04-19 Hunting Gear - Press Release
Hunting Gear - Cranston, Rhode Island (April 12, 2004) — KAHLES is pleased to announce the expansion of its new CSX scope line. A new 2.5-10x50 riflescope has been added to the innovative line of digital, dimmable day and night reticle scopes. This n (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Lures - Yum Bait - Zell Rowland's Zellamander
2004-04-19 Fishing Lures - Press Release
Fishing Lures - Zell Rowland loves topwaters, but soft plastic lures play a very close second to his heart. Rowland, who won the Bassmaster Tour event at Santee Cooper lakes in 2003, wanted to find a way to marry two of his favorite Yum Soft Plastic (Click Headline For More!)

Fly Fishing - Falcon Graphite Rods Unveils Falcon Original Rod Series
2004-04-19 Fly Fishing - Product Spotlight
Fly Fishing - BROKEN ARROW, Okla.– Falcon Graphite Rods has introduced Falcon Original™, an arsenal of 25 innovative, tournament-tested, 100-percent graphite fishing rods that are made in America and still sell for less than many mass produced, impor (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Lures - A Heavy Hitter From Creme Lure Company
2004-04-18 Fishing Lures - Press Release
Fishing Lures - Because of its unique laminated design, fish just can't ignore Creme Lure Company's Super Tube® Heavy. Designed to imitate forage fish, Creme lures has taken the venerable tube bait one step farther by making it as lifelike as possibl (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Lures - Tungsten Head Anchors Terminator's New Custom Series
2004-04-18 Fishing Lures - Press Release
Fishing Lures - Tulsa, Okla., - Spinnerbaits, the crescent wrench tool of bass fishing, got a whole lot tougher in 1997 when Terminator introduced their now patented titanium-frame version. Now the innovative leader in spinnerbaits has replaced lead (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Boats - Hobie Cat Presents Fishing Boat Collection For 2004 Lineup Includes Enhanced Hobie Mirage Outback Fisherman, Hank Parker Edition
2004-04-18 Fishing Boats - Press Release
Fishing Boats - Oceanside, California -Hobie Cat, the world-renowned manufacturer of sailboats, kayaks, and fishing boats presents their Hobie Mirage Outback Fisherman, Hank Parker Edition, the only pedal-driven, one-person, high-performance fishing (Click Headline For More!)

The Handi-Measure by Angling Designs
2004-04-17 HFG Editor -Jim Shiperly
Hunting & Fishing Gear Review - The Handi-Measure is one of those items that come out on the market and you ask yourself, why didn’t I think of that. The device is a tape measure that straps to the handle of your fishing net for immediate use when n (Click Headline For More!)

Muzzleloading - New Sabot Solvent From Brownells Gets Muzzleloaders Clean
2004-04-17 Muzzleloading - Press Release
Muzzleloading - Designed specifically to deal with the plastic and powder fouling that is common in traditional, or inline muzzle-loaders shooting sabot ammunition, the new Brownells Sabot Solvent helps shooters quickly and effectively clean the bore (Click Headline For More!)

Hunting Gear - Remington T40 Shooting Glasses and M22 Collapsible Ear Muffs
2004-04-16 Hunting Gear - Press Release
Hunting Gear - Remington Introduced their model T40 Shooting Glasses and M22 Collapsible Ear Muff Combo Pack at this year's Shot Show. The Remington Performance Target Shooting Eyewear has the following Features in one package. Adjustable temples a (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Boat Motors - Minn Kota Continues to Strengthen Power Management Line with New Products and Features
2004-04-16 Fishing Boat Motors - Press Release
Fishing Boat Motors - RACINE, Wis.– Continuing to offer its customers a full line of power management options, Minn Kota has added additional products and features to its charger and accessories product line. “Our goal is to provide anglers with a c (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Lures - BERKLEY® Gulp!™ Super Baits New 5-Inch Sinking Minnow
2004-04-16 Fishing Lures - Press Release
Fishing Lures - SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA - The new Gulp! baits from Berkley are available in ten distinct fish catching shapes including the 5-inch Sinking Minnow. This bait is ideal for weedless presentations for suspended bass along grasslines, around doc (Click Headline For More!)

Bow Hunting Gear - The Block Crossbow - Target Designed For Crossbows Now Available
2004-04-15 Bow Hunting Gear - Press Release
Bow Hunting Gear - Superior, Wisconsin —As the popularity of crossbow archery continues to grow, Field Logic, the maker of The Block™, is pleased to announce the immediate availability of a target designed specifically for the crossbow. The Block (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Reels - Pflueger® Micro Underspin Reel Huge performance in a tiny package
2004-04-15 Fishing Reels - Press Release
Fishing Reels - New for 2004 Pflueger® adds another winner to the micro family. The new Pflueger® Micro Underspin Reel is a pleasure to use and able to tackle even the toughest of light tackle tasks. Delivering the same rugged, durable, performance a (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Lures - Aglia Streamer Kits Added to Mepps Pocket Pacs
2004-04-15 Fishing Lures -
Fishing Lures - Mepps® “Killer” Kits have set the industry standard since the 1960’s when Mepps decided to offer fishermen a series of “programmed” lure kits packaged with the best lures they have for a specific species of fish, be it bass, trout, wa (Click Headline For More!)

Bow Hunting Gear - BuckWing Double Canopy Porta Roof® & Hunter Blind Still Keeping You Dry, Comfortable & Concealed!
2004-04-14 Bow Hunting - Press Release
Bow Hunting - BuckWing thinks of its customers by offering a new 57" Wind Proof Vented Double Canopy tree umbrella for when the wind is blowing, the rain is steady and you're miserable in your hot, uncomfortable and NOISY rain suit. We present a new (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Reels - Zebco 33 Zebco Gives A New Look To An Old Friend
2004-04-14 Fishing Reels - Press Release
Fishing Reels - The Zebco 33®, ever since first introduced in 1954, has been directly responsible for the love affair millions of Americans have with fishing. Proof is in the fact that more than 40 million 33s have gone fishing with people all of all (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Rods - Rhino Night Fishing Rods - Stay Out After Dark with Nightvision™ Rods
2004-04-14 Fishing Rods - Press Release
Fishing Rods - Don't let the word out yet on the home front, but now there is no need to stop fishing. New from Rhino® is the world's first fishing rod with its own built-in light source. Rhino Nightvision rods feature a built-in light system capab (Click Headline For More!)

Muzzleloading - Winchester Muzzleloaders Apex Magnum 209
2004-04-13 Muzzleloading - Press Release
Muzzleloading - Winchester Muzzleloading’s Apex Magnum 209 features a revolutionary new Swing Action design and offers a refreshing change from other ordinary in-line muzzleloaders. When closed, the breech on the Apex offers 100% protection from the (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Lures - Berkley® Power Bait® Trout Dip - A New Technique And A New Style
2004-04-13 Fishing Lures - Press Release
Fishing Lures - SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA - Berkley has been a leader in trout baits for years. Power Nuggets®, Power Eggs®, Trout Nibbles and Turbo Dough™ are just a few of the popular trout catchers from Berkley. And now there is Berkley Trout Dip, a bottl (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Line - The Best Performing Multi-Purpose Fishing Line Available
2004-04-13 Fishing Line - Press Release
Fishing Line - SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA - This new addition to the Spiderwire Super Mono family makes the monofilament choice for anglers EZ. No longer does the angler have to stand and stare at the multitudes of fishing line on the display racks wondering (Click Headline For More!)

Hunting Gear - Weatherby Adds New Items to Performance Wool Outerwear Line
2004-04-12 Hunting Gear - Press Release
Hunting Gear - Weatherby has responded to the growing popularity of its Performance Wool outerwear by expanding the 2004 line with four new items—a heavyweight classic cruiser jacket and vest plus chaps and a traditionally-styled outfitter's hat. "Th (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Boat Motors- Minn Kota Introduces New Riptide AutoPilot™ With More Power and Faster Steering Response
2004-04-12 Fishing Boat Motors- Press Release
Fishing Boat Motors- RACINE, Wis. – Minn Kota is offering inshore saltwater anglers a more powerful electric-steer trolling motor with the introduction of a 74-pound thrust model in its Riptide AutoPilot™ product line. In addition, the steering sys (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Rods - Abu Garcia® Workhorse ™ And Brute Fishing Rods Building A Reputation Of Toughness
2004-04-12 Fishing Rods - Press Release
Fishing Rods - SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA - These are the bullies of fishing rods, the Workhorse and Brute series from Abu Garcia. No matter how mean or how big the fish is, the Workhorse and the Brute are built to win the battle. Workhorse rods are built fro (Click Headline For More!)

Game Calls - Don't Give The Gobbler A Chance - Call With Butski
2004-04-11 Game Calls - Press Release
Game Calls - Media, Pennsylvania — Butski's championship Walnut Cup turkey calls help make calling in that long beard easier than ever. These two friction pot calls, the Walnut Glass Call and the Walnut Slate Call, from Butski Game Calls are the perf (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Reels - Shakespeare® Catera® Spinning Reels - Shakespeare's top of the line
2004-04-11 Fishing Reels - Press Release
Fishing Reels - Shakespeare's new Catera® Front and Rear Drag Spinning Reels are sure to be a hit for 2004. Sleek new styling and design make this reel not only functional but attractive as well. Available in four models rated for applications from u (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Lures - Mister Twister Exude - Ride The Wave Of The Next Generation In Fishing
2004-04-11 Fishing Lures - Press Release
Fishing Lures - What is EXUDE? EXUDE is a plastic formulation that produces a softer, more natural lure while releasing a proprietary scent blend of protein, minerals and amino acids research has found to be most effective in stimulating game fish to (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing- Expert Advice By Rat-L-Trap
2004-04-10 Fishing - Feature Article by Tommy Martin A "Classic" Champ
Fishing- The Rat-L-Trap people and veteran pro Tommy Martin go way back. The popular Louisiana-based fishing lure company has probably gotten as much or more promotional value out of the personable Texas bass pro as they have from any professional an (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Camera - Pentax Introduces Second Generation Dunkable Digicam
2004-04-10 Fishing Camera - Press Release
Fishing Camera - GOLDEN, Colorado (March 8, 2004) PENTAX U.S.A., Inc. has announced a second generation fully-immersable* digital camera -- the new Optio43WR. Featuring 4.0 effective megapixels, a powerful 2.8X zoom lens, and a JIS Class 7 waterpro (Click Headline For More!)

Bow Hunting - Eastman Outfitters™ Introduces Husky Pro 5 Quiver
2004-04-10 Bow Hunting - Press Release
Bow Hunting - Flushing, MI – March 8, 2004 The new Husky Pro 5 Quiver from Eastman Outfitters™ holds 5 arrows and is designed to be a part of the hunting experience without getting in the way. Adjustable mounts allow the Husky Pro 5 to mount to an (Click Headline For More!)

Hunting Boots- Georgia Boot Blocks Out The Scent With New Line Of FootwearAdds ScentMask™ Technology & Rubber Boots to Line
2004-04-09 Hunting Boots - Press Release
Hunting Boots - FRANKLIN, Tenn. - When it comes to hunting deer, hunters need any advantage they can find, particularly when it comes to masking human scents. That's why Georgia Boot Sport & Trail has added several new boots to its line that meet the (Click Headline For More!)

Fly Fishing - Black Duck Fly Fishing Products- A Great Old Formula
2004-04-09 Fly Fishing - Press Release
Fly Fishing - When the gentleman that manufactured Pharmacist Formula head cement stopped about 10 years ago, many fly tiers thought they had lost the best head cement on the market - forever. In mid-2001, Richard Parks, who owns the Parks Fly Shop i (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing - BERKLEY® Gulp!™ Super Baits Bridges the Gap Between Live and Artificial Bait, Mother Nature and Science.
2004-04-09 Fishing - Press Release
Fishing - SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA - It took a while, nearly two decades of intense laboratory analysis and field testing. But the wait is over. Berkley scientists have discovered how to unlock the mystery of attracting and catching more fish. And the key i (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Lures Worden's Introduces New T-55 "Super" Flatfish
2004-04-08 Fishing Lures - Press Release
This is the first new FlatFish in over 60 years and it was worth the wait! Ever since Charlie Helin designed the original FlatFish in 1933, it has been the world standard for low speed action or "wiggle", and the new T-55 Super FlatFish is no excepti (Click Headline For More!)

Hunting Gear - Sentry Solutions Products That Protect Your Gear
2004-04-08 Hunting Gear - Press Release
Hunting Gear - Sentry Solutions Products that protect your gear. Sentry Solutions makes a virtual toolbox of products that help sports enthusiasts keep their outdoor gear in top shape. Some favorites include the following. Tuf-Cloth™ - Sentry Solut (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Reels - Pflueger® Trion® Left Handed Low Profile ReelA mirror image of the best Low Profile of 2003
2004-04-08 Fishing Reels - Press Release
Fishing Reels - The Pflueger® Trion® Low Profile Reel was hard to find in 2003. Anglers from fresh to saltwater bought them as fast as they came in. It's little wonder. The Trion family has built as name for itself as tough, rugged, and dependable (Click Headline For More!)

Hunting Gear -Browning Introduces New Black Ice® Technical Flashlights for 2004.
2004-04-07 Hunting Gear - Press Release
Hunting Gear - MORGAN, UTAH—Browning's new Black Ice® series flashlights are the most advanced and technically superior lights yet to be offered on the market for the serious outdoorsman. The new Black Ice line of flashlights feature a machined alumi (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Boats - Crestliner® announces the new Serenity Series, a 2004 mid-year introduction
2004-04-07 Fishing Boats - Press Release
Fishing Boats - Little Falls, MN… The new Crestliner Serenity Series is built on the wide, proven, smooth-riding Sportfish hull and packed with features at a great price. This all-welded 17° aluminum hull has a reverse-chine design for quick planing (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing - Minn Kota® Introduces More Power for PowerDrive™More Responsive Steering Included
2004-04-06 Fishing - Press Release
Fishing - RACINE, Wis. — Minn Kota® is giving anglers more power on one of its most popular trolling motor models by adding a 74-pound thrust motor to its PowerDrive™ product line. In addition, the steering system on all PowerDrive models has been re (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Rods - Pflueger® Trion® High Modulus Graphite Rods Quality and sensitivity for the serious angler
2004-04-06 Fishing Rods - Press Release
Fishing Rods - Pflueger® Trion® High Modulus Graphite Rods are designed for the hardcore angler. Perfected actions in this 32 model series are built for just about every species and application in freshwater with a great deal of crossover into saltwa (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Baits - Berkley® Secrets Of The Pros Bass Kit With The Favorite Power Baits Of Jay Yelas, Larry Nixon, Ken Cook and Gary Klein
2004-04-06 Fishing Baits - Press Release
Fishing Baits - SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA - The biggest names in professional bass fishing use Berkley Power Bait to gain the competitive edge in high stakes tournament fishing. Each of these superstars has his own personal favorite baits, the ones to rely o (Click Headline For More!)

Hunting Clothes - i.d.i.gear's Revolutionary Thermal Insulation For Hunting Clothes
2004-04-06 Hunting Clothes - Feature Article
Hunting Clothes-You may not have heard of it yet, but in the near future eliotex may play a big part in your hunting success. eliotex is the newest thermal insulator on the market today and offers some excellent features others hunting clothes insul (Click Headline For More!)

Fly Fishing - River Trail Gear- A River May Run Through It, But Now You Can Ride
2004-04-05 Fly Fishing - Press Release
Fly Fishing - Imagine heading farther back into the wilds or at least more than a mile from the trail-head, casting to and catching fish that few if any have access to strictly based on the seclusion of their haunts. The best way in is to peddle your (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Reels - Shakespeare® Catera® Round Baitcast Reels Quality, Versatility, and Affordability
2004-04-05 Fishing Reels - Press Release
Fishing Reels - For 2004 Shakespeare® is bringing performance and price to the round baitcast reel market. The new Shakespeare® Catera® Round Baitcast Reels are huge on features but at a price that makes it appealing to all levels of anglers from occ (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Lures - Mangler Fishing Lures - The Latest Breakthrough In Spinner-Bait Design.
2004-04-04 Fishing Lures - Press Release
Fishing Lures -This spinner-bait features an instant spin blade. It never and I mean never hangs up. Not only does it spin instantly, but at any speed. This unique blade design allows for the ultimate depth control. You can control the depth it retr (Click Headline For More!)

Tree Stands - Gorilla Tree Stands Introduces 20’ OutfitterLounger Ladder Stand
2004-04-04 Tree Stand - Press Release
Tree Stands- Flushing, MI –The Gorilla 20’ Outfitter Lounger Ladder Stand (Patent Pending) is constructed of all-welded steel that will provide a stable and sturdy platform for comfortable and safe tree stand hunting all day long. It is equipped for (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Rods - Ugly Stik® Pack Rods Take America's number one rod anywhere
2004-04-04 Fishing Rods - Press Release
Fishing Rods - New for 2004 Shakespeare® has made it easy for you to take your favorite Ugly Stik® with you anywhere. These four new actions from light to medium freshwater (3 spinning and 1 casting action) bring the legendary Ugly Stik® quality, tou (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Lures- New Showdown Blade Bait Introduced By Worden's Lures
2004-04-03 Fishing Lures- Press Release
Worden's all new Showdown is the most versatile blade bait ever offered, with a true universal baitfish profile and exceptional vibration for walleye and all other gamefish species. It's a steel crankbait, a vertical jig, a cast-and-jig-back lure and (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Reels - Zebco® Brings Back All-Metal 33
2004-04-03 Fishing Reels - Press Release
As if the words "all-metal" weren't descriptive enough to separate the top of the line model 33 from other family members, Zebco added the term "Platinum" to make sure it gets proper recognition for being in a league of its own. The 33® Platinum is (Click Headline For More!)

Hunting Gear - Browning Introduces New Gun Cases and Shooting Bags for 2004.
2004-04-03 Hunting Gear - Press Release
Hunting Gear- MORGAN, UTAH—Browning's has expanded its diverse line of gun cases and shooting bags for 2004 to include the new Eclipse flexible case, Mirage flexible case and new Buckmark Armor Series Shooting Bags. The new Eclipse flexible cases fe (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Lures - Mepps® Color Technology based on the Mepps “See Best” color principles)
2004-04-02 Fishing Lures - Press Release
VISIBILITY THROUGH CONTRAST For a fish to strike a lure, it must be able to see it. Motion stimulates fish to action along with other stimulants, like sound and vibration, and in some species, scent. See Best technology provides maximum contrast b (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Rods - Abu Garcia® Conolon® Fishing Rods Trusted Name Returns With New Technology
2004-04-02 Fishing - Press Release
Fishing Rods - SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA - Conolon rods by Abu Garcia were known as tough, reliable rods with never a problem. Anglers knew to trust the rod with the Conolon label. Now they're back, built with the latest in rod technology.IM7 graphite materi (Click Headline For More!)

Hunter’s Specialties’ 10-10 Hideout Pop-Up Blind in Realtree® and Advantage Camouflage® Patterns
2004-04-02 Hunting - Press Release
Hunting- Cedar Rapids, Iowa -- Face it, we humans aren’t the sneakiest or agile of predators. In fact, some of us become downright noisy and awkward when we enter the woods with all of our hunting gear. But, thanks to innovative concealment technolog (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Lures - High Roller Fishing Lure Company
2004-04-01 Manufacturer Spotlight
Fishing Lures - HighRoller Fishing Lure Company, LLC proudly produces the World’s finest line of custom-made, high-caliber wooden lures available today. Serious fisherman worldwide appreciate the unsurpassed quality and durability that has put HighR (Click Headline For More!)

Fishing Gear - Scientific Anglers - Be Ready For All-Day Action With JW Outfitters New Fishing Backpack
2004-04-01 Fishing Gear - Press Release
Fishing Gear -ST. PAUL, Minn. Bring it all along on your next fishing trip - rain gear, camera, insect repellent, even a lunch - by taking advantage of all the storage space offered in the new JW Outfitters Fishing Backpack from 3M Scientific Anglers (Click Headline For More!)

Hunting Gear - Remington Adds New Series of "Cutting Edge" Field-Ready Knives
2004-04-01 Hunting Gear - Press Release
Hunting Knives- Madison, NC – Maintaining its position as a leader in the field of utility and hunting knives, Remington is pleased to announce the following additions for 2004. Non-traditional in design and utilizing high tech materials, the hard-an (Click Headline For More!)

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